04 October 2001

Whether Mr. Rienzi knows it or not most of these kids were standing on their last legs when they reached out for some common ideology they could identify with. They came from atrocious neighborhood's, and uncaring family lives. A lot of them are white kids from neighborhood's that used to claim a white majority, but no longer do and with the shift from the light end of the spectrum, to the darker these kids needed something, anything, to resist what they no doubt saw as an attack on everything they held close to their hearts. These are kids who got beaten up by gangs of their new non-white neighbor's, these are kid's who's parents didn't offer them guidance, or proper channels in which to focus their racial consciousness, kids who became angry at society's indifference to their suffering, they wanted something, and in many cases they NEEDED something.

When I was attending High School (three years past now), there was actually a large amount of skinhead's who were enrolled with me. For the most part they stuck to themselves, and I can't really remember any serious incident's involving them, in fact I liked them a great deal. I saw in them as a physical manifestation of what I felt mentally, here are kid's who think like me, and aren't afraid to show to everyone, as you can imagine, in High School I was deathly afraid of being ostracized for my beliefs (something I've outgrown). The skinheads I knew were smart, but lacked ambition, willing to apply themselves, but lacked any real direction, they were tough, but new what it felt like to hurt, true, they saw themselves as 'warriors' with the task of reclaiming not only their neighborhood's but their country, but they also knew how impossible a task this was. They are the unwanted, and our proletarian society's rejects, and in many ways they just couldn't see any other way of reacting to their situation in life.

I don't want to make excuses for poor behavior, or shoddy decisions, that's what our Jewish media spinsters do, but at the same time I think it is entirely unfair to write off an entire group of 'discarded' white kids as thugs who's only goal in life is to hasten their own demise. These kids are some of the most die-hard of friend's, I never had to wonder if they would have my back, regardless of the situation, or it's possible outcomes, they were there no questions asked.

These kids had violent reactions to a society that met them only with violence and demonization, they were branded at birth as the bottom of the barrel, and in life as the world's filth, the lowest of the low, a racially conscious white youth who wasn't afraid to show it. I don't know what more I can say, they are as deserving of a white world, with white opportunity, as are we, they are more deserving of said society than are pompous middle-class, social-suit, buffoons who's only desire is to further fatten themselves while abusing even their most perverse desires, why not enjoy this filth the Jews have so 'generously' bestowed upon them, they are more deserving of such a life than is the rich fat-cat who import's the third-world miscreations into these innocent children's neighborhood's, all in the name of the kosher bottom line, and cheaper labor, who allow themselves to be utterly dominated by their self-proclaimed Jewish masters, they deserve this more than anyone who would not count themselves among OUR ranks. They at least know the meaning of freedom, and the definition of liberty.

Rather than simply assume that these kids are creations of some yid mastermind, why not come to grips with the fact that these are extreme reactions to extreme oppression. Thanks for your time:

Sincerely, M.M.