Why The Resister is Late by SFC Steven M. Barry, USA (Ret.)

Okay, TR is late again. Most subscribers are used to that by now, just as most subscribers know that a subscription to TR is for four issues, not one year. Nevertheless, out of courtesy our subscribers are owed an explanation because this issue is really late.

The most recent Waco trial figured prominently. Seemingly endless telephone calls from the Davidian's lawyers wanting an opinion on the interminable nuggets of evidence that kept cropping up both before and during the trial, and locating experts who could address the questions I didn't have answers to because, "coincidentally," the technical experts on Forward Looking Infrared Radar who were to testify kept dying of Clintonitis. (I'm no FLIR expert – my experience with the technology is how to defeat it, not fascination with its finest details.) Then there was the group of electro-optical scientists who, utterly clueless about the military application of the technology, sought what little expertise I have on its application. They were going to put together a conference on the subject of FLIR, and would I please attend and address the subject from the military and tactical aspect. Sure, why not? Work on that consumed almost a month. That conference was subsequently canceled after the black robed federal dictator Smith's "decision."

The Department of Jewstice's busybody in the matter, Marie Hagan, went to considerable trouble to contact all the attorneys for the Davidians to tell them what a hateful, racist, anti-Semite I am. (Not a word about my depositions or evidence, mind – she didn't like the way I thought – typical female.) Obedient goyim they were, I was "disinvited" by the Davidian lawyers as an expert witness for the Davidians. No matter. Judge Smith, who refused to recuse himself, disallowed any evidence or subject about which I may have been called to testify.

Speaking of lawyers, the gossip on the Davidian's lawyers is that they never intended to go for a win. Word has it they were seeking an out-of-court settlement, and that the matter being brought to trial threw their "strategy" into the trash heap. Mr. Jim Brannon was, in my estimation, the only honest and sincere one of the bunch. My impression from our conversations is that he, and as far as I can tell only he, was trying to get to the truth of the matter. He actually came to North Carolina and we spend the better part of a day discussing the evidence and (ostensible) strategy. (He as much as admitted he was following up on Hagan's gabbling.) Caddell, who was one of the chief lawyers for the Davidians, deliberately sabotaged the case and worked tirelessly to ensure it would be derailed before it was brought to trial (and he did subsequently play straight into the DoJ's hand when it did come to trial). That nugget came out of Ramsey Clark's office from one Gordon Novel. Not that I give a damn about that Old Red Clark, but it is interesting that some of the Davidian lawyers went to the considerable trouble of undermining each other. Anyway, Novel wanted to know if I knew how to get in touch with Cullins, the CIA contract worker who also said Combat Applications Group operators told him that CAG was pulling triggers at the rear of the building. Cullins, of course, had long since "disappeared," allegedly into the witness protection program.

I was also interviewed by Danforth's scuts. Did you know Danforth used postal inspectors as his investigators? Gregory K. Hannah, postal inspector team leader, told me that was because postal inspectors were independent of DoJ and Treasury. "Independent" – as if I would believe they all didn't draw a paycheck from the same federal government that torched Koresh's church, and that there was some mutual antagonism (other than "turf wars") between the various federal "law enforcement" agencies. [Remember: injustice requires enforcement; just laws need merely be policed.] When the interrogation was over and I had told Hannah everything he needed to unravel the whole affair, he asked, "How do you feel (are the any men left?) all this is going to turn out?" I told him bluntly that he, and all the other mamma's boys scuttling around for Danforth – the consummate "team player" and Establishment butt-puppet – collecting information that would, by prior arrangement, be disallowed by Smith, was wasting his time (other than drawing his paycheck); that the script had already been written, he was a bit player, and that "our" government had already decided that it was innocent and had all the politically sinecured courts to prove it. He didn't like that answer. "I hope you are wrong," he said, avoiding my eyes. Nevertheless, I was, again (witness the "trial"), proven correct. I trust that agent Hannah, now released from the unpleasant duty of trying to find out the truth (knowing, in his secret federal heart that the truth is the last thing Danforth wanted to know), is happy to once again be engaged investigating the heinous theft of some feral-"youth"-breeding Negress' welfare check.

