18 July 2001

I noticed the "White fight is better than White flight" quip on your website and was hoping you would elaborate on this. I would be particularly interested in your personal experiences with White fight. Perhaps your past experiences would be of value in helping others avoid the myriad of pitfalls in the process. You see Mr. Frenz, I've been involved in both fight and flight and my experience has been that flight is better. Fighting a losing battle cost me time and money, deteriorated my health and adversely effected my family life. I had to play be the rules and obey the law. I am by nature honest and trusting and refuse to resort to dishonesty even under duress. Our opponents in this conflict were hampered by none of this qualities. They lie, cheat, steal and murder almost at will. Had I had a penchant for meekness, I, or someone dear to me would have ended up dead. Believe me, my adult experiences with our colored "brethren" have left me filled with hatred and loathing. I have to say adult because I had no contact with anyone but white folks until I was an adult.

By the time I was finished with my first and only enlistment in the Air Force, I was already a racist. Experience made it so, even though I was educated in the modern Public School system and taught the "wez all equals" tripe the same as is taught today. But in the Air Force, especially in the more technical fields, one doesn't really get a good cross sectional exposure to the typical nigger. It wasn't until I live with an entire tribe of them that I really learned what they were like.

My wife, myself and our two kids bought a "needs work" townhouse in a quite suburb of Chicago 12 years ago. It's all we could afford and it was cheaper than renting an apartment. Unbeknownst to us, the community (if you can call it that) had been accepting and encouraging subsidized housing for minorities since the 1970's. Pretty soon the place had a noticeable body of inner city ghetto Negroes who liked to hang out late at night and cause trouble. In short order they went from being noticeable to sizable, loud and troublesome. Drug bust in the general vicinity of our house got to be a pretty regular occurrence, especially on weekends when there would be as many as three a night. Then the inevitable happened. The house next to ours was sold and an absentee slumlord bought it. It was rented to a Section 8 (government subsidized housing program, just in case you don't already know) nigger, his two nigglets and his crack whore nigger girlfriend. The wife wanted to put the place up for sale right away, but I was stubborn and wanted to stay and fight. So we did, for the next 18 months. I won't bore you with the details, but the synopsis is that we had our friendly neighbor arrested no less that three times, including once on Christmas eve, on disorderly conduct charges, for excessive noise late at night. My wife and I went to court as complaining witnesses on eight separate occasions, spending at least half a day there on each occasion. The end result was that, after 18 months of enduring almost nightly barrages of, as you say, nigger noise, our friendly neighbor moved to another rental in the same development to become someone else's problem. The courts convicted him of 3 counts of disorderly conduct, but I have no idea what his punishment was. I suspect that, considering the demeanor of the judge, he received the harshest sentence available which is all of 3 months jail time (probably served on weekends or as community service). By the time the nigger moved, we had already signed a sales contract on our townhouse and bought another "fixer up" single family house in another town down the road. We consider ourselves lucky to not have lost money on the house, in spite of all of the work we put into it fixing it up. The irony of the situation is that the only people willing to buy the house were black. In the end we actually contributed to the further decline of a once white neighborhood. When we fought, we fought alone. Our other white neighbors, while happy to complain and sympathetic to our plight, were unwilling to lift a finger to assist. Additionally, the nigger was aided and abetted by numerous whites during the ordeal.

