by K. Patton

Pardon me. Don't get up. I don't have any brilliant revelations for you about how to stop the racial decay of your people. I haven't devised a new tactic to enable you to rejuvenate your declining cultural heritage. And I refuse to deceive you with phony words of encouragement. It is obvious to all except the dead that we are losing – big time.

No, you're not going to hear much new here. I'm just another middle-aged, overweight white man who, only recently, regained part of his conscience, after twenty years of being a consumer unit in this pathetic clown-world that has been created for us. You'll get no lectures here. But I would like to make some observations and suggestions if you have time enough to read along before the next episode of "The Simpsons" is aired, at which time I know that you will have to go.

First, let me recap some personal history, being careful to keep the anecdotes to a minimum. My high school and college days were during the late 1960's and early 1970's. It was an exciting time, filled with turmoil, to be an activist for white causes. The real revolutionaries during that time weren't the tens of thousands of cookie-cutter Bill and Hillarys that showed up, mostly on dope, for the countless sit-ins and peace marches. They all wore their tie-dyed bell bottoms, granny glasses and long hair, thinking that they were actually doing something original. Their attitude seems laughable now. My loyalties lay in a different direction.

During high school, I organized a white rally after attacks by blacks on one of the smallest white kids in our school. Enough whites had sufficient solidarity and pride to show up at school wearing all white clothes, prompting the blacks to walk out of school. Being editor of the school newspaper, I wrote an editorial critical of the black riots at San Francisco State University and passed out countless pamphlets, leaflets and stickers from various organizations, including the National Youth Alliance. In college I helped bring pro-white speakers to campus to offset the flood of left-wing radicals that seemed to have an open invitation. I remember the disappointment when Dr. William Shockley was declined because of the cowardly fear of controversy. I demonstrated with radicals in Chicago and associated with some that I now regret. Being one of ten thousand peaceniks in a march is quite different from being one of a dozen, confronted by thousands of counter-demonstrators throwing things and eager to beat you to a pulp in the name of peace. I was arrested for tearing down a Viet Cong flag being carried by a member of the Young Socialist Alliance. Fortunately, the charges were dropped. To this day, the liberal, prostituted media avoids any mention of the revolutionary efforts of white activists against overwhelming odds. Those were exciting times and I was in the thick of it. Since then, the record of constant assaults upon our language, traditions, religion, culture and our physical well-being would fill encyclopedias. Even the Boy Scouts of America is not exempt from infiltration by homosexual perverts.

Early on I found one principle essential to all my efforts as a white activist. I learned to accept the labels of hater, bigot and racist as liberal inventions designed to intimidate whites into inactivity. We have to vow, in our own minds, to reject this part of the liberal assault on us as irrelevant. The only people in the entire world prohibited from preserving their cultural and genetic heritage and ensuring the survival of their people are whites. Most others are free to promote their own self-interests without harassment. It is not evil for us to do so.

But white attempts are met with actions such as those of Raymond Franklin, Assistant Director of Maryland's Police and Correctional Training Commission. Franklin publishes a "Hate Directory," which tracks racists, anarchists, secessionists, neo-Nazis, gay-bashers and religious radicals. I hope you don't think that today's police agencies are only supposed to pursue those committing crimes.

Any perceived slight to minority interests of every racial, political or sexual persuasion, is met with a level of solidarity and cohesiveness which we are not permitted. The names of Twana Brawley, O.J. Simpson and Army Sergeant Major McKinney, recently accused of sexual misconduct, serve to remind us of the double standard. Examples such as the Riverside, California, black woman, shot while raising her gun at police, only serve as a rallying point for those already benefiting from a corrupt and ineffectual judicial system. Forgiveness and uplift are only available to minorities. Former gang member and street thug Lawrence Wu is now editor in chief of the Columbia Law Review, despite missing more than two years of high school. Born to Taiwanese parents, Wu managed to win a $30,000 Paul and Soros Fellowship award for new Americans, even though attempted murder charges were filed against him a few years earlier.

Recently, Pizza Hut joined a long list of individual and corporate victims of the unique form of extortion known as hate crime laws. Millions of dollars are being forfeited by companies such as Texaco, Eddie Bauer, Dennys and Pennzoil. In Peoria, Illinois, a man's car was confiscated without due process of law for using it to commit the "hate crime" of yelling racial epithets from it. Hate crime punishments for such acts as cross-burning can range to 40 years in prison. And if no real crime exists, then you can invent one as per 28-year-old Angela Jackson of St. Paul, Minnesota. Jackson, a former law "student" at Chicago-Kent College of Law and William Mitchell College of Law, tried to extort $150,000 from United Parcel Service by writing racial epithets on packages and sending them to herself and nationally known black leaders.

Non-whites are allowed and encouraged to organize themselves in anticipation of seizing social and political power in order to hasten that glorious day when whites are smothered in a minority avalanche. Our television has become a minority culture-feast while our religious and cultural traditions are lost to us. Consider the actions of the New Orleans School Board that renamed George Washington Elementary School because he was a slave-owning racist. Or the Jewish judge Stephen Cohen in Florida who now refuses to sign "A.D." on court documents because our calendar is anti-Semitic and offensive to him. Mexican-Americans now have their own Veterans Memorial. Television networks such as C-SPAN regularly air programs about American Indians, Asian-American role models and debates within the Jewish community about how soon America should release the convicted spy Jonathan Pollard, so that he may triumphantly receive a hero's welcome in Israel. However, the owner of a minor league baseball team in Hagerstown, Maryland had the audacity to discount admission to his ballpark for those with a church program and was rewarded with an American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit claiming discrimination. "Tolerance," it seems, is only reserved for certain races and religions.