I Am Not Getting Paid For This.

Then there were weeks of shuttling up and down the East coast and in and out of the Midwest, at considerable (and, frankly, unaffordable) personal expense, trying to help the self-described "right" overcome their "little problem." What is the "right" wing's little problem? Incompetence. Whereas the Left knows they themselves are evil, the "right" does not know that they themselves are incompetent – which simplifies the Left's tireless advancement of their willful acts of destruction. Never mind to whom I've been going around trying to help. It is sufficient to know that my help is contingent upon recognition of the following six points:

(1) Stop being polite to the enemy.
(2) Stop believing the enemy thinks like us.
(3) Stop believing that lie called the Declaration of Independence.
(4) Stop believing the Constitution can be restored.
(5) Recognize that were are in a race war (or a Holy War, depending upon the audience – they are the same thing, really).
(6) Accept that we are living in a Communist country.

Numbers 1, 2 and 5 are easy for most people to accept, most accept 6 as a given, and the more intelligent among dissidents recognize the truth of number 4. Not that the Constitution itself is bad or shouldn't be restored to its original form. As a law establishing a form of government the Constitution is a neutrality, even though it is based upon a very wicked idea – that "the People" are capable of governing themselves. Which proposition, of course, derives from number 3. And I am not even talking about the fatuous notion that "all men are created equal," a proposition so ludicrous – and in its application so evil – that it may be dismissed on its face with a derisive snort. No, I am talking about the other evil imbedded in the Declaration of Independence; the proposition that "...Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." To which I respond, "Since when?"

[After a very recent trip stirring up trouble in New England, I stopped on the return leg to visit Dr. Huck, who, bless her anti-Communist heart, makes it her duty and pleasure to ensure The Resister actually gets published. I was explaining to her that it would be easy to get TR out on schedule if all I did was park my butt in front of the computer, but since everyone wants "something" done, and no one else is doing anything, I've made it my business to assess the resistance potential of various groups, and that means spending time with them. The conversation drifted to the foregoing six points, with much the same gloss given in the paragraph above, when she blanched and said, "You! A Tory!" Before everyone reading this panics, isn't the proposition of restoring the Constitution to its original purity (something that is not going to happen, by the way), sans some particularly odious "auto-destruct" provisions deliberately embedded therein, in essence, these days, the American equivalent of "Toryism?" Because that proposition – "restoring" the Constitution – is reactionism, not revolutionism. TR is all about redefining the "debate."]

Then, At the Last Minute...

Another "speed bump" in getting this issue out, which also consumed weeks, was that in early July I tumbled to the fact that I was under investigation by the Ministerstvo Gosudarstvennoy Bezpasnosti (MGB) – or, as it is popularly known, the FBI. How did I know this? None of your business, but I can assure you the MGB gumshoe and his two buddies were not man enough to simply call and say, "I'd like to ask you a few questions." (It's not real for them if they don't sneak.)

So I called the MGB.

I spoke briefly with a Chekist who was an old Army buddy and asked him to relay a message to his masters. (No way to screw up the message, all calls to the MGB are recorded.) He obliged and called back about an hour later pleading "It's not us." Now, I really did want to give my old Army buddy the benefit of the doubt and believe he wouldn't lie to me, so let's just assume he was out of the loop. Who was in the loop? Special agent Scott Suits.

Suits was a captain in Special Forces. In fact, he was the Team Leader (in his case that is a euphemism) of ODA 382 at the same time I was the Operations Sergeant for ODB 380. In other words, he was in my company. ODA 382 had some pretty good guys on it, but it was generally considered a "problem Team" by the Sergeant Major – and me, because I had to deal with them every day. ODA 382's biggest problem was Captain Suits, who the team members nicknamed "Dumb f***." 382 was not a happy Team. They were less happy when we deployed to Haiti because they were stuck with him in a potentially threatening situation and they knew he would live up to his nickname. He proved them right.

