04 October 2001

My name is D. P. and I frequent your website FAEM on a regular basis. Personally, I am a National-Socialist and currently a webmaster without a website. I used to run the news/opinion website "nnnnn" which you might remember I once held a short-lived debate on the subject of Hal Turner against you (or it could have been Mr, Thomson). In any case, although I disagree with some of your views, I do enjoy reading the words of rational people who have their heads in the right direction.

On a side note, "nnnnn" is offline at the moment thanks to the treachery of several whom I once counted as friends but who recently exposed their ignorance in a rather crude form which led to the removal of hosting space for "nnnn." Nonetheless, I will be back with a couple of new people at my own domain soon, with reliable hosting.

Anyway, I must congratulate you fellows there on acquiring the efforts of 'Rienzi'. I just finished reading his piece on Skinheads and I must say that it is refreshing to say the least, to encounter a few of the already small racist minority who actually understand that National-Socialism has absolutely nothing to do with shaving one's head and behaving like a drunken lout. It is neither an excuse to act violent nor a reason to behave obscenely – it is, in fact, the very opposite of these things. It seems many in the National-Socialist 'movement' almost try and imitate the criminality, the drunken thuggery, and the irrational ignorance of the Negro, to whom they express such dislike. Rienzi is spot on when he asked people to compare the image of the modern semi-sober Skinhead to the noble images of the HJ and the SS, actually something which I have literally considered doing in the past on a website (and may yet do in the future). Bravo! Bravo! Very refreshing indeed.

Also enjoyed reading your recent thoughts on Manhood and Womanhood. Again, very refreshing to read of this subject, and one, in my mind, which certainly should be discussed more often than at present. The sexual problem (feminization of men, masculinization of women, et c.) in our society is at least as significant as the racial problem (Negro, Mulatto, Mestizo, miscegenation and mongrelization..). For the Jew is at the root of both these problems, and solving one does not necessarily mean solving the other.

Once again, my congratulations on very nice work and for shining light and thought where once only darkness and ignorance prevailed. Every day a few more snap out of their Jew-dazed slumber as they are awakened by that light. Our day is dawning.

Regards, D.P.