"Merry Christmas?"

24 Dec 01

Over the last two week these two words have been ringing in my ears too often. Most of the people at work, I mean our customers, say it; in the te-Levi-Zion (or TV if you prefer) these words appear continously reminding us that we should take advantage "of these terrific bargains" meanwhile Bing Crosby sings "White Christmas" ( a little bit out of place here in Australia where the average temperature in December is about 30 degrees) . In fact wherever I go I hear it. This in itself would not be a nuisance if it ended there; but the problem is that those words are part of "a package" that includes a big smile, a "customer friendly" attitude which basically consists in asking each and every person who walks into the shop "How are you today?" (Do you really want to know? No you don't) and, last but not least, the very famous words mentioned above. All and each one of these "items" are as false as a three dollar note, but, Hey! This is "Jesusland"! A colossal theme park owned and run by Jews with the invaluable help of millons of morons who called themselves "Christians" (a kind of third rate Jews, who would be duly, and deservedly, exterminated by their masters should their services no longer needed)

A despicable as conspicuous servant of the "Chosen People" put it very nicely when he referred to them as "our older brothers". The name of this faithful servant is Karol Wojtila, better known as "His Holiness John Paul II". Do you think it is necessary to add something else to this abject confession? Let's take a walk down Memory Lane...

One of Hitler's earliest and most devout followers was Julius Streicher, a primary school teacher who coined the phrase which become a popular slogan within the National Socialist Party: "Die Juden sind unsere Ungluck!" = "The Jews are our misfortune!" It must be said that he was right, but in my opinion he could (or should) have added "And the Christians are their willing servants"The reason why he didn't do it was twofold: (A) The Germans of those days considered themselves Germans first and Christians second (B) The Catholic as well as the Lutheran Church of those days was not so deeply infiltrated by the Jews as it is today; and many of their members considered themselves German patriots first and clergymen second. But the seeds of the mortal disease were already there, in their own foundations, in their souls. By adopting a pathetic cult born out the sick minds of a group of Jewish religious fanatics the Aryan peoples poisoned their hearts and souls. It must be said in the defence of our ancestors that the Christian "faith" was imposed upon them in a typically Jewish fashion, that is by the sword. Those who were "unwilling to recognize and accept the word of the Lord" must perish. And so they did by the thousands. Almost forgotten are the campagains of Charlemagne against the Saxons whom he massacred in the name of "the religion of Love". In 772 after murdering nearly 5000 Saxon prisoners Charlemagne destroys the famous sacred oak, the Irminsul. In 785 Christianism becomes the official and compulsory religion of the Germanic peoples; refusal to "embrace" the new religion was an offence punished with the death penalty.

Since then we have come a long way, punctured many horrendous massacres in the name of a bloodthirsty and cruel god who would not tolerate anything but blind obedience and unconditional loyalty. A perfect Jewish golem. Beginning with the "Crusades" against the Albigentians (natives from Albi in the south of France) and the Cathars in Provence, where nobody was spared, the history of Christianity is almost and endless catalogue of atrocities. The Pope's representative presided over the murder of all the  prisoners; when questioned about the murder of women and children he said "God will recognize the true belivers" In others words, let's kill them all, just in case.....  From this atrocity we go to the Night of St.Bartholomew (23-24 August 1572) where the flower of the Huguenots ( French Protestants) residing in Paris (nearly 3.000) were murdered by the Catholic "death squads" organized by Catherine de'Medici. After France was devastated by this "Wars of Religion" it was the turn of Germany. The so called "War of the Thirty Years" (1618-48) killed nearly a third of the population of Central Europe. At the same time in England a hateful creature named Oliver Cromwell, leader of the most obnoxious of all Protestant sects: the Puritans, a group of bitter fanatics who were Jewish in all but in name, establish a bloody Theocracy founded in the Jew-Book-of Tales and the Sword. The methodical destruction of many beautiful works of art inspired by the religious faith can only be explained by the instinctive and deeply rooted Jewish hate for everything beautiful and noble. A grim, gloomy and terrorized England become the first essay in Jewish despotism in the European history. A few centuries later the espiritual heirs of the Puritans will put up a far more terrifying show in Russia, where they will carry out an "improved" version of Cromwell's reign of terror.

Some would put their hands up and say: "You are mad, the Jews hate Christians, and specially the Pope and the Catholic Church" Let me tell you something: The Jews do not hate Christians becasue they are, or may be Christians, is because they are not Jews, they are goym, Aryans, people absolutely alien to their ways. The only good thing for them is that the great majority of the Aryans are  imbecils who are not aware of this, and/or, even worse, they have become "Christians" a kind of semi-Jews; but without the privileges of full membership. They can visit the club and played in the gardens, but they cannot stay overnight, neither can they own any property. Don't be fooled by the "wars" that from time to time they "fight". Recently two books have been published illustrating this false animosity; one is "Hitler's Pope: A Biography of Pius XII"  where the author (who I can't remember) "proves" the "frightening" cordial relationship between the Thirs Reich and the Vatican. Any serious and level headed person who had bothered to read a little bit about the history of the Papacy will know that the Vatican, like England in the words of Lord Salisbury "...does not have friends or enemies only interests". To the Catholic Church loyalty to anyone but itself is something so ridiculous as it is to the Jews. The second book is called "The War of the Papacy Against the Jews", its author is, if I remember correctly, David Kerschner. Again the same old story "Nobody loves us..." (I wonder why) "Everybody hate us..." (ditto). Would you seriously believe that the Catholic Church, with its inmense wealth and power, would take all this crap without fighting back? Unless, of course, they were in it. As they are .

Christianism and Judaism are two sides of the same coin as Capitalism and Marxism have been. It is good for the Jews and it has worked wonders. Why change? As Marxism fell, eaten by its own putrid, self-destructing  essence, Christianity still stands strong because of its grip over some many millons of morons who find confort in this religion for losers and slaves. Cristianism, as well as Capitalism/Democracy and Communism are no more than false shortcuts which all led to one place: Israel. Let's not fool ourselves with vane hopes, we must get ride of all this putrid baggage of Jewish myths mixed with Greek philosophy that formed what is called Christianism. We must do it, because without this act of purification there is no future. Look at the SS the standarbearers of the National-Socialism. There were no chaplains in their military units (Waffen-SS). Himmler only tolerated Catholic chaplains within the ranks of the SS-Sturmbrigade Frankreich or the SS-Sturmbrigade