One evening, my Team, ODA 381, was sitting around dreaming up excuses to kill UN Observers, USAID workers and Haitians for no other reason than they existed while waiting for the "Bend Over Daily" (Colonel Boyat's nightly radio show telling us what a wonderful job everyone was doing making a "safe and secure environment" for the newly reinstalled Communist government), when we learned that Captain Suits had shot a Haitian – in the back. The official story is that Suits, pistol drawn, was chasing some lawbreaker, Suits tripped, fell face forward (after this the story gets, ah, "fuzzy") and a Haitian drops with a bullet in his back. However, I am reliably informed – not by any former member of 382 – that a story was "cooked" to avoid scandal, and possible murder charges. Whichever the case, when 3d Special Forces Group (Abn) returned from Haiti Captain Suits was not around for very long. So he did what many other terminally incompetent captains do, he joined the MGB.

Now, the reason for the investigation, I am told, is because of the occasional advise I give to Dr. William Pierce regarding his Military Unit of the National Alliance. Dr. Pierce, we are told by Jews to believe, is "the most dangerous man in America" because he writes wicked novels and says mean things about Jews on the radio.

What exactly is my relationship with National Alliance? I joined NA as a show of support in September 1999 after speaking at a National Alliance leadership conference. The subject of my lecture was how to recruit service members into the NA. My membership has since lapsed, and I have no immediate plans to rejoin, but I still maintain cordial relationships with Dr. Pierce, as I do with most leaders of other Rightist and anti-Communist organizations.

The day following the conference I spent several hours with Dr. Pierce discussing several subjects relevant to the military, at the conclusion of which, having personal experience with so-called "extremist" policies in the Army, I offered my services as an advisor to NA regarding their military membership. I made it clear to Dr. Pierce that, in the capacity of advisor, I would not personally become involved in recruiting service members.

The month following, the National Alliance Bulletin announced the formation of a Military Unit under the direction of one "Michael Collins", which was a rather bloated description of my offer of advise. I had joined NA under the name "Michael Collins" for the same reasons I use pen-names when I write articles for Rightist publications other than The Resister – to segregate responses and correspondence from those intended for TR. It all sounds pretty ominous, doesn't it?

Of course, the VCheKa Bolshevists from the Sanhedrin Pharisee Law Center (SPLC) and the Ashkanazi Defenders League (ADL) started squealing like stuck pigs, and their always obedient lapdogs in the MGB bounded after your editor [Animal Farm analogy – unfortunately, these days such things need to be explained]. It doesn't take much imagination to picture special agent Scott Suits breathlessly tugging at his master's sleeve panting, "I know Barry! Let me have the case!" Suits always drew attention to himself – without merit.

As this is being written, Suits and his friends are collecting TDY (your tax "dollars" folks) while sneaking around flashing his badge whenever the opportunity arises, unraveling the scarlet thread from the skein of my Very Evil Empire. While he's doing that, I'm going to get some sleep.

OPTEMPO & Logistics

So, gentle readers, there you have it. It's been a very long summer. And Until some philanthropist dumps a cool couple of millions on TR, you'll continue to get your issues of TR as they are published – not necessarily every quarter.

ADDENDUM: Ministerstvo Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (Continued)

Some discreet inquiries by The Net about Captain Scott Suits' (now Special Agent Suits) Excellent Adventure in Haiti turned up the real story about his shooting a Haitian in the back (see: Letter From the Editor, "So I Called the MGB," p. 4 ff).

He was, as stated, chasing a thief. He did, as stated, have his M-9 pistol drawn during the chase. The Haitian leaped a ditch and our graceful CPT Suits, in hot pursuit, attempted to leap the same ditch, stumbled and fell. The official "fuzzy version" of the "international incident" has his pistol "just going off" and "accidentally" hitting the Haitian in the back.

