Dear Robert,

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your page over the years, and regret seeing you take it down again. I'm glad I printed out most of what I was interested in saving.

I can hardly advise you to keep up such activity, seeing as I do nothing of the sort, and yet hold to very similar views. However, our view is best spread by word of mouth, example, and our children. Converts from the internet are few and far between. It is more a shouting match and place for grubbing for money.

The vast majority of white people, I think, would agree with us privately, or admit deep-down that we are right. What we say, however, is not "nice" and polite", even if it is obvious. After all, how many whites, when given a chance, move as far away from the turd-world masses as possible? There's hardly a one who would stick around with that bunch unless forced. When there is nowhere left to run, the white men with guts will finally realize that it is time to turn and fight.

For now, the obvious question of how many Africans, Chinese, Indians, and Mexicans can be brought over here without destroying our country is moot. After all, we could take in 200 million Chinese and Indians each, another 50 million Mestizos, and 100 million Africans. Such generosity wouldn't even make a dent in the problems extant in their places of origin, although it would destroy our country and nation just as a swarm of locusts destroys a growing field of corn.

Yet at the same time, we have great victories for the white race every day. For the greatest victories of the white race every occur every day with the birth of new white children who will carry on after we are gone. And today, with the propaganda of birth control, abortion, and miscegenation, the miraculous birth of new white children is truly an exercise in survival of the fittest. The weak – those who are destroying themselves and their blood through the aforementioned evils are gradually being purged from our population. The strong are carrying on. Yes, many whites are not having children; but the better ones are having four and five or more very commonly, and these will be the nucleus of tomorrow's bright future.

The Huns, Mongols, Turks, Saracens, and various and sundry other threats to our race and European homeland were never defeated in a day, although a day's battle sometimes marked great leaps forwards (as at Lepanto) or backwards (as at Mazinkert). Neither will our victory be in one day, although in the future, the events of a very few days will probably prove to be decisive.

Today is the day for planning and waiting for the time to strike. For to start with there is no plan of attack, goals, and strategies of battle so that the white man may survive. I suggest that this is our area of concern in the here and now. What does the white race need to survive? Or to paraphrase a catchy Jewish saying – "Is it good for whites?" And conversely, what destructive activities can we avoid that will only take us away from our goal. With that in mind, I offer the following propositions and definitions thereof.

(1) The white race needs living space for itself and for it to grow in. This space may be adequately defined to include the following: (a) All of continental Europe (b) Russian Asia, including northern Kazahkstan. (c) The Caucusus Mountains (d) Anatolia (Asian Turkey) (e) Cyprus (f) The Mediterranean Littoral (i.e. the Christian areas of Syria and Lebanon) (g) Australia (h) New Zealand (i) Southern Africa (i.e. South Africa, Rhodesia, Botswana, Namibia, Katanga, Angola) (j) South America, excluding the northern coast beyond Venezuala and the Amazon jungle (k) The habitable areas of Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama (l) The United States, Canada, northern Mexico, Cuba, Hispaniola, and the Bahamas. These areas contain all the necessary resources the white race would need for survival and growth, they provide a plentiful bounty of food and water, and they are largely inhabited by whites or controlled by whites today.

(2) The energies of the white race should be spent acquiring and controlling these areas, and ridding them of their non-white groups via deportation. Conversely, white attention should be withdrawn from other parts of the world, where various entirely unnatural population situations have been allowed to develop. There is no need for the process to be swift – its gradualness and longevity will encourage a healthy hardness among the white man, and a realistic view of his currently precarious situation.

(3) The remaining areas are to be left to the other races. With the withdrawal of white support, for example, the black, Indian, and mestizo populations of the jungles of Africa, Central America, and the Amazon would rapidly revert to more realistic levels due to inevitable starvation and disease. The lack of intelligence of these people would quickly return them to their harmless stone age way of life as well, once western technology is withdrawn. This should be our goal for purely environmental reasons, if nothing else. The huge populations of China, India, South Asia and the Arab world are a more intractable issue. As the white race does not need North Africa or the Arabian Peninsula, these areas could be safely left for these folks to squabble over. The Indians and Chinese and South Asians should be encouraged to squabble that their destruction at each other's hands may be hastened. South Asia is of little threat once western technology and know-how departs. The Aryans of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India should be encouraged to purify and assert themselves to their traditional role of dominance in these regions and in Central Asia.

