June 23, 2001

1) INTRODUCTION (Marxism drives the Left)


3) ESSAY: "Sanctity of Citizenship and Rule of Law"



Part 1: INTRODUCTION (Marxism-Leninism drives the Left)


PROGRESSIVE JEWS adhere to that UTOPIAN ideology and are the principal architects of America's steep moral/cultural decline (liberal Christians and non-Jewish secular humanists mostly follow the progressives' lead).

POLITICALLY CONSERVATIVE JEWS fight the progressives, but are ineffectual because they comprise only 8% or so of Jews' population.

THE NUMBERED STATEMENTS in Part 2 are 13 fatal lies the progressives uphold, for toppling democratic/meritocratic/Christian capitalism – white Christian civilization in North America, in order to install SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM, via a multiracial, multicultural, one-world, U.N.-directed government.


Left-Wing Lies Effecting White Western Civilization's Decline And Fall.


Truth: Progressive Jews have taken control of America's founding culture – of white Western civilization in North America – and trashed it with their civilization-wrecking, TOLERANCE-DRIVEN immorality (Hollywood, TV, book publishing, and music) – not unlike what they had been doing in post-WWI Germany to give rise to retaliatory Nazism.

[Note: If not for UNIVERSALIST/COMMUNIST Jews' deadly meddling in German culture – and in Russia's culture to effect the Bolshevik revolution – WWII would not have ensued.]


Truth: Women are heritably more emotional and less rational than men.

The impact of women voting their emotions has plunged America into this cultural/social/political sewer of vulgarity, entitlement and above-the-law Clintonism, at the direction of progressive Jews (male and female).

For example, Great Britain's Labour Party has the power of EMOTION on its side.

REASON in men appears ineffectual against EMOTION in women (and with in "men" who emote like them). So emoting women trounce REASON on the Right at the poles – in nearly any political competition.

This scribbler believes that giving women the vote has set the stage for our (Great Britain and America's) demise. And progressive Jews are very adept at using EMOTION to persuade feminist women and feminine men to do their bidding, having used emotionalism throughout the Twentieth Century to advance toward their goal of socialism/communism throughout the world.


Truth: Hitler was a left-wing utopian, hoping to restore German culture by ridding her of culture-corrupting Jews and their UNIVERSALISTIC COMMUNISM – hoping to construct Utopia for the German gene pool.

One might refer to Hitler as a "nationalistic utopian," hoping to build Utopia for the German race, as opposed to Jew communists who were (are) universalist utopians, hoping to build One-World Utopia.

All utopians are leftists (right-brained emoters) while rightists (left-brained thinkers) never hope for Utopia, because sound logic refutes the possibility of such a thing (too many variables within never-ending cycles within never-ending cycles within . . .).

In other words, Hitler was a selfish socialist, compared with egalitarian socialists to the left of him: the Jew Commies in Russia and Germany.

The Left tags the Right with Nazism for political gain, and to distance itself from its sister ideology and resulting carnage. Most rightists have little or no understanding of the underlying psychology of Hitler and Nazism, so they're unable to defend themselves against the lie.

As for today's neo-Nazism, it is a NATURAL political/social REACTION to nation-destroying policies of extreme left-wing governments. Neo-Nazism is mostly comprised of rightists who use racist/nationalist symbols of the Nazis' past to fight the Left's communist social-engineering schemes – to fight progressive Jews' open-borders/anti-nation-state/one-world/forced integration/racial mongrelization schemes. Neo-Nazis oppose WORLD COMMUNISM.

Again, National Socialism was to the right of Jew communists' UNIVERSALISM, but nonetheless a left-wing movement.

[Note: Progressive Jews' penchant for taking control of a host culture and wrecking it is now an irrefutable fact, as their record in Russia, Germany, Great Britain and America now attest (and previous societies before those). There are politically conservative Jews who fight the progressives' evil works, but they are ineffectual to stop left-wing Jews' culture-destroying machinations in Hollywood, music, publishing, education, politics, law, and banking.]