What the fuzzy version of the story omits is that while our heroic captain is chasing the thief he is repeatedly yelling, "F...ing nigger! Halt nigger!", and after Suits almost cleared the ditch, he went prone, took aim, and with a final "F...ing nigger!", bagged himself a Haitian.

Now, old Special Forces soldiers hearing about that would shrug their shoulders and ask, "Where's the crime?" All (but one of...) our ODA was green with envy! After all, no sane White man who has ever served in Haiti and had to deal with Haitians on a daily basis could possibly object to anyone chasing them down and killing them. But you can imagine the embarrassment at the Joint Special Operations Task Force headquarters, surrounded as they were by Caring NGOs and Concerned State Department scuts.

Nevertheless, it appears that according to extant federal "definitions" of "hate crimes" we find the Hate Criminal of Haiti, Special Agent Scott Suits, now a federal parasite, investigating your editorial tyrant who Suits' Jewish bosses at the Sanhedrin Pharisee Law Center (SPLC) and the Ashkanazi Defenders League (ADL) have declared a "hater" (pronounced in Yiddish, ha-a derr).

"If only SA Suits would use his hate for good instead of evil." [Get Smart allusion – again, it is sad these things need to be explained.]

Slavery is Okay by SFC Steven M. Barry, USA (Ret.)

I was once asked by a Negro for an apology for slavery. "I am deeply sorry," I said, "that your race exists on this continent." That wasn't quite what he had in mind, but it was the best I could do.

Now, there is nothing inherently evil or immoral about slavery. As an institution slavery is a neutrality. "Moralists" of the twisted abolitionist mentality howl that slavery is "un-Christian," which is such an obvious lie that only a Protestant could believe it, just as they believe that "all men are created equal," which is so blatant a lie that we may dismiss that incredible notion with a derisive snort.

Nevertheless, abolitionists and reconstructionists (yes, they still exist) run around in circles and jump up-and-down in a heated frenzy, smacking King James' book, or Luther's book, or Calvin's book, or any of the other innumerable man-"inspired," special interest Protestant re-writes of Holy Scripture while gabbling in a dervish fever that "Slavery is a sin!" Which is a lie.

Nothing in Holy Scripture condemns slavery. Indeed, throughout Scripture slavery is accepted without comment as part of God's natural order. And it is not until we get to the Gospels that there is even a commentary upon the institution. What is it? Masters should treat their slaves with basic kindness and slaves are admonished to obey their masters. That's all. Perfectly reasonable. Perfectly Christian.

Abolitionism however can be likened to a mental illness, and reconstructionism likened to letting the lunatics run the asylum. "You cannot own another man!", scream abolitionist dervishes. Well, frankly, yes one can – as history (not to mention Scripture) amply demonstrates. "Slaves are the equal of their masters!, wail reconstructionist banshees. Now that is obviously crazy-talk.

What quality of justice indwells abolitionists' malice aforethought? None. Only "diversity" is sufficient to satiate an abolitionist's degenerate lust for the destruction of Western Civilization. No race mixing perversions satisfy reconstructionist urges to wallow in "multicultural" squalor and the horrors of Negro government.

The only injustices that inhered the enslavement of Negroes in America were soft brained notions about manumitting them into White society instead of selling them further "down de ribber" or emancipating them instead of deporting them. It is one thing for Whites to own Negroes and compel them to be useful. It is quite another thing entirely to have them wandering loose and unsupervised in White society.

It would appear that, for the immediate future, we are stuck with our emancipated slaves whose secret joy is to smear their "culture" on us and vandalize everything else they obviously could not have created while parroting maniacal abolitionist delusions about "brotherhood" and diabolical reconstructionist groans about "equality."

It is not the fault of Whites that Negroes cannot help being Negroes. But justice demands Negroes should forever remain hopelessly Negro among their own kind, not among Whites – unless they are usefully subordinated to the proper authority of the overseer.