by William Klinkroth    03 May 2002
XII. If now to this naturall proclivity of men, to hurt each other, which they derive from their Passions, but chiefly from a vain esteeme of themselves: You adde, the right of all to all, wherewith one by right invades, the other by right resists, and whence arise perpetuall jealousies and suspicions on all hands, and how hard a thing it is to provide against an enemy invading us, with an intention to oppresse, and ruine, though he come with a small Number, and no great Provision; it cannot be deny'd but that the naturall state of men, before they entr'd into Society, was a meer War, and that not simply, but a War of all men, against all men; for what is WAR, but that same time in which the will of contesting by force, is fully declar'd either by Words, or Deeds? The time remaining, is termed PEACE.

(Thomas Hobbes: De Cive, 1651. Chapter I)

There is a new species of anarchist Utopians "evolved" from the "paleo-libertarian" mother stock of Pure Insanity: the "anarcho-capitalists" – rugged "individualists", as far as I can see, for they do not see any further than their own precious egos. The species shows a very strong proclivity toward the belief that man will be "free" only if State ceases to exist as a commonwealth with a Government as its brain; they firmly believe that application of Murray Rothbard's and Ludwig von Mises's "conservative" and "anti-Statist" economic measures will restore the "natural condition of man" which, naturally, has never existed: absolute individualism.

Regrettably for them and even more so for us sane people, their impossible ideas have a very negative side effect: production of the anti-social types of a human being which think that any form of tax is "theft" and that the best government is the one that "does not rule at all". Individuals can be "leaders", but they will not become "rulers" because in that case they would be "contradicting themselves" for wanting power over other individuals; this is truly a cluttered mass of nonsense which has become popular among the young, angry, disappointed, and self-centered Americans who fail to distinguish between the base selfishness and genuine authority based on self-discipline and personality. Although most of the anarchists of this persuasion whom I had the (mis)fortune to meet were atheists, have a look at the Christian version of the story at this website: .

It comes as no surprise that it is a Calvinist Christian website in question advocating a system of "rational" greed. Usury is at the very root of Calvinism, and where we find greed we also find the Specially Chosen Ones in the business of selling the snake oil of earthly paradises such as can be found in systems of absolute Rationalism where "human happiness" is cast into a golden bullion.

The golden touch of Midas inevitably turns life into rust. .

In case someone thought that the possibilities of Biblical exegesis have been depleted, have a look at a stupefyingly ludicrous "conclusion" that Jesus commands his disciples to be "anarcho-capitalists": .

Anarchy is a principle which destroys and in no way builds the society. It is an idea which signifies the decay of values and replaces the political reality of State and the commonwealth within it with an artificial, lifeless, and soulless self-sustaining automaton which cannot be constructed even in the imaginations of its proponents. What saddens me most is the fact that so many youngsters, seeking refuge from reality, construct a rationalized reality of market anarchism which only further intoxicates them with its poison.
Morons beget oxymorons – or is it the other way around: .

Altruism for egoists? This oxymoron, like "anarcho-capitalism", is surely a monument to modern American stolidity.

Perhaps we could establish a flying school for the New Zealand kiwi birds; if we have Kiwi Airlines, why cannot we have real flying wingless birds? If anarchy is such a marvelous principle, why does Nature avoid it?

I plan to write a longer essay on this topic later on. The danger of the Marxist siren song pales in comparison to the lunatic-asylum-quality of this latest incarnation of idiot's mistress (to paraphrase your own essay on anarchy).

To one of the individuals who would fit your description of "blightwing", I once told that Nature abhors vacuum. His response (as  one might have expected):

"It's a false vacuum."

Need we say more? 

The American Messiah: There is no God but Me. I am my own Messenger.

The Apostle Murray Rothbard

The Messenger of Selfishness: Ayn Rand. Her own privately owned G*d.