Truth: That legislation entrenched anti-white racism INTO LAW, after the Marxist liberals discovered that a "level playing field" would not effect equal outcomes between whites and blacks – after liberals realized that blacks (and now Latinos) are NEVER GOING TO REACH ACADEMIC AND ECONOMIC PARITY with whites, except by dumbing-down WHITE CIVIL SOCIETY.

The black and brown races are inherently incapable of matching whites' intellectual prowess and their more even temperament, both of which are necessary for high scholarship and creative invention – for building and keeping high-culture civilization.

Now ILLEGALS and NON-CITIZEN RESIDENTS from Mexico and the Third World are given preference over white citizens (especially white males) in private and government hiring. And white males are just to shut up and smile at their new ANTI-WHITE/ANTI-WESTERN NEIGHBORS while harboring a deep resentment at not being able to tell which PERSON OF COLOR is legal and which is an immoral gate-crasher, supplanting WHITE CIVIL SOCIETY with his/her low-culture DIVERSITY.

Such an evil abridgement of whites' rule-of-law principle – within whites' OWN civilization! – ought to spark bloody protests if not bloody revolution by them (see my below essay about CITIZENSHIP AND RULE OF LAW, in Part 4).

Alas, white males appear impotent to stand up to this Marxist-/feminist-driven insanity, because THEIR OWN WOMEN HAVE ABANDONED THEM and their race – their Western heritage – for sexual liberation (for deadly relationships, diseased sexual organs, aborted babies and the reputation of a whore) and for an illusory parity with men (only in Follywood's make-believe studios are women men's equal in science and math and detective work, and able to kick men's butts at any time and place; my use of "Follywood" is correct).


Truth: That legislation began the inundation of anti-white/anti-Western people of color from Mexico and the Third World.

It is astounding to this scribbler how mainstream media do not make note of it, especially conservative pundits! – do not make note of THE GREATEST STORY of the last millennium:

THE BEGINNING DESTRUCTION OF THE HIGHEST CIVILIZATION IN WORLD HISTORY; a dismantlement of white Western civilization in North America by non-white/non-Western invaders (and in Great Britain and other white Western democracies).

IT'S AS IF conservative commentators like George Will, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Buckley, Emmett Tyrrell are in a DEEP MENTAL FOG, UNAWARE OF THE PROFOUND SIGNIFICANCE of allowing other races to overrun and take control of WHAT WHITES HAVE CONCEIVED AND BUILT – as if the invaders could ever keep together what the Founders had bequeathed to THEIR WHITE PROGENY. Or is it simply limp-wristed, weak-kneed, lily-livered silence on their part – too afraid of left-wing name-calling to STAND UP FOR WHAT IS BEFORE EVERYONE'S EYES and tell the BOLD TRUTH?:

This growing multiracialism is DEADLY WRONG!, and all of human history gives proof of it – from Aritotle's naming of societies felled by it TO events in Israel and Indonesia TO the breakups of the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia TO Seattle, Washington, and other U.S. cities hit by race riots.


Truth: America is a nation conceived and built by white British and white European pioneers, not any multiracial collective.

The Founding Fathers never had intended multiracialism, as they were keenly aware of the bad historical record in that regard:

No civilization has survived multi-racialism's cancerous effects on the established, founding social order.

To argue that America is a nation of immigrants is to argue that there are no DIFFERING CONSEQUENCES between importing same-race people – which was the LOGICAL rule before the Immigration Act of 1965 – and importing diverse races, the latter of which two scenarios is not unlike putting a bunch of roosters in a pen and expecting peace and quiet.

But the latter case is no accident, but a purposeful social-engineering scheme by progressive Jews to destroy the social order of the founding race and culture – while building Commie Jews' long-sought-after, ONE-WORLD UTOPIA.