The end result of these policies is to be as follows. The white man is securely established in a position of dominance throughout the more desirable parts of the world as he was in circa 1900 before the great tragedy of World War I. The jungle regions of Central America, Africa, South America, and South Asia are to be allowed to revert to a natural and park like state. The fact that small bands of stone age primitives will wander them is a perfectly natural condition that should be encouraged. Evidences of our civilization in these areas should be removed and destroyed as unnecessary hindrances to their and our future. A few white outposts, such as Singapore, Zanzibar, and Trinidad should prove more than sufficient to monitor and control such vast parklands. The half-white races of Asia – the northern Chinese, the Koreans, and the Japanese are to be left to their devices. Traditionally they have stayed afloat on their own quite well. They are to be recognized as the potential nemesis that they are, but not unduly alienated from our friendship by attempts at unnecessary domination. The unnatural condition of the African and Arabian deserts having huge populations would end quickly without western know-how supplying water. This tragic situation should be allowed to play itself out so that the nomads of these areas revert to their proper form of life. In the future, North Africa especially promises to be a great challenge for the white race to terraform into useable land through tree planting campaigns such as those undertaken by the Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans which once made vast swaths actually habitable.

How are these goals to be affected? Small actions today can certainly help them along. Among the most useful would be for comrades to enter into professions where they can make a difference for our cause – the foreign service, international banking, journalism, and overseas corporate work. These three arms are what currently prop today's unnatural state of affairs up, and their removal or use for destruction will bring it down. Every white who is turned away, for example, from the Peace Corps and the futile task of "improving the lot" of these wretches is a great step forward. Every development loan routed to our own countries rather than overseas to non-white countries is another great victory. Every article touting to minorities the benefits of returning to their countries of origin leads to a some taking the decision to leave.

We should remember also that in times (including our own) when the state failed to take action to stem problematic surges of other peoples, small bands of whites responded with forceful action. We certainly could use direct action against immigrants and immigration as well as forceful encouragements for non-whites to pack up for more hospitable shores. We need groups who will legally terrorize these people away from our countries, and who will bring justice quietly at night when none is to be had.

The sentimentality of some towards the idea of our struggle also must be overcome by the spreading of views explaining the realities of the matter. The death of some members of other races today is tragic, but it must be seen in the wider picture of the certain catastrophe which will occur if we go one encouraging Africans, Indians, and Chinese to breed as though there is no limit. Is it really an act of Christian charity to save the life of a person today, when that action will prematurely end the lives of ten others tomorrow, including some in your own family? Certainly not.

What is to be avoided? Getting bogged down in pointless debates which only waste perfectly good energy. Did Hitler holocaust a zillion Jews? Is there really a point to such a question considering our view? Should we really shed tears over this possibly occurring considering the massacres perpetrated by this group of Germans, Russians, and other white men? The Germans certainly killed Jews because they were perceived, rightly by them, as enemies. Whether they broke the laws of science and gassed them or simply allowed them to starve is irrelevant. Whatever occurred was a trifle compared to what the white race suffered in terms of destruction from the Rhine to the Volga because of the hatred of us by these people and their control of the might of America, Russia, and the British Empire. Did 6 million Jews go up the chimney? At least 60 million whites sure were permanently ground between 1914 and 1950 because of the warmongering of Jews and their cronies in various governments. So what is the answer to how many Jews were killed by the National Socialists? Not enough, because they are still around fleecing and destroying us today.

Perhaps finally we should ask what will spur these events onwards to their logical conclusion? Undoubtedly it will be a crisis of sorts, because such drastic changes of course never occur during good times. The playing out of the saga drawn up in Camp of the Saints could easily occur given some disastrous times in the turd-world – that is how previous barbarian invasions occurred. The continued flooding of the white world with immigrants could also bring about the spark which ignites the fire. When the Mexicans do finally start and insurrection to reclaim "Azatlan" it will be a purely racial war, because the only useful uniform will be our skin color. Given such a crisis we can count on the blacks rioting and looting, in sympathy, as is their proclivity, proved only too well by the recent events in Lesotho. Such crises would have a way of crystallizing public perceptions of the danger poised by those new black and Hispanic dwellers in their neighborhood. The ultimate scenario could be none of the above but something entirely unthought of as well. Maybe the evangelistic hucksters will get their apocalyptic wish of a millions man strong Chinese army moving to swarm the world like locusts. Who knows? The important point is for the white race to be ready and confidant to exploit the opening which Fate will provide it, and from which its greatest days will come. For life and history would be a cruel joke if the end result was the destruction of the white man and the earth swirling around the sun as a wasteless void filled with useless creatures who cannot tend to its needs, as it was before the creation of Adam. And we can be confidant that God is not a jokester, but one who tests His own in a fiery forge to purify the gold from the dross. I can hardly claim originality for such an observation since Hitler made the same observation both in Mein Kampf and also to Otto Skorzeny with regard to the possibility of an Atomic War and its likely results. Nevertheless, our greatest ally is our confidence in eventual victory. All the great white men of history have had this patient confidence in victory, even if they thought they would never live to see it, and even when the odds were long against them – Scipio against the Cathaginians, Pope Leo turning back the Huns, the Teutonic Knights at Tannenberg, Frederick the Great in Silesia, George Washington at Valley Forge, the British Colonials during the Indian Mutiny, Hitler in his bunker in Berlin. Let Victory be our lady to be courted and wooed and worked towards, for in victory is our salvation!