04 October 2001

Here we are in "Camp Europa" where Northern Peoples – through thousands of generations of evolutionary whittling – have become a race of builders, creators and problemsolvers.  Itinerant Ira comes along and takes advantage of the hospitality offered him by civilized men in Camp Europa.  But Ira covets the wonders of White strivings and conspires to take the camp for his own.  Stealthily he gathers dangerous and loathesome beasts of the field and, after agitating them, secrets them into the sleeping tents of the camp builders to create chaos and drive out or destroy his hosts.

Now, if the creators want to save themselves – do they declare war upon all the beasts of the field and forest?

Of course not.  They pacify the beasts – then cold cock Itinerant Ira. Even better would be to splash some musk or vittles upon Ira to turn the animals upon HIM and let the animals destroy him.  Poetic justice.

You guys need to take Rienzi's assessment to heart – about marginalizing yourselves into oblivion.  Yockey wrote about this in "Imperium."   Each day you lambaste (read: Antagonize & Alienate) yet *another* "disfavored" demographic to impress your drinking buddies, the "fajjies" [failed Aryan janitors]. Another set of allies for the Talmudist camp.

As a newcomer to "right wing" thought, the thing that has really impressed me is that the "hard" Right has an unbroken record of getting their asses kicked in the political arena.  As Truman once said, "Don't worry about the Right Wing; they can't even afford to attend their own meetings!"

If Itinerant Ira tosses agitated rattlesnakes & wolverines into your sleeping tent, you don't want to mix it up with the critters – you want to live long enough to get out of the tent and mobilize to stomp Ol' Ira.

Queers are a good case in point.  I don't "approve" of their proclivities. But the FACT is that there are hundreds of thousands of gays/lesbians in law enforcement & judicial posts in this country.  Add to that the fact that presently the general gay community is: (1) More populous (2) More organized (3) More cohesive (4) More powerful administratively (5) More powerful politically.

And to BOOT, they're INVISIBLE – far less visible as a community than the Talmudists.  Yessiree, go ahead and kick that there hornet's nest...as if we didn't have enough problems.

Then there's WOMEN!  You're cutting our collective throat by constantly slamming women.  Sure there's more ditzes and whores than you can shake a stick at.  I've encountered more than my share.  But 90% of everything is dreck (sorry for the yiddish).  What you're doing is pissing off the 10% that are truly worthy and *NECESSARY* for our success.  And to boot, most of the dreck will follow along with you if you give them a simple and palatable enough model of the threat against THEIR family.

That you're developing a following isn't the same thing as winning a war. You're just concentrating the population of White malcontents so that the enemy can identify and destroy them. You're shitting in your hardhat in the "hearts & minds" arena.

Our goal is to zap the jewsters and then give the muds their walking papers.   The remainder will in due course realize that there is a new sheriff in town.

We can't afford the enemies that you're creating.