Understand that the only way for progressive Jews to prevent another expulsion was to put other minority groups between themselves and the established order of white Anglo-Saxon Protestants. So long as the progressives could keep agitating for blacks' civil rights, they could keep whites distracted from progressives' creeping takeover and destruction of whites' traditional values and institutions.

In other words, the black race (and now all other incoming tribes) has served as a distracting means for Commie Jews' revolutionary project:

Destroy whites' power structure and establish a new social order, premised on Marxism-Leninism (read Part 5).


Truth: There are stark, INHERENT differences in intelligence and temperament potentials between the races.

Politically correct geneticists working on the Human Genome Project would have you believe there are no significant differences between the races in intelligence and temperament, as if simply adjusting how black children are raised would make them equal to, say, Chinese Asians in intelligence and temperament potentials.

The idea that racial differences are insignificant is a Commie lie – and one you see past in your familiar, day-to-day interaction with diverse races (such racial familiarity does breed contempt – then bloody revolution).


Truth: Homosexuality is a disease-spreading lifestyle, impacting all of humanity with deadly STDs – as is recreational heterosexuality.

But homosexuality poses the far greater danger, because there is no NATURAL sexual intercourse available to two women or two men, which intercourse radically increases the chances of opportunistic STDs – and which kind of intercourse is a breeding ground for new and deadly organisms (granting that female homosexuality poses a significantly lower risk in that regard).

This scribbler believes that while there may be a genetic proclivity for both homosexuality and heterosexuality (more certainly for the former), humans are also OMNI-SEXUAL by their ability to teach and learn.

In other words, children may be easily indoctrinated into any form of human sexuality by seduction and/or instruction, which fact argues AGAINST giving homosexuality a foothold in schools and at-large society.

HOMOSEXUALS are recruiting boys and girls while kids make that awkward sexual transition from uncertainty to certainty.

Progressive Jews (via the ACLU, People for the American Way, Planned Parenthood, Pew Charitable Trusts, PBS, and other left-wing organizations) are using homosexuals' civil rights movement the same way – for the same reason – that they've been using blacks:

As means to keep white Christians distracted from progressive Jews' political/social/cultural takeover, while shifting America from traditional Western values toward Marxists' anti-white/anti-Christian/anti-Western ones.

NOW THOSE PROGRESSIVE JEWS indoctrinate children in the practice of sex with animals:



Truth: Diversity in those areas destroy the requisite UNIFORMITIES which hold any civilization – any people – together.

The underlying purpose of the DIVERSITY MOVEMENT is to aid two forces now shaping America's decline and fall:

Capitalism and Marxism, where the former seeks an unbridled flow of cheap labor for increasing CONSUMERISM and resulting profits while the latter seeks to build one-world UNIVERSALISM and effect a socialist Utopia.

Economic Republicans on the RIGHT desire a worldwide free-trade market, without any border restrictions, while socialist Democrats on the LEFT desire a one-world Utopia, under Marxist-Leninist socialism.

THE MAJOR FORCE UNDERPINNING GLOBALIZATION is progressive Jews, who have engineered America's and Great Britain's immigration, refugee and asylum policies for two purposes:

(a) to give Jews in Israel a safe haven if Israel should ever fall to Arab nations' control,

(b) and to increase racial diversity and defang white Anglo-Saxon Protestants' control, by putting other minorities between themselves and those whites who may see their evil works and attempt to evict them.


Truth: Pro-death abortionists are killing wombed babies – living persons. Legal abortion amounts to the privatization of murder, so that no lawful accountability for killing those unseen and unheard human victims may be forthcoming.

A rational mind DOES NOT straddle the fence on this issue. The pro-death crowd is absolutely irrational on the matter; ergo, wrong.

A CIVILIZED society does not give its women a choice about killing wombed babies. Their choice must be whether or not to become pregnant.

