Just making sure we know who is boss.

Guidelines for the Jews in Diaspora.

(condensed version) (prepared in Tel-Aviv in 1958, references to "Russians" have been replaced with "goyim".)

Jews! You must love and support each other!

Help each other even if you hate certain Jews!

Our strength is in our unity!

It is a guarantee of our success, our salvation and our prosperity.

Many people perished in Diaspora because they did not have a program for survival and did not pursue the strategy of mutual help.

We, on the other hand, have survived through centuries among many different people, our ranks have multiplied and got stronger.

Unity is our goal, it is also the means of achieving other goals.

Help each other! Do not be afraid if others would call you nationalists. Our nationalism is international and that is why it is eternal!

Our nationalism is open to the Jews from all countries and nationalities, all parties and beliefs. A real internationalist is only that Jew, who is connected to the Jewry with his blood ties, everything else is provocation and deception.

Develop your own national elite, your national human resources!

Human resources decide everything, it is our present, it is our future.

Every department, every laboratory, every organization and institution should become an environment to develop our national elite!

You should be continuously preparing our Jewish youth to take their turn in this struggle.

Every generation of non-Jews should encounter our deeply entrenched defense.

For this purpose we should promote our youth to the positions of control, claiming that they are talented and mature enough.

Even if that may not be so, they will be able to develop with time and to become capable of handling those positions.

Preparedness and determination of every generation to take their turn in this struggle is a guarantee of our strength, our stability, our success and immortality.

The world is cruel, it has no room for compassion. Every folk is a builder of his own life.

It is not up to us to worry about the national interests of goyim.

If they do not care for themselves, why should we do it for them?

Do not emulate the goyim who live without a plan, hoping that somehow they encounter luck in this world.

Do not wait for luck to enrich you, but apply your energies towards implementing a plan for self-fulfillment.

Create your own collectives, groups, alliances and communities and crowd out non-Jews.

Remember – all well-paid, influential, profitable positions is our potential national income.

Remember, that every non-Jew, who have grown high enough is occupying a position that could have belonged to one of our people.

goyim are incapable of deep thinking, analysis and inductive logical conclusions.

They are like pigs who live digging the ground with their snouts without realizing that there is sky above them.

They perceive everything far too superficially, they often do not see events in their sequence and interrelations, they are unable to think abstractly.

Every event for them is just an occurrence, no matter how often it occurs.

Everything they can do, everything they know, we know and can do, just as well.

As for what WE know and feel, goyim should not know and feel that.

Everything they have is their limit. Everything we have – is merely a means for achieving more.

Our goal is to take away from them what our God bequeathed to us.

Goyim are stubborn, but they do not have enough perseverance in achieving their goal.

They are lazy, that is why they tend to rush things. They attempt to solve all problems at once.

They tend to neglect small for the sake of the big.

We, on the other hand, pursue the tactics of small victories, even though we are not against the big ones.

A small victory is also a victory!

goyim are envious, they hate those of their kind who managed to break away from the masses.

Give them an opportunity to tear apart those of their own who got ahead of the crowd, and they will do it.

Always try to play a role of a "peacekeeper", defend those who are attacked by the mob, but only just enough to earn a reputation of a kind, compassionate and objective person.

A little patience and you will take the position of the one who was chased away by the crowd.

goyim are unable to beg, to ask, they regard this as unworthy of their nature, even if they are poor and destitute.

We say – humility is a virtue if it brings the desired results.

Nothing is immoral, as long as it helps our people to prosper!

Goals justify the means!

Goyim see themselves as honest, upright and principled, but in reality they are simply rude and stupid.

They are unable to adjust, to show flexibility, to change their behavior, depending on a situation.

They call it "to be one's own self", "to follow one's principles".

Goyim are so stupid and rude that they cannot even lie!

Always keep in mind the limits, which goyim unwittingly set for themselves. Their thinking cannot break away beyond those limits. This may be their misfortune, but it is our great advantage!

Behave in such a way, in which goyim cannot behave, what is beyond their moral code and their understanding.

Do not hesitate to do what is beyond the moral code of goyim, do not hesitate to overstep the boundaries of what they regard as appropriate and civil.

