Genetic Warfare – The "Ethnic Bullet"

Were you not disturbed enough before by Israel's "Samson option" weapons (atomic weapons, biological agents, chemical agents, etc.), conveniently available for "delivery" by ballistic missiles capable of reaching everywhere in the European homeland from Reykjavik to Irkutsk? No? Then this report and lack of denial should get you worried. Now you don't suppose that besides Arab-Jewish differences, they've also been doing genetic research on the differences between, say, Germans and Jews, or Frenchmen and Jews, or Englishmen and Jews... nahhh... couldn't be... right?


In the March 14th 1996 issue of the Foreign Report, it quoted the former head of Sweden's defense research establishment, General Bo Rybeck, as saying that genetic weapons might be around the corner. Thus, a mixture of influenza or diphtheria could be designed to affect only blacks, a designer toxin could be aimed at Serbs or people with blue eyes might be given Alzheimer's disease. As far as he knew, no government was developing genetic weapons, General Rybeck said.

Recently, an unconfirmed report from South African sources indicated that Israeli scientists may have succeeded in developing an "ethnic bullet" – a type of biological weapon tailored to attack Arabs only. According to this unconfirmed report, aspects of the Arab genetic system were discovered after years of research on Jews of Arab origin, especially Iraqis. South African sources claim that the "ethnic bullet" program was developed in their country to be used in extremis against Blacks during the apartheid era. Co-operation during those years between South African and Israel scientists, especially in the nuclear field, was close. The Foreign Report says the Israelis took the project over and directed it against the Arabs. One of the reported conclusions was that there was a genetic difference between Ashkenazi (East European) Jews and Jews of Arabic origin, and also between Jews and Arabs. The research, by this account, was conducted for many years in top secrecy for security reasons and because of the sensitivity in Israeli society about genetic experiments. Many were skeptical but, our sources insist, some scientists appeared to have identified an illness that could be transmitted through Baghdad's water supply and affect only Arabs. According to the Foreign Report, the results of the research, carried out at several centers, were reported, it is said, to the prime minister of the time. The operation was apparently completed some two years ago. If this report is confirmed it would mean that Israel would have to assign special agents to targeted cities, armed with "ethnic bullets" to be used only on orders from Tel-Aviv. When the Foreign Report asked Israeli officials to comment, they reportedly declined to confirm the existence of the "ethnic bullet". But one said: "We have a basket full of strategic surprises which we will not hesitate to use if we feel that the state of Israel is under serious threat."