Apply the LAW OF EXCEPTIONAL CASES to understand why a few thousand women dying each year from back-alley abortions (the actual figure in 1973 was in the low hundreds, if that high, and not the feminists' outrageously inflated number) is a sacrifice well worth making to save the lives of, say, 41 million wombed babies (the tally so far) – and the CIVILIZATION.

In other words, accommodating EXCEPTIONAL CASES always destroys civilization-protecting rules, which accommodation has been liberals' socialist/communist pattern for decades.

Those human slaughterhouses are KILLING white Western civilization. And white women pursuing careers, rather than having children, and doing everything they can to destroy white men's character and confidence only hastens Western civilization's end).


Truth: Tyranny of the minority is the far greater threat to democracy, as history is replete with examples of the few oppressing the many, which the Bill of Rights was intended to prevent.

For example, a minority of progressive Jews, liberal Christians and secular humanists has been oppressing WHITE MAJORITY WILL in America for decades, to effect this ever-growing sewer of a culture – in this purported democracy!

Count the numerous Supreme Court rulings which have defied majority will by finding non-existent rights in the Constitution.

The Constitution has been shredded by leftist courts, so, in actuality, you have NO MORAL OR LAWFUL obligation to obey this federal government.

Washington has abandoned its CHRISTIAN MORAL AUTHORITY for secular hedonism. Like with higher education in America, she is overrun with Marxists.


Truth: America is controlled by an oligarchy of corrupt and powerful men in Congress, Big Business and Big Banking – men who sell arms to our mortal enemies for profit, and who are willing give away the nation if keeping their profits hangs in the balance.

Bush and company are such fools and traitors.

No further explanation is needed.


Truth: Blacks are judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their manifest history, which skin color may identify.

Blacks social character in America is CRIMINAL (no other term will suffice, given FBI statistics on blacks' criminality; and Latinos are close behind blacks in that regard).

America doesn't have a gun control problem but a black and Latino problem. Subtract black and Latino crime statistics from the FBI records and the nation appears to be one of the most law-abiding in the world.

Blacks and Latinos' (and other minorities') off-the-charts criminality is protected from public scrutiny by Marxist-controlled media, in order to keep progressive Jews' CONSPIRACY on track.

Part 3: ESSAY

Sanctity of Citizenship and Rule of Law

– how citizenship underpins rule of law –

Lawyer/columnist Bruce Fein and scholar/columnist Thomas Sowell write about President Clinton and company's attack on the rule of law. Both warn of a very bad precedent that would be set if Clinton's lawyers succeed in dismissing perjury as an impeachable offense ["Impeachable corruption" and "Moment of truth for rule of law," respectively – Washington Times, Sept.15].

Observe how many now fret over possible loss of the idea "rule of law" in America, hand-wringing over a president's undermining rule of law by arguing that perjury about a tryst is not an impeachable matter.

Pick-'n'-Choose Constitutionalists

Pick-'n'-choose constitutionalists are everywhere and silent about the many examples throughout America's history when rule of law was undermined or simply ignored to advance the cause of feeling good.

Take for example that Great Emoter Abraham Lincoln.

He savagely destroyed Southern culture for economic and political control, under the guise of halting slavery, and while it was clear to everyone that the Founders intended the right of a majority people, in their free and sovereign states, to self-government – to retain the freedom to choose to secede (who writes about loss of the idea "self-government" today?). Maybe if Southerners had just carried placards reading: "Freedom to Choose!"

Or consider the idea of conferring citizenship on former slaves and, then, forcing white civil society – America's founding race and culture – to accommodate them.

A Freely Associated People and Rule of Law

The FIRST PRINCIPLE of America's founding isn't rule of law but CITIZENSHIP.

One must have a collective of like-minded and freely associated people even to begin to establish a society and laws to run it. It is care for the fundamental idea "citizenship" – a legal term for members of a freely associated people – that underpins rule of law.

Once the idea "citizenship" crumbles, rule of law becomes an arbitrary exercise – or rule by whim.