You would thus be able to take them by surprise, as they would not expect that someone is capable and willing to act in such a manner, in which they themselves are unable to act.

Always talk and behave in a self-assured manner, aggressively.

Do not hesitate to take your opponent by surprise.

Even if you are not strong in the substance-matter of a particular case, you can make great impression by talking as if you do, by using scientific, professional terminology and jargon.

Let the goyim look for the jewels in the ideas which you constantly generate, let them spend their time and resources following your ideas, your train of thought.

Tomorrow we will produce another stream of ideas for them to wade through!

Spin the brains of goyim!

It is not that important what you say, it is important how you say it!

Your self-assuredness will be perceived as a solid knowledge, convictions; your ambition will be seen as considerable creative potential, extraordinary, superior mind.

Suppress those who attempt to stand on your way.

Set goyim against each other, set the crowd against those who attempt to elevate themselves above it.

Remember, that those are the very people who are most capable of giving you trouble!

When you argue with someone, use rhetorical tricks that are slightly beyond the borderline of decency.

As a rule, goyim cannot withstand this for long – in order to avoid a scandal, they may well prefer to leave, thus freeing a good place for you.

A goy may even slam the door, as he is surrendering the territory, thus indicating his dislike, his disdain for you. But why do you care!

Some even regard it as chic to storm out in disgust! Give them this opportunity!

"Polite arrogance" is our motto!

Accuse of anti-Semitism those, who are actively working against you.

Stick a label of anti-Semite on them and you will see how effective it is!

And even though practically all goyim are anti-Semites, the one who had that label publicly attached to him, becomes practically defenseless.

You would be surprised how many other goyim would be willing to attack that anti-Semite, pursuing their own ends, but it will look as if they are attacking him because they do not wish to tolerate anti-Semitism!

And then we will stick this label on the next troublemaker!

Play on compassion of the goyim!

Depict yourself as poor, destitute, someone who deserves sympathy; continuously spread the idea about eternally and unjustly persecuted Jews, about discrimination, unjust bias.

The tactics of a "poor Jew" has been proven effective through millennia!

Even if goyim have less possessions than you do, they can help us to obtain even more than we have already.

Charity, compassion, helping others is an important part of the moral code of goyim – use it to the fullest!

Inform each other about everything that may be of importance to other Jews.

Information is a foundation of successful strategy.

Money, human resources, information are the three pillars of our strength and well-being.

A holy duty of every Jew is to inform another Jew about the intentions and plans of goyim.

Today you helped me and tomorrow I will help you – our strength is based on this motto.

God bequeathed us to control the World.

We already control it. Our current task is to maintain this control.

Keep the mass media in your hands – press, radio, TV, the film industry.

Keep penetrating the organs of power.

Form a public opinion around every important question, that public opinion should be favorable to our national interests.

Remember that it is always possible to make an issue even out of a minor problem.

It is also possible to downplay a problem, even a big one, and to make a non-issue out of it.

You should not allow any social developments to be left out of your control.

There can be many developments in a society that are detrimental to our interests.

At the very least you should hinder them, and, better still, you should try to manipulate and direct them against your enemies.

Our people should be in control of every initiative, every social process.

Only this way we will be able to lead it in the desired direction.

Always try to take power into your hands, this will allow you to exercise control of your group, organization and then direct it according to our interests.

Our people should be occupying positions that give them power to do creative, administrative work.

As for goyim, they should be doing the dirty, heavy work, they should stay in places from which the opportunities for advancement are limited.

(In the following paragraph it was impossible to simply replace "Russians" with "goyim")

Do not allow Russians to get anywhere close to the positions that offer opportunities for personal development, for advancement!

Do not allow them to do creative work. Otherwise you will be courting a disaster!

If you have to find someone to fill a good position, you should only hire a Jew. If that is impossible – eliminate that position. If that is not possible either – hire a person from Caucasus or an Asian. If that is not possible either – hire a Pole, Ukrainian.

Worst comes worst – hire a Byelorussian. They have little (or less) reason to share the Russian nationalist sentiments and after a proper "processing" they will become your allies.

And do not be afraid to acquire a reputation of a nationalist.

The only thing that matters is that it would be impossible to stick that label on you publicly, as you would always be able to put your enemies to shame by pointing to the international composition of your personnel.

