Genetic warfare is an interesting possibility. Especially, from my view, that South Africa developed a poison pill against the Bantu's. AIDS currently seems to be performing in the steed of any release of such agents quite well, however. In Botswana, for example, it seems 25% of the population is infected with the virus, and the percentage is thought to be under-reported. There is apparently massive under-reporting in lands like Thailand and other jungle areas. Mother Nature strikes back? Or could this really be "one that got away" from the lab?

Also, the tragedy conspiracy continues apace. Just when my candle collection was making a little recovery, along comes Hurricane Mitch, with his simply horrible devastation of our favorite Mestizo friends in Honduras and Nicaragua. Imagine, over 12,000 of 'em who will never have the blessing of moving to this country and helping suck our population dry! Why I am simply crushed by this tragedy!

Did you notice my electoral predictions are already coming true? Take California, for example. The voter division was 75% white (let's make that 67% white, 8% Jewish), 12% Hispanic, 7% black, 4% Asian, and 2% other minority. Now, notice first of all the population imbalance in voters due to the non-citizen status of many Hispanics and Asians. This situation is bound to deteriorate over time. Let's assume a 90% vote of minorities for Davis (not unreasonable, considering their dislike for Lungren and Republicans in general). Davis got 58% to Lungren's 38.3% – or, ignoring the small parties (who probably got an even smattering from every group) a 60.2% to 39.8% division. The minority "communities" were 33% of the electorate, with 29.7% being attributed to the Democrats at the 90% rate. The American white populace was 67% of the electorate. To give Davis his 60.2%, we need 30.5% of his total vote to be attributed to white's, or 45.5% of the total. This is 15 to 20% larger than the 25 to 30% which I attribute as hard-core, suicidal, hand-the-country-over types. 15 to 20% of 67% is 10 to 13.2% of the total. Thus, for Lungren to have squeaked in, he would have needed 15.4% more of the white vote (which he won 54.5% of). This implies a 70% Republican vote among whites, which is bordering right up against that 30% hard-core limit of traitors. The implication is obvious – a pro-American anti-Immigrant policy will never succeed in California short of mass conversions of deluded minorities. Or as Mario Obledo head of the California Coalition of Hispanic Organizations said (recorded by Glenn Sullivan on the site of Voice of Citizens Together – ) "California is going to be a Hispanic state. Anyone who doesn't like this should leave." This is most especially true because next time around, the Hispanics will be closer to 20% of the voters. Time to look in the mirror and face the music!

Ed's note: Racism is alive and well in America. However, only the honkies haven't caught on yet that racism is now their only salvation. If whites were really as racist as their biological enemies say they are, we wouldn't be in this one hellova fine mess.