The 1986 amnesty for law-breaking Mexican nationals in America is a good example of that, of demeaning the idea of citizenship. The open-borders immigration policies serving utopian Marxists and profit-taking vulture capitalists destroy the idea "citizenship" and the rule of law.

If rule of law had been followed to the letter of the law, as it naturally proceeds – as it must proceed if "rule of law" is to retain any anchoring definition – from the defining purpose found in the Preamble and running through the Constitution (pre-"living document" Constitution), professor Sowell now would be living in either a segregated community of blacks in America or on the African continent.

Living Document/Dying Nation

Those rule-by-whim people, mostly on the left, view the Constitution as a "living document," which term means that one can adjust, stretch or diminish the meaning of the document's words to accommodate popular trends or private wants and desires. More damage has been done to the Founders' America by claiming vague and/or far-reaching meanings underlying the framers' words than by any other single force. All of America's present social ills spring from liberal judges avoiding framers' intent while applying their own emotion-driven, left-leaning opinions.

Consistency is the Bedrock of Rule of Law.

One can't retain both the rule of law and inconsistencies in its application, then hope to fend off rule by whim. One can't unhypocritically tout the rule of law in one area but wink at its undermining in another (like in charging a law-breaking Clinton but giving a pass to illegal immigrants). One can't have a constitutional government if the founding document is "living" (changing) to fit activist judges' social-engineering plans. Such has been the condition of America under liberal judges these past seventy years, undermining rule of law while touting it – and while good civil society rapidly has declined with each newly found meaning in the Constitution.

How Injurious to Society?

Bruce Fein dares to cite Hamilton's Federalist paper 65, writing that "the touchstone of an impeachable offense was 'injury' done immediately to 'society itself,'" as if that view isn't a bold indictment of Abraham Lincoln and of all emoting social engineers who followed after him, and who've done grave injury to society – and even to the idea "society," to the point of there being no discernable good civil society in America today. Of course, the term "society" meant "white civil society" to Alexander Hamilton and his founding peers (read Founder John Jay; read my essays, "Nationhood and Culture" and "Divide and Conquer").

Far too Late.

Let's not fret over the idea "rule of law" now. It's far too late for that! Because when a Secretary of Education (Lamar Alexander) can tell reporters that "the Constitution can be put aside for supporting race-based scholarships out of fairness," when President Clinton and his Marxist followers can try engineering an America where "no ethnic majority exists," and when President of these United States can behave so criminally and so immorally but still have the majority of "citizens" clamor for his services, then the idea "rule of law" is lost.

Dullards and Wimps.

We live in an age of radical feminism, an Age of Emotionalism; a time when even the "best and brightest" among men are dullards and wimps, emasculated and impotent, weak to tell the truth for fear of being called racist or sexist or bigoted or mean-spirited or homophobic, or whatever term leftists use to defeat the right reason, moral liberty and moral traditions that forged American civilization – the Founders' America (pre-New Left America). The Marxist/socialist/feminists have won. America now is a nation of emoting logic-phobes, advocating rule by whim not laws.

Thank progressive Jews, liberal Christians and secular humanists.

c1998 Founders' America, P.O. Box 71024, Richmond, Va 23255


MARXISTS' ONGOING INSURGENCY PROGRAMS for eventuating the end of white nuclear families and the American nation-state:

1. Promote feminism to increase divorces, to get mothers out of the home, to encourage sexual promiscuity, to leave children to fend for themselves while making certain they are well-schooled in deviant sexuality – especially homosexuality.

2. Dumb-down education, which includes attacking Western history and expelling studies in Western civilization while extolling minority cultures.

3. Restrict parental authority and provide children with "rights" the State can use to defend against parents. Your minor daughters easily get an abortion without your knowledge and consent but their State-authorized controllers demand your permission to dispense aspirin to them.