After all, half-Jew is likely to be your ally, while it is easy to present him to others as a representative of the non-Jewish side of his parentage.

Do not openly destroy cultural monuments of goyim, but do not restore them either.

They will fall apart with the passage of time without our help.

Folk without history is like a child without parents, you can make anything you want out of him.

You should control every step of talented and influential goyim.

If you cannot block the young and talented goyim, to waste their potential, to push them into a blind valley, you should always try to control them.

For that purpose you should lure them into your groups, to create a firm Jewish ring around them, deprive them of contacts and acquaintances beyond the Jewish circle.

Try everything to make them marry Jewish women and only after that turn on a "green light" for them.

This way you will be helping our Jewish community.

A goy husband of a Jewish woman will inevitably be contributing his effort, his creative energy towards our goals.

For the sake of their children they will forget their own people, at the very least, they will not be anti-Semites.

Jewish wives are a proven and reliable means of involving the talented goyim into our sphere of interests.

Be on alert for all manifestations of national feelings that spill into the public life!

The Spanish inquisition and the German fascism should never again be repeated!

Fight the earliest manifestations of anti-Jewish sentiment, any attempt to depict us as enemies of society, no matter in which form they appear.

Fascism does not come from nowhere! It appears where we underestimate the aspirations of the host-nation to be in control of its land!

Nationalist feelings are present in all people. But, luckily for us, in various countries it spills into the social life at different times and under various names.

Buy up, steal and destroy, do not allow reprint of literature that unveils our strategy and tactics, that depict Jews in bad light.

goyim should not know the real reasons for persecution of Jews, Jewish pogroms.

They should only know our interpretation of it.

Pay special attention to those who do not wish to hide their feelings towards us, who do not wish to reconcile with the existing order of things, to recognize our superiority and who are determined to work against us.

It is only a matter of time when such a person will become a hardened anti-Semite.

Do not allow the small anti-Semites to develop into the big pogrom agitators.

Let them wither at an early stage of their activism. Their idea of "national pride" will wither with them.

Expose them, attack, smear them under any pretext, at every opportunity, gang up against them with all the forces you can muster.

While each of them is alone, he would not be able to withstand this onslaught.

And it does not matter how right or wrong each of them may be. They are guilty and have to be neutralized simply because they stand on our way!

Appeal to coworkers, to administration, drag them to the party committee, file complaints to police, take them to court.

If that anti-Semite is younger, accuse him of lack of respect to the older generation; if he is of the same age, accuse him of violation of principles of brotherhood and internationalism.

Effectiveness of these methods have been proven through generations!

And you should never stop your attacks, never stop accusing them, you should always take initiative in a confrontation.

Let them be on the defensive – those who are forced to justify their actions have already been forced to make a step towards acknowledging their guilt, at least such will be the impression of the crowd.

Either our order, or total disorganization!

Those who want to live without us, should live in total

Do everything to maintain chaos till the exhausted goyim would ask you to take power into your hands and to allow them to live in peace.

goyim should work under our control and to contribute to our well-being.

Those who do not contribute should be expelled.

There is no public good unless it helps our well-being!

Those who are not with us are against us.

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth!

These commandments have been given to us by Moses!

Our ancestors lived according to them and so shall we.

Revenge is a holy thing – it hardens the character, it forms a man.

You should expel all feelings of subjection and submission towards the goyim.

Christian principles of compassion, humility, submission, self-denial should be left to the stupid goyim!

Preach Christian "virtues" among goyim, as for yourself, you should be tough, firm, resolute when it comes to dealing with our enemies.

If you forgive a small infringement on your interests today, tomorrow they will do something worse to you.

Goyim should be concerned about the possibility of your retribution against them, they should be counseling each other about the need to tread carefully around you.

Let them be very careful, when they try to withstand our onslaught, let them always keep in mind our retribution.

We, on the other hand, should always act quickly and decisively, forcing the goyim to face an accomplished fact.

Never let off the pressure!

Remember that expenditure of our resources is greater when the goyim has more opportunities to resist.

Our today's profits and savings should be sufficient to recover from the possible future pogroms, which from time to time happen in every country.

Let goyim pay today for what they may take away in the future.

