An idiot at my son's high school (an NEA member, not a student), is teaching her class about 'stock market investing' and investing in general. She's even discussing 'day trading'. At least this provided a good launch point to talk to my boy about this subject. Having been an options trader for several years in the mid 90s (much higher stress than being an Army officer) and in the market from 1974 until my final exit in 1998, I had quite a bit to say. The gist was:

1. The Social Security System is actuarially bankrupt. It's because the Boomer ZOGlings aborted their kids instead of raising them. Ancient history so far.

2. The Boomer ZOGuppies, in their persistent lemming style, then all got the same 'bright' idea. They decided to invest in the stock market to offset the actuarial bankruptcy of the ZOG S.S. system. Their baseline problem remains the same: the smaller Survivor generations of the ZOG abortion-feminist holocaust. Had they thought this through, they would have realized something: these same smaller following generations upon whom huge tax increases will fall for S.S. ain't gonna have too much pocket change left over to buy the stocks the ZOGuppies will be selling to fund their retirements. There's less of them no matter what they do.

3. And sell the Boomer ZOGuppies will. Financial Planner #101 says 'reduce risk of investments as one ages'. 'Certified Financial Planners' (this decade's name for mutual fund salesmen) learn this about 15 minutes into the first class. It's on the front page of all the tri-fold brochures my son's teacher and her contemporaries put away in the top dresser drawer 20 years ago. This particular lemming run will feature charging lemmings going over the cliff waving brokerage statements in both front paws.

4. Ergo, at some point this most fantastic tulip market in history will peak and never come back. Even an American post-graduate student can understand why. Fewer future taxpayers are also fewer future new investors. It's why Euro stocks and the euro itself already only go south. This demographic imbalance is one social problem that cannot be privatized away. A smaller following generation supporting a larger one is smaller regardless of whether they are buying stocks or paying taxes.

5. The little play-act between Al Bush and George Gore over 'endangering S.S. by investing it in the stock market' is just that. I'm not certain they understand it but their kosher economic advisors do. The S.S. surplus mirage MUST be invested in the stock market just to keep it afloat, at least until the Khazars cash out. ZOG has not one but two financial Ponzi Pyramids running, both standing on the same subsiding foundation strata.

6. ZOG is therefore cruising the schools, back alleys, prisons, whore houses and anywhere else to find more suckers. I actually saw a Yahoo! investment forum awhile back with real live convicts posting from the Gulag computer center. I have no doubt there's homeless people day trading from pay phones.

7. This also underlies the 'internationalization' push of the NASDAQ and the efforts to change to 24 hour trading. The overall idea is that the cleaning lady in Swaziland, the bus driver in Zimbabwe and the Brazilian soccer fans will all invest their 401K's in ZOG stocks. The specialist firms on the NYSE are resisting these innovations so far because one of their principals has to be present at all times during trading. During one round of comment one of them said, "even the Nazis didn't demand these kind of hours."

And now a bonus quiz for honors history students:

Q. What event latency period did the following speculative financial bubbles both share?

(1) Dutch 17th Century Tulip Mania

(2) English 18th Century South Sea Bubble

A. Both cranked up approximately one long generation (70 years) after Jews arrived in force in the respective countries. Holland was where the Jews went after the Spanish kicked them out. The South Sea Bubble came right on schedule after Cromwell readmitted the kikes.