4. Encourage the production and sale of pornography and drugs, which products keep parents and single adults distracted from their society's decline, and leave children hooked on escapism.

5. Use movies, TV, music, and novels to undermine cultural symbols and traditions while promoting Marxist-based ideas.

6. Adopt anti-American laws and regulations. Old Glory can now be desecrated and burned with impunity while the Pledge of Allegiance needn't be said at all, and prayer and the Bible's teachings and studies in Western civilization are openly spurned, abridged, or removed by the counter-culture revolutionaries in politics, in public schools and colleges, in entertainment, and in the media.

7. Diminish national sovereignty and need for borders while promoting internationalism, which political/economic philosophy is a transitional phase for adopting One World government and Global Economic Socialism.

8. Attack the language. The primary glue for holding American civilization together is being demoted to a secondary language or just one of many languages, where all languages and cultures are given equal treatment under the law, and which kind of lingual and cultural equality is crucial to establishing the Marxist stratagem for strict conformity to State control (The Supreme Court will likely rule in an Arizona case this July, where an employee seeks a First Amendment right to speak in a foreign language to customers, against the wishes of her employer. The decision will reveal how close the Marxists are to completing their plan).

9. Devalue the vote and the meaning of "national citizenship." The vote is slowly being given to non-citizens, which plan is currently being implemented in citizen" has been replaced with "consumer," in order to shift the national consciousness from Cultural Man to Economic Man, the latter of which Marxists can more easily fit into their utopian socialist State.

10. Force racial integration. White communities are being forced to accept diverse races and ethnic groups by government edict (EEOC and HUD), in order to give men in minority groups access to females of the dominant host culture, giving Arab and Latino and Asian and black men access to white women. The offspring of such pairings take on the racial identity of the minority parent and accrue to that race more positive traits (read my essay, "One-Drop Rule as Two-Edged Sword"). The extent of minority men seducing and impregnating white women is epidemic. The purpose of this is to emasculate white males as their culture is being gutted, and to dilute their political strength (More significantly, this cultural rape radically reduces the number of white women available to white men – read my essays, "White Women: Dumb as a Post" and "Restoration Revolution").

11. Undermine local authorities. Your culture's lawful authorities – city, county, and state – are being undermined by feminists and minorities through federal authority, making local police appear racist and unfair in stopping the invaders and corralling criminals, tying up law enforcement with civil suits and criminal charges until those who serve and protect quit their professions or are drummed out because they lose control in the insanity; and while each branch of the military is flooded with women and minorities, using affirmative-action quotas to promote them and undermine the unit cohesion so vital to combat readiness and winning wars (read my essay, "Blacks' Sucker-the-Man Ruse").

Part 5: WHAT TO DO

BUY GUNS AND STORE FOOD. Why? – from my collection of thoughts on America's steep moral/cultural decline, "Paleoconservative Thoughts To Ponder":

41) Regarding gun control and rights, we have no rights except ones that men with guns confer and protect.

47) Our wise Framers assigned gun ownership second place in the Bill of Rights because of inherent dangers in exercising first-place free speech, and because government tyrants might abridge all the rest but for citizens' right to bear arms.

BUY GUNS AND STORE FOOD, as those LEFTIST LIES have been setting the stage for your subjugation to WORLD COMMUNISM for decades.

IF YOU ARE a father or mother and do not own a gun, then you're an irresponsible parent and citizen (and irresponsible not to impose strict safety rules for handling them – so teach your children well).

WHETHER YOU ARE SINGLE OR A PARENT, arm yourself. Collect and store provisions one may use for camping for a week or two. There is no greater protection against tyrannical government than an armed citizenry – one that's equipped to oppose it.

"YOUR" FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS THE ENEMY OF ALL WHITE PEOPLE – WORLD-WIDE – as it is overrun with Marxist/socialist/feminists, hell-bent on destroying white Western civilization in North America and installing a multiracial, borderless, one-world, socialistic government.