We should always be able to escape the wrath and retribution of the goyim, to leave where we can be accepted in the hope that our gold can revive the economy of those countries.

Here lies the essence of an "eternal Jew" – Agasfer, eternal wanderer.

But if we have to leave, we should leave not poor and sick, but rich and healthy.

Money is essentially our legs. We move our center of gravity where we have earlier transferred our capital.

After we gather our strength in Diaspora, after having collected a tribute from the other nations, we get together in the land of our ancestors in order to strengthen our spirit, reaffirm our goals and symbols, our belief in unity.

We assemble in order to again disperse.

And so it will be in all eternity!

Reflections on these Guidelines

Let us reflect on the authenticity of this document.

The Jews, of course, will never discuss the substance of it, just as they never discuss the substance of Protocols.  They immediately switch the argument onto irrelevant, secondary issues and claim that it is a forgery. And you can talk about it for hours without getting anywhere, without touching the substance.

Those who control the Jews are not idiots, of course. They introduce this and similar documents in such a fashion that would make it impossible to prove their real origin.

But, in any case, we should know better than allowing ourselves to be duped with propaganda tricks.

We should never forget that experience is the yardstick of truth.

Look at the "Protocols", look at these "Guidelines" and compare them with your experience.

Does the Jewish strategy and tactics, their behavior correspond to what is outlined in those documents?

And after that you would not need to waste your time on all those arguments about "authenticity" of a document of that nature.

And incidentally, the authenticity of the "Protocols" had long been established – it is an ancient document which takes its origins from the occult priests of Egypt. They have been reworked by Rotschild to bring them in step with contemporary reality and in this form they have found their way to the Russian professor Nilus.

(Russian-language book is referred to. N. Bogolyubov, "Secret Societies of XX Century")

Carefully study those "Guidelines for the Soviet Jews". That document is well worth it!

It was written more than 40 years ago and today we in Russia are reaping the fruits of that satanic plan.

After reading it, any normal person would feel revulsion and disgust, but the Jews admire the wisdom and cunning of that plan!

They express their joy that they have been able to deceive the rest of humanity for millennia, that this plan enabled them to be parasites and to do it with impunity.

They think they are so smart! so much better than the rest of us.

But that is only their impression.

The reality is that it were not Jews who had developed this algorithm, they are incapable of developing anything.

Their brain is mutilated by Tora, Talmud and by circumcision.

Jews are intellectual cripples.

This algorithm is planted into their brains by their "shepherds", their rabbis.

Rabbis are not just the Jewish elite, they are descendants of Levits, occult Egyptian priests.

The Jews for them are just a livestock, bio-robots.

It would be a futile task to appeal to the "conscience" of Levits. They know who they are and whom they serve.

They serve Lucifer, the Devil.

But letís ask ourselves a simple question – can a kind, compassionate God preach this kind of morality?

Is the Jewish God a real God or is it just a Satan that calls himself God?

There must be a reason why Jesus said to the Jews that Devil is their father (John 8:44).

Incidentally, the word "Satan" is not Jewish, it is Haldean and it means "hatred".

Hatred of non-Jews to the Jews is a reaction to the satanic behavior of the Jews, the army of Satan.

How many Jews take time to reflect on what this behavioral algorithm does to each of them individually?

What do they get in return for following it?

They get money, property, other possessions, power.

And what happens to their souls?

Somebody programs them for a certain purpose.

Somebody programs them to make liars out of them, parasites, people without compassion, without conscience, people without Motherland, people who are unwelcome guests in other countries, people who are hated everywhere.

And for the sake of what? For money and power?

Is money and power worth of what is happening to their souls?

What will be with them in the next life?

What kind of Karma will they earn?

These are very serious questions to ponder about, and yet the Jews are incapable of doing that.

Their brains are mutilated and cannot generate such thoughts.

One may ask – are all Jews accomplished scoundrels or can we find some decent people among them?

There must be some exceptions, but they are few and far between and do not change the situation in general. Jewish ways, their system of education make them love their own, but to regard the rest of humanity, even the people of their host nation as subhumans.

Throughout history Jews were building their own state within a state they lived in and the politics of their state was directed at weakening the host nation.

A good Jew should either go to Israel or to assimilate into its host nation, to regard himself a part of it and not a part of his own folk.

