Dear Robert,

I was recently pondering the oft stated assertion that America will become a majority turd-world country in 2050, so "we" had better act soon (as on the "I Love White Folks" link which appears on your site).

Sadly, such is not the case. The end of the line for the white majority in this country is already almost upon us, and the elementary math needed to understand this is quite clear.

At the time of the second great white fratricide (WW II), the US had a population of about 131,000,000, which was 90% White, or 118,000,000 of us in number, with the other 13,000,000 being about 12,500,000 Negroes and 500,000 Asians. Of course, there were included in that number 7,000,000 Jews (5% of the population), so we should correct the White figure to 111,000,000 (or about 85%). Additionally, there were at least 1,000,000 Indians not counted, and the White figure probably includes around 1,000,000 Hispanics.

The last official census in 1990 informed us of 248,000,000 flightless bipeds wandering the fruited plain, including 188,000,000 non-Hispanic Whites (75%), 29,000,000 Negroes (12%), 22,000,000 Hispanics (11%), 2,000,000 Injuns (1%), and 7,000,000 Asians (3%). Of course these figures also do not tell us of the Jewish population. We do know, however, that there are anywhere from 5 to 6,000,000 practicing Jews, and that this, by admission of the Jews themselves constitutes between 33 and 50% of their actual population. Let us be conservative, therefore, and assume that 5,500,000 represents 40% of the Jewish population, giving us 14,000,000 Jews. This, of course, leaves 174,000,000 Whites. However, we should correct this by diluting the Hispanic figure of the portion which is actually White, as are the Hispanics from white (or formerly white) countries such as Cuba, Argentina, and Costa Rica, as well as the portion of whites from other countries (anywhere from 10 to 20% of countries such as Bolivia, Mexico, Columbia, etc. are white, and some of these have migrated here), and the White Hispanics native to our country in states such as New Mexico or Florida, where Spain originally colonized. While it is difficult to give an exact figure for this, it does not seem unreasonable to estimate 3,000,000 Whites among the Hispanics, giving us 177,000,000 total Whites and 19,000,000 Hispanics. However we must remember that such non-White groups as Arabs and Indian Subcontinentals are counted as White by our census bureau (so helpful of them). After removing the approximately 2,000,000 of these folks, we have 175,000,000 living, breathing White folks running around.

We also need to remember that it is not 1990 anymore, and that close to 10,000,000 foreigners have legally showed up on these shores recently (and countless more illegally of course), which anybody with eyes can see if they care to travel to any of our now foreigner occupied cities such as New York or Los Angeles or Miami or Houston. Plus we have had natural growth of the various populations. Extrapolating outwards some reasonable trends based on this massive influx, we arrive at today's figures courtesy of the Census Bureau and our own deductions and adjustments. I've assumed no growth in the number of actual white Hispanics and Jews – any errors from this assumption should offset each other.

1940 1990 1998
Total       132,000,000         248,000,000         271,000,000
White       110,000,000  (83%)         175,000,000  (69%)         181,000,000  (67%)
Negro         12,500,000  (10%)          29,000,000  (12%)           33,000,000  (12%)
Hispanic          1,000,000    (1%)          19,000,000    (8%)           28,000,000  (10%)
Jewish          7,000,000    (5%)          14,000,000    (6%)           14,000,000    (5%)
Asians            500,000            7,000,000    (3%)           10,000,000    (4%)
Amerasians         1,000,000     (1%)            2,000,000    (1%)             2,000,000    (1%)
Arabs/Indians            —            2,000,000    (1%)             3,000,000    (1%)

While some races have more than doubled through births, immigration, and other subterfuges, the White race is clearly lagging behind, with a paltry 65% growth in 58 years, during which time total population grew by 105%.

From this perspective, the White position is much more tenuous than most so-called "Patriots" are willing to admit and worsening drastically. Are 4% drop-off in 8 years will leaves us a minority in only 32 years if present trends continue (and they show no sign of changing). That would be the year 2030, not 2050. Coincidentally, this will be around the same time that the projections are predicting absolute Hispanic majorities in Florida, California, Texas, etc. When these states descend into bloody chaos, how will a non-white government come to the rescue of the union? It won't! The next census will be very telling regarding the erosion of the white position in this country.

