A few thoughts on that elusive rubric, Rights.

Thomas Paine in his Rights of Man has pointed out that in the years that spanned the American Revolution there existed no formal government in the American Colonies; "yet during this interval order and harmony were preserved as inviolate as in any country in Europe." He credits this to; general association and common interest with men acting from natural instinct and this in colonies that were diverse in their makeup representing as they did the various nationalities that populated Europe at that time. "Men acting from natural instinct" – here is the key to it all they were White men joined in kindred spirit with common values. Paine was correct when he observed that all the great laws of society are laws of nature. From there he departs from reason and postulates that natural law bequests some thing he terms "natural rights" assuming thereby that Nature grants rights to all men at birth.

Thomas Paine was a Deist, plain and simple, who believed in a personal God that had created the world subject to natural law. It is therefore surprising that his idea of the unity of man; by which he means "that men are all of one degree, and consequently that all men are born equal, and with equal natural Rights" is founded on the Biblical account of creation. Paine was perhaps the single greatest influence in perpetuating the idea that all men are created equal as stated in our Declaration of Independence.

Now in our "New World Order," individuals refer to what they regard as their "Rights". The basic assumption seems to be that Man has "Rights", God given and absolute. Setting religion aside some believe in Paine's "natural" Rights, as if some force has granted, to all, this gift at birth and enforced it, for after all Rights are solely abstractions and become real, when and only when, they are enforced. If everyone has unalienable rights at what point do the rights of one supersede the rights of an other? We are arrogant to believe that Rights are conferred on us at birth by Nature. We come into this world as a product of natural law with no "Rights" at all. We breath on our own or are forced to by artificial manipulation. We take the first breath and succeeding breaths by our Will to live and not by any Right that we have. Our birth follows Natural Law and is directed by genetics and evolution. So indeed, all men are created equal if equal means that they are a product of male sperm and female egg. But, from that instant on equality ceases to exist. From the moment of conception the embryo is fertilized not by "Rights" but rather from juxtaposition and chance.

When we hear the phrase "The Right to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." it should be understood in the dichotomy of truth and fact. The Right to life is not nature's truth, but under the protection of sovereign government it could be a fact for that moment in time. Government can grant many "Rights" just as long as it has the strength, the power and the will to enforce what it has granted. Group "rights" or rights that are agreed upon by an homogeneous people that owe consistence to a generic culture, with it's innate and inherent values, can be said to be viable through established ethics, philosophy and morals. Such "Rights" are granted to members of the group by collective agreement and are in force by common consent and practice.

We as a White people have granted to ourselves distinct rights as outlined in our Constitution and could enjoy them in a nation that has common beliefs and ethics. Now we exist in a multicultural society inundated with aliens who represent different values and ethic systems that, to us, are odorous in their tenet. What for them is a Right often times does not conform to our values and without harmony there can be no consensus without consensus there can be no Rights for, in the aggregate, "Human Rights" are but political concepts that are evident exclusively in White civilization. Other cultures may have attributed "Rights" to Kings and tribal chiefs but never as an individual's possession.

The concept of "Rights" has been commandeered by our enemies and used as another tool to defeat us. We are engulfed in Rights, Homosexual rights, women's rights, minority's rights, felon's rights, abortion rights, children's rights, and even animal rights. These diverse groups repeatedly claiming rights for their individual gain tend to, in the public mind, establish them as legitimate. But, rights that are group exclusive in character are by design discriminatory toward the rest of society. For a Right to be valid for all, in a given culture, it must have the agreement of a homogeneous unadulterated people that share the same values and morals.

We White Americans are becoming confused – loosing our sense of direction by the changes that we have gone though in the past fifty years. Our values have been turned upside down with gender roles undefined, morality both sexual and personal compromised, with distinction between right and wrong clouded, divorce rates accelerating, abortion commonplace, homosexuality accepted as normal, and sex crimes at an all-time high. We are inundated by alien values that conflict with ours and produce guilt feelings – the most devastating of all emotions. This guilt goads the women of our race into affairs and liaison with minorities. This guilt supplants White racial wisdom with senseless empathy for other races and persuades us to capitulate to minority "Rights". There is the crux of it all. We White people, to a great degree, have embraced an alien value system and abandoned our intuitive values and beliefs all in the name of fairness the virtue that is the most admirable in Aryans and equally the most self-destructive.

Thomas Paine today would, I believe, find it difficult to rationalize his philosophy with today's America. When he formulated his ideas on the Rights of Man he was speaking to White Europeans, a people that were alike in their outlook on morals and philosophy and in his wildest dreams he could not have envisioned the multicultural society that we have today in what used to be our country. The fact that it is no longer our country is just that, a fact, and now we must act for only by action can anything be accomplished. The first step is to except the idea that if we continue in the present direction we will end as a people. Secondly we must be ruthless in our loyalty to the White race. Other races must be dealt with in our every day action and we should do so in a manner that is consistent with our goal of putting the White race first and foremost in our minds and hearts. Treat other races with polite concern in social situations, dispassion in no-win political discussions, discretion in choosing friends and associates, and loyalty to all racial kindred. The tactics that are now being used against us could be reversed to our advantage.