In order to do that a Jew should renounce his Jewish ways and to adopt the morality of the host nation.

Can a Jew do that?

And as far as morality is concerned, a circumcised Jew is incapable of reflecting on those problems.

He sees them as stupid and laughable.

But what circumcision has to do with that?

And here we have approached an ancient secret.

The Secret of Jewish circumcision.

What does it mean to be a Jew?

One Jew gave this definition – Jewishness is a state of your spirit, in other words, a system of stereotypes of thinking and behavior.

We can identify certain categories that would allow us to classify the general behavior of an individual, enough to recognize this behavior in various encounters of that individual with others.

Anybody, who is reasonably enlightened in the Jewish problem, knows the general behavioral algorithm of a Jew.
But the question remains – what are the origins of that behavior?

Obviously, if all Jews behave essentially in the same fashion, that behavioral algorithm must be determined from the outside.

Who determines it?

It should be pointed out here that the Jews are not the only bio-robots among us. Majority of people do not demonstrate individual thinking or behavior and can be easily programmed. Their heads can easily be filled with stereotypes, which those in power select for the crowd programming and control.

And most people are not even aware that they are being programmed and turned into the bio-robots.
Behavior of any person, his real or illusory freedom of will, are determined by the information which is in his head. And if someone has means of controlling that, as well as information in the heads of those around him, the behavioral algorithm of those people can be predictably manipulated.

Control of information can be effected by limiting available information, by selectively withholding information, falsifying, feeding selective information that presents distorted view of the world and so on.

If a person is open to such manipulations of the information field around him, he would not even be aware that someone determines his behavioral algorithm, he would think that his decisions and actions are made independently.

And yet he is a bio-robot that is being programmed by someone else.

Nobody is telling him directly what to do, and yet he is doing what is expected of him.

There are three sources of information people can tap into – genetic, social and Cosmic (from God).

The volume of genetic information in a man is truly enormous, it is a grand total of experience of his entire race. Among other things, it determines the psychological, emotional make-up of a person. In order to tap into that information, one needs to apply special methods. They involve immersing the mind into the depths of subconscious and accessing information at the genetic level.

These methods are known in Pagan religions, however, that subject is too involved to explore here.
Cosmic source of information is open only for the very rare individuals. It is practically closed to an ordinary person, especially in our time, when we are witnessing such a massive and profound degradation of human material. But it was different in ancient times.

Social source of information comprises upbringing, education and conditioning by parents, school, higher educational institutions, church, available books, interaction with other people, mass media. In older days religion had the highest degree of influence on one's behavioral stereotypes, today it is mass-media, especially TV.

Those who own the media, are in a position to program the population and thus to set the public opinion and behavior of people.

Totalitarian society has a total monopoly on information and it uses very intrusive and heavy-handed methods of programming the population.

However, it would be a mistake to assume that the people in the so-called "free world" do not think at the level of bio-robots. American crowd is just as much a crowd as any other one. Only the methods of "conditioning" are not nearly as brutal, as compared to those in communist countries.

As we can see, there are great many bio-robots around. But still, Jews occupy a special place among them. Their programming, in addition to such traditional methods as religion and education, involve a yet another powerful mechanism – circumcision.

In order to understand the meaning of circumcision, let's look at the composition of a human being. What are his "component parts"?

A human being consists of a body, mind and soul.

The first two are clear enough, but what is soul? Soul is a real substance, not an invention of poets and priests.

People who are spiritually well-developed can actually feel their soul. As a matter of fact, the soul has certain weight. When person dies, it is possible to detect when his soul leaves the body, with the help of very sensitive scales.

A human being has seven spiritual/energy centers in his body, they are called Chakras.

Chakra means "wheel" in Sanskrit, referring to the fact that the Cosmic fields are like vortexes at the point of contact with soul.

A human soul effects the energy/informational interaction with the cosmic field through Chakras.

Judeo-christianity (derogatory term in Russian) was always hiding this truth from the people.