The political situation is also rapidly becoming untenable for the maintenance of our current semi-patriotic, semi-treacherous Republican rule. 90% of Negroes and Indians, 65% of Asians and Hispanics, 80% of Jews vote for the essentially communist Democratic party. This is equivalent to a 26% handicap for the Republican party. This means that for a Republican majority vote of over 50%, they need a 65% vote among Whites. For a 55% "decisive" victory as in 1980 or 1994, they need a 72% White vote. For a 60% landslide, they need an almost unreal 80% of the White vote. Current polls, which there is no reason to disbelieve, have 30% of Whites responding that Clinton represents general American values. Given that some of this is probably Jewish population bias in the polling, let's use 25% of the White population as Clintonista patsies ready to carry water for the Turd World Takeover. That's a full 17% of the total population, giving the Turd World an assured 43% of the vote in elections. With the usual lot of independents, things are looking grim for any electoral restoration being in the offing. Even if all the independents could be swayed, and all the Republican's converted, so that 75% of the White population backed a restoration of the more rational situation prevailing in 1940, that would give the "good guys" only a very slight majority over 50%. Anyone deluded enough to think this is going to make a revolution is kidding themselves. Remember that even in states like National Socialist Germany, or South Africa, only a little more than 50% of the White population backed programs in their own interest at the polls – and these were White populations generally educated to act in such a manner.

Stop kidding yourself Whitey! As the old sundials say "It is later than you think." There is no hope of any massive awakening in the White population rekindling the old racialist spirit and retaking the country by the ballot box. You are already at least 6% behind where you thought you were due to crooked Census counting of Jews and Indian Subcontinentals. You may not realize it yet, but your back is already against the wall. Hey Whitey! Are you going to turn and fight for those portions of your country you can keep when the time comes? What will it be? Camp of the Saints or the Turner Diaries? And whatever are you going to do take the needed precautions to protect such assets as the nuclear missiles at Vandenburg AFB, which are as troublingly out of the secure grasp of the White fist as the Russian nukes in the Ukraine and Kazakhstan were out of control of the Russians. Oh, and in case you didn't notice, the intrusion of the swarthy hordes into the so-called White-bastions such as the Upper-Midwest and New England is well under way right under your nose! Or did you miss seeing that new nignog walking down the street of Anytown, USA with your neighbor's blond daughter and their golliwog child? Maybe you did see it – and maybe it was actually your daughter. Time to start thinking of your battle plan White man. You ain't going to get out of this one without a very bloody fight.

Editor's note:

In my opinion, this article is somewhat on the optimistic side. The number of Jews and Negroes is substantially larger than the author's figures. Dr. Revilo P.Oliver has commented upon the arrival of nearly 23,000,000 Jews, from here and there, which have planted their feet on these shores during the last century. (Read his "The Truth is Stranger than Fiction!" article which appears on this site.) Even as I write, hordes of Jews from Russia (the "Russian mafia") are filling apartment buildings in our larger cities.

As for the Negroes, the actual count is about 30% greater than the author indicates. The Negro birth rate has always been about double that of Whites and incidentally, the mestizo birth rate is nearly double that of the Negro.

From 1790 to 1840, the Negro was about 20% of the population. The Civil War caused a drop in the White population, as did WW I and WW II, without affecting the Negro count. The great influx of Jews, plus hordes of marginal Whites and orientals, from 1920 to the present, has dropped the White percentage to a level lower than any official estimate. In cities, such as Yakima WA, it is far easier to count the number of White people you meet than it is the other way around. The author's comment concerning the emergence of white minority cities is a little late. It is doubtful if the White population of Los Angeles, for example, exceeds 15%.

This is indeed a difficult topic to explore as one only has the questionable census figures to use. The Negro count has always been a crude estimate while the great number of Jew/White, and other inter-racial unions apparently goes unnoticed. Race-mixed people cannot ever be counted as White. Be that as it may, the astute White knows that he is being squeezed out of his country and sadly, most do not care – especially if they continue to make a decent living while watching the race subside. As my grandfather once remarked, "It's difficult to get the pigs' eyes lifted above the level of the slop trough even though they obviously can hear the sharpening of the butcher knives."