The black celebration of Kwanzaa, a "religion" barely 30 years old, is celebrated profusely in the media yearly. The seven principles of the religion include: helping businesses in the neighborhood, the unity of being one community and self-determination. Imagine the hell raised if whites openly subscribed to such ideas. The spectacle of South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu being interviewed by a groveling Ted Koppel on Nightline recently epitomizes white attitudes concerning race after decades of televised propaganda and "liberal" education. Tutu now sits in pompous judgment on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, handing out clemency to black rapists and murderers as he speaks a white man's language, adorns himself in clothes and jewelry manufactured by white technology, pretends of be a leader of a white religion and brags about his miraculous cancer treatment, made possible by white science. He should be getting on his knees and thanking God daily for the white man and the blessings brought to South Africa by white civilization, including his own education at white universities.

The reaction to any public display of healthy white racial attitudes is another matter, however. Consider the actions of Senator Trent Lott and Congressman Bob Barr after recently being accused of associating with "white supremacists." They are running scared at even the suggestion that they would associate with, or even speak to, racially aware whites. On the other hand, Jesse Jackson can refer to New York City as "Hymie town" and Representative Barney Frank's homosexual roommate can operate a prostitution ring from their apartment with no apparent harm to their careers. Black Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush, co-founder of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party, is now considering running for mayor of Chicago.

At the same time that the United States Postal Service is preparing to place the image of white-hater Malcolm X on a postage stamp, conservative talk show host Michael Reagan bemoans the fact that David Duke may run for the seat left vacant by the disgraced Bob Livingston of Louisiana. The United States House of Representatives is composed of 435 persons of almost every ethnic and sexual persuasion, including Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, homosexuals and assorted liberal radicals. Scattered in among these minorities are a few cowardly whites of European descent called "conservatives." The presence of even one white person with our interests foremost in his mind is simply unacceptable to the issues-obsessed conservative race traitors. Texas Governor George Bush Jr. and his brother Jeb in Florida have manifested their self-hatred by embracing Hispanics ahead of whites. Somehow we must find a way to relieve whites of their self-hatred.

Courses of action seem to be in short supply. You can assume that we are doomed and give up. You can resort to some illegal activity, become incarcerated and be of no use to anyone. You can do something. Let's explore the last one.

First, most importantly, think in terms of race-based ideas and organizations only. "Conservative" issue-oriented social clubs and tea parties are not worthy of your support. Keep your thoughts toward a racial solution to our problems. If you take care of the race problem, you won't have to worry about gun control, abortion or states rights. Becoming bogged down in issues about the CFR conspiracy, school prayer or the right of the University of Mississippi to fly the Confederate flag only obscures the essential issues of race and civilization. Support groups that promote the interests of our people, not just issues.

Secondly, reach out to potential allies. Whites who disagree with you on the above mentioned issues are not necessarily your enemies. We are a minority of less than 20 percent of the entire world and can no longer afford the bitching among ourselves over such trivialities as economic status, religious denomination, ad infinitum. If every one of us in the year 1999 were able to only recruit one person to help, this small, pitiful movement of ours would double in size by next year. Become an advocate but don't expect to become more popular.

Develop a revolutionary attitude, if not in deeds, at least in thought. Recognize the dark side of liberalism for what it is, not for the mask of humanitarianism placed upon it. Face the reality that white inactivity is largely the result of our own weaknesses and abnormalities in our behavior. Despite the best efforts of the propaganda machine of our enemies, there will continue to be a natural recruitment of some whites to our cause due to minority crime, affirmative action, hate crime laws, hiring quotas, etc. The randomness of being a crime victim in today's multi-cultural heaven on Earth was recently illustrated by an armed gang invading a Los Angeles restaurant, where they raped a 21-year-old customer, cut the throat of a cook and pistol whipped a 63-year-old woman.

Racially educate your immediate family, especially your children. Don't avoid this because of fear of turning your kids into radicals. If you can't talk to your own flesh and blood about the survival of their own kind, you have already given up. It is not hate to do so. If you hesitate, you may find one of your children, as I did, involved in inter-racial dating. They may not accept your views, but it is your obligation to tell them – the sooner the better. Pry them away from Barney, Star Wars, Beanie Babies, ad nauseam, long enough to have a talk with them.

Finally, leave time away from the fight for yourself. There is strength in being happy and that is your own personal duty. Liberate your mind from the constant gloom and doom. Discard and walk away from the mundane and destructive. Turn off your television. It glorifies the bizarre and normalizes the grotesque. It has become an emotional, physical and sexual freak show. Use the time to talk and listen to others. They used to call it conversation. Listen to a radio or read a book. Give yourself the education that liberals stole from you. The internet is one source of news, information and fellowship that is expanding and open to us. Just don't let it become a substitute for action.

I appreciate your time and realize that your beer is empty and the next episode of "King of the Hill" is imminent. But just one more thing before I leave you. Twenty years ago I "dropped out" in deference to the pressures of job and mortgage. I helped crystallize the cellulite in our collective buttocks by doing nothing for a long time. If you are young, the options are wide open to you. Affiliate yourself with an organization or go it alone. Find your own comfort level of activism as I did thirty years ago. Those middle-aged, like myself, may choose a less direct course of action, but the least you can do is buy a few extra copies of a well written racial publication and leave them lying around at the local college or youth center. Older whites, even if physically restricted, can send a few occasional dollars to a racialist group, even if it means playing one less game of bingo per month. And we can all talk to others. Many whites are waiting for someone to lead the way toward steadfast support of our race in a positive manner, not just by demonizing the actions of solidarity among others. Make the decision to fight the good fight.

Just something to think about – and act upon.

20 January 1999