01 June 2002

Since you mentioned German military developments prior to and during W.W.II,  it must be said that there were many civilian developments not the least being an economic system that not only solved the depression in that country, but in truth was the envy of both capitalism and communism.

When our infantry unit crossed over into Germany proper it was like day and night, and there were a number of comments by our soldiers that Germany was more advanced than their home towns, and that
was even among the bombed out rubble. I recall one fellow commenting that they sure must have had something of value in their political system. I never saw a street toilette that had urinals that had urine running down the gutter to a sewer, as they did in Paris and other French cities. Now that sanitary condition doesn't detract from the French as honorable Europeans but it did say something about the indifferent French Government.  Even among the terrible tragedy that beset  the German people, they sought to keep themselves clean and they looked it.

The German chemical industry was superb and they were able to make petroleum out of coal, as well synthesized cloth and numerous other products. Their optic industry was the finest in the world and they were the first to develop a single lens reflex camera in  their Zeiss works. Agfa Films far surpassed Kodak in pioneering color film for laymen use. They also developed the Volkswagen intended as a peoples car and built the autobahns for civilian and not necessarily for military use as so many believe. They had an education system that was the envy of Europe  and their Universities were among the finest in the world. Many a famous Jewish scientist  had their training in Germany. People with serious medical problems often went to Germany for treatment. During W.W.II they developed synthetic blood plasma. Germany had more physicians than any country in Europe. The Czechs were astounded when German social laws were applied to their nation during W.W.II because they were so superior to existing Czech laws. The social system Germany has to this day, for the most part, came out of the N.S. system of that time frame. W.W.II should never have happened and all those who made it happen, including Hitler, caused immense damage to the white race which we are paying for to this day.

Regards. Joe.


You are quite right: Germany had not developed a working nuclear weapon during W.W.II. There is sufficient information available that the proposal had been made, and it could have been accomplished,  but that Hitler vetoed it as being too inhumane. This is clearly mentioned in Col. Otto Skorzeny's autobiography on his Commando operations. A reprint is currently available in bookstores. They then were thinking of using the atom as a source of power because of the severe shortages. When you do read Skorzeny's book you will get quite a different picture of Hitler than that given by those that tend to warp history to justify the evil perpetrated during that forced war called W.W.II. The atom bomb was really developed for use against Germany by those who were trained in that land. Germany had many internal enemies as well as external ones, and the internal ones were  probably just as dangerous during that disastrous war and caused severe damage to their war effort resulting in a lost  war. The west with their judaized love affair with communism were doing everything possible to make a war against National Socialism. Germany should should never have fallen into the trap, and the world would have been better off for it. Nor should they ever have let anyone out of their country that would later aid in the development of nuclear weapons and contribute in other ways to the destruction of Germany and most of central Europe. That  tragic war resulted in the loss of some seventeen million German lives, and millions of lives in the so called democracies. That cruel war was born of Versailles, and in a convoluted way continues to this day. Further, that disgusting conflict caused to be brought forth an awesome weapon that one day will destroy millions of other lives.  In this context, one may ask who was more evil, the man who vetoed the use of nuclear weapons or those that developed, and did use them. The defeat of Germany and the stupidity of the west in letting the communist into western Europe, and then setting up a Jewish state in the middle east was totally irresponsible. The west was also greatly responsible for aiding the spread of communism, particularly in China. I remember well during my college year's, the many professors who referred to the Chinese communist as wonderful agrarian reformers. This profound ignorance has resulted in a super power not yet recognized as such by the west. Since China has no Jews, the old communism has lost it's continuity and changed, and those who think that China will succumb to western chicanery through trade are sadly mistaken, for they will become a truly dangerous enemy of western man.

We saw the beginning of atom bombs in W.W.II and W.W.III, will see the end of their use with a resultant catastrophe for mankind. In closing, it is as always most sincerely hoped that there be no more wars, for man has a destiny on this planet, and if they are sufficiently intelligent, they will have a bright future. If not, their future will be dark indeed.

Best Regards. Joe.