Dear Robert,

Here's one for the letter archive.

A story of woe follows. I recently visited the home village of my paternal grandmother's family in the midwest. She lives in a town of about 5000 located within a comfortable driving distance of Chicago.

I had not been there since 1995, and had not expected the changes I saw. This tiny town, a prototypical Anytown, USA is turning Hispanic.

When one ventures into the tiny downtown, all one sees are mestizos loafing about. The town now sports two Mexican eateries compared to the two American eateries remaining. My relatives complained (inevitably given what has happened) that taxes and crime are up and that one can no longer leave one's house or car unlocked.

I inquired of the cause of this drastic shift from my great-aunt. She mentioned that the industries in town (a number recently under new management as they changed hands within leading families) had tired of paying high wages to unionized white workers. After demanding a 15% paycut, which brought about the inevitable strike, the whites were all let go by the greedy new management and replaced with imported Mexicans. She herself was employed as a bookkeeper at one specialty metals firm and quit in disgust at what was happening. The quality of the products, of course, has fallen with the wages, and no person with any pride would wish to be associated with such an enterprise after these events.

The result is the continuing Asianization of America by the Mestizos. Some fools think the midwest will be immune to this. Obviously it will not. Greedy children with no racial sense (thanks to the Public Schools and idiot preachers of today) are only to willing to sell out their town's birthright for a 10% increase in profits.

Worse follows. Some local Injuns have bought up land north of my great-uncle's farmstead west of town. There they plan to open up a Casino, along with its associated liquor stores, crime, etc. Maybe they should build the inevitable prison as part of the development. The locals are all up in arms over this potential development, but have no power to stop a "Sovereign Nation" from exercising its rights. The outcome of everything makes it more and more painfully clear that whites are the only ones without sovereignty.

A final bit of macabre horror. Brief drive through nearby major towns confirmed a lingering suspicion of the enormous number of Blacks these places harbor. South Bend, La Porte, Michigan City and elsewhere were teeming with loafing swarthy hordes. Whites could be seen on the outskirts and the countryside – but the middle was clearly lost. The industrial slaves of the 1940's and 50's had taken over. Nowhere was this clear than in rides through west and south Chicago. The only whites to be seen were in the tiny island of civilization called Hyde Park near your alma mater, the University of Chicago. Other than that, a sea of black faces prevailed entirely once one left the safe confines of the Loop. Most of these areas look like they were carpet bombed a few years ago and the rubble was then cleaned up. Only every second or third building still stands, and many of them are crumbling and boarded up. Whole vacant blocks are not uncommon. It's as depressing as Detroit, and much larger in size and scope of the disaster. Meanwhile the whites continue to flee to the outskirts and ruin the fine farming land found there through ticky-tacky tract development and sprawl. One wonders what will happen when these outskirts run into the outskirts of the next city over – then there will be nowhere left to flee. The horrifying midrange Census predictions of our population in 2100 – 230 million "whites", 190 million Hispanics, 74 million blacks, 72 million Asians, and 4 million Indians make this inevitable.

I must end this on a good note however. One group of our people is winning. An astounding increase has occurred in the numbers of Amish. They now number 130,000 in this country, nearly double in about 20-30 years. They are buying up more and more farmsteads and expanding their communities outward with their inevitable growth due to their high birth rates (8 children on average per woman). It did my heart good to see my distant relatives swarming across the countryside east from town. Many young families with three and four young blond, blue-eyed children could be seen, and the fields were full of strapping young men working the soil as God intended. Its strange to think, but it would seem within 50 years, at least half the farms of America's great granary, stretching from just west of Philadelphia outward through Ohio, Indiana and Illinois to Iowa, Wisconsin, and Missouri and finally washing over the plains states of Nebraska and Kansas, will be securely in the hands of this thrifty, aloof, and thriving Aryan community. This bodes very well for the future survival of our people.


ps. It really puts the lie to Ingrid's claims of being a Mennonite/Anabaptist German to see hundreds of real Amish and Mennonite Anabaptist Germans, almost all to a man (and woman) of fair to very fair complexion and coloring. If Ingrid's a German, then I'm the Pope.

10 July 2000