The townhome association welcomed the relocation of minorities with open arms in spite of being all white (and almost all female, I might add). They were also sympathetic to our situation, but completely unwilling to help. The manager of the Property Management company that handled the leasing, an ostensibly white woman, came to court to testify that the only reason I was pressing charges was because I was a racist. The first judge, an older white woman, assured us that our neighbor meant no harm; he just didn't realize he was annoying us. She gave him a $50 fine and three months probation. The next judge, an older white man named Hoffman, didn't buy the racist angle and threw the book at him. Most of the white folks in that neighborhood spent their evenings cowering in their houses, glued to the T.V. Most of the people getting busted in the drug arrests were the children of well off white ex-hippy liberal scum. They're parents actively encourage the integration of society, just not on their side of town. The Village of Hoffman Estates and the honorable Mayor Michael O'Mally where happy to have government subsidized minorities in my neighborhood since that gave them a piece of tax pie, just not on their side of town. The County, State and Federal government, as you have so ably stated on your website, are all most active in their encouragement of integration. When I stubbornly refused to tuck tail and run, I inadvertently took on the entire government establishment. When I acted in a law abiding manner instead of resorting to a simple nefarious deed, I cause myself more grief than good. I won't make that mistake again. The house behind us is up for sale now. If it sells to minorities I'm pulling up stakes and heading for the part of the country where "nigger don't let the sun set on your back in this county" still applies. It may be hard to make a living there, but it's impossible to live in and amongst minorities. The battle over integration is already lost. It was lost when nobody shot down the first niggers to integrate an all white school. It was lost when nobody made Rosa Park's legs bend like a storks. It was lost when Gov. Wallace didn't order his men to fire on those treasonous bastards defending niggers enrolling in an all white college. If one engages in brinkmanship without the will to see the action through to fruition, then one has lost before even starting. The only reason there are any parts of this country that are not still fully integrated is that nobody really wants them. If you run into a pocket of resistance in the operation, you simply bypass it, isolated it and starve the defenders out. You beat them through attrition. We are beaten through attrition. The only ray of hope is that the parts of the country where minorities are still unwelcome are still fully capable of being self-sufficient. If we are now in a battle for the existence of the white race, the only hope is that disease and pestilence will be victorious. Otherwise, the battle is already lost. It may take another 200 years, but the result is inevitable. There aren't many white men who are willing to pick up a weapon and rectify the situation. By the time they're forced to, it will be too late. The odds will be overwhelming, even for the best of us. I tried white fight. I stayed in my old house while the tide turned dark thinking that I could make a difference. I ended up running anyway. I felt badly about it, but there is no point in fighting a losing battle. Now I have a house in a nicer neighborhood with a correspondingly larger mortgage. And I kept working for a company that had only white employees rather than take a job with race traitors. Eventually, I ended up with formaldehyde poisoning and Anderson's Disease. I was sick and unable to work for a month and was forced to quit with no compensation. Now I have a part-time job with a company with plenty of minorities. It's all I've been able to find and it was either that or not be able to pay the mortgage. It is just as wrong to squander resources and effort fighting battles that cannot be won as it is to turn your back when the fight is necessary. The science is knowing when to fight and when to let it go. When your badly outnumbered and badly mauled, don't go on the offensive. Hunker down and dig in because attrition works both ways. Remember, disease kill more soldiers than bullets in almost every war ever fought. Please be so kind as to tell me how it is that whites should fight, and what. ZOG will isolate you and crush you like a bug under a steam roller for even the slightest opposition. There are plenty of examples of just this sort of action. What's the good of that? We've been divided and conquered. The only thing left is the mopping up. Your good at pointing out what's wrong; much better than most, but I suspect that your preaching to the Choir. I understand that your motivation is noble and the service is worthwhile, but what every worthy white man and woman needs now are solutions. As a white civilization we've thoroughly lost our dignity, honor and integrity. We've by in large put aside and forgotten those modes of behavior and ways of living that served us so well for so long, to our injury. Every man should live an honorable life and every woman one of virtue, but we currently live in a society where the sophistries of Structuralism have taken hold and what was once virtuous and honorable behavior are now the object of disdain. How does one maintain ones honor in a dishonorable world where even trying to defend one's honor is forbidden? How can one maintain one's virtue when, in all likelihood, one doesn't even know how to define virtue? I'm seething mad. My ancestors built this land from nothing. They came to Virginia and North Carolina when it was wilderness. They settled Kentucky and Missouri with the likes of Boone and Crocket. The went west in covered wagons. They fought, suffered and often died to make this the most habitable place on the planet, built on their blood, sweet and tears, only to have their progeny swindled of their birthright. And the whole lot of sons and daughters of immigrant sons of bitches and Yankee Puritan trash who ought to be white but don't act it stand around with their heads up their asses and watch, hoping maybe Jesus or Uncle Sam will save them. (If that ain't a run-on sentence, I don't know what is.) Barring that, perhaps a good buzz will do. So who am I going to fight? Where am I going to fight them and who's going to back me up? So I say fuck 'em. Let 'em die a slow and painful death, because you get what you deserve in the long run. The sooner modern civilization comes crashing down, the sooner we can get on with what needs to be done. So go ahead and watch the boob tube and pay your taxes so that ZOG can import more minorities into once white communities, encourage AIDS infected butt pirates, and import and enfranchise vicious, disease ridden third world minions to take your job. Stuff your face, smoke your dope, pound your pud, do as you please. Don't resist, aid and abet. Help the parasites destroy everything in their path, because parasites don't exist without a host. When the smoke clears, we'll see who's standing. I'm not fighting anyone anymore unless it really matters. I apologize for the length and ineloquent nature of my diatribe. My intention is not to offend, but if I'm going to fight then I need to know what to fight for and who to fight, as I don't care to fight just for it's own sake. To quip so cavalierly about white fight is all well and good, but did you really think it through? Is white fight truly better than white flight? If your going to fight and are of limited means, choose your battles wisely,for the odds are very much against you in this matter. This is, by the way, in no way meant to imply that your web page had anything to do with my actions. My actions were of my on volition and occurred before I even knew the internet, much less your site, existed. I believe in individual responsibility and owning up to one's actions. There is nothing to gain by shirking the blame. The most pernicious lies are the ones you tell yourself. I fought the white fight and those who stood to gain the most by supporting my efforts stood aside in craven indifference. Most white people are either willing dupes or active agents of their own destruction, and the rest are simply unaware of the danger they're in. But, just because you know that the train is about to derail doesn't mean you can do anything to stop it. Societies have their own momentum and their own zeitgeist and ours is evil, petty and self-absorbed. Someone older and wiser than I once advised me not to worry too much about the way things were turning out, because when you live in a sick society, crazy things happen. I reckon we're all going down in the long run, I'd just like to take as many of the evil fuckers with me as I can.

Sincerely yours, R.M.