The successors of the occult Egyptian priests, those who developed both Judaism and Christianity, were perfectly aware of those things.
The main human Chakras. 
Name Location Function
Muladhara  near the lower tip of vertebral column survival, reception of kundalini energy
Svadhistana genitals procreation, orgasm 
Manipura near navel self-control, will, power, ego 
Anahata heart love, justice, perception of good and evil
Vishudha throat creative abilities
Adzhna the third eye ability to see through obstacles or at great distances 
Sahasrara top of the head connection with cosmic forces

Why the Jewish baby boys are circumcised on the 8th day?

Why not three month after birth? three years?

In some West-Asian countries the boys are circumcised between 7 and 14 years, the age when they are approaching sexual maturity. One can see hygienic reasons for that.

But why the Jewish babies are circumcised so early? After all, the baby is just born, it is trying to adapt to the world, to get "orientated", so to speak. And suddenly, during this critical, fragile period he is being subjected to the bloody and painful manipulations, that interfere with his normal development, violate what is given to him by nature.

The secret to this lies in the occult knowledge. Levites possess that knowledge. And incidentally, they do not perform circumcision on their own babies, they do that only to their "livestock" – the Jews.

During the first eight days only three lower Chakras are developed – Muladhara, Svadhistana and Manipura. All the higher Chakras remain undeveloped in the body of a circumcised Jew. In other words – a circumcised Jew is only half a person – with mutilated soul and brain.

This is a work of Levites, the servants of Satan. They started doing this in Sinai desert under the guidance of Moses and his occultists.

Jewish circumcision ritual produces real bio-robots that cannot tell the difference between good and evil, and who cannot be reprogrammed.

Through circumcision, Levits cut the links of the Jews with the Cosmic forces, with Gods and thus make them obedient servants for their satanic plans.

And it is only inevitable that circumcision performed from generation into generation would eventually result in genetic changes.

The meaning of the Jewish skull cap.

We have all seen that religious Jews wear a skull cap.

What is the meaning of it, what is its purpose?

The meaning of it is very profound – that skull cap covers the highest, seventh human chakra – Sahasrara, which is located at the top of the head.

The Jews close it, thus cutting themselves off the Cosmos.

Note that the Catholic Pope and the highest catholic priests also carry skull caps. They are also servants of Satan.

What are the consequences of the fact that the higher Chakras are not developed?

It means that the people are cut off from the Cosmos.

It also means that their brains are not functioning properly – they become fanatics and dogmatics.

If you try to talk with a circumcised Jew about philosophy, you would encounter such fanaticism, that it would be senseless to continue the conversation.

That's what it means to be dealing with a bio-robot!

Chakra of the third eye is not developed among contemporary Europeans, in this respect the Jews are no different from the others. But in ancient times this Chakra was well developed among a much greater percentage of people.

One of the most important human chakras is Anahata (heart). Practically all normal people feel it. Probably every language has an expression "I can feel it with my heart".

And it is true that people can feel many things with their heart. It can feel trouble, suffer, feel pains of conscience, shame, to feel fear, to love, to hate, to feel compassion, pity, to be able to commiserate, to feel good and evil.

Normal people can feel their soul through this particular Chakra. A person without a developed heart Chakra is rude, compationless, "heartless".

All circumcised Jews are like that.

If you try to tell the circumcised Jew about these feelings, he would not understand you.

He would think that you are either a fool or an actor.

It is probably similar to trying to describe colors to a color-blind person.

A normal person is disgusted by a lie, but a lie causes no ill emotions in a circumcised Jew.

To them this is merely a means, which may bring certain results when they have to establish themselves among the others.

You would not be able to prove to a circumcised Jew that all those behavioral algorithms, instilled by Talmud, Bible, Protocols, are in reality satanic recipes of evil and injustice.

The thinking process of the circumcised Jews is beyond the categories of good and evil.

The only criterion they can recognize is practical usefulness of a particular action.

Whatever benefits them is good and whatever is detrimental to them personally is evil.

They were made like that in Sinai desert thousands of years ago.

Their lord (Satan) declared perfectly unambiguously – "Only to those children of Jews, who are here with me, who do not know what is good and what is evil, all the little ones, who do not understand anything, I will give new land. And the rest of them will wander in the desert for forty years till all their bodies will perish." (translation from Russian)

It should be noted that Jesus from Nazareth, who called himself Christ, was also a Jew, who was circumcised on 8th day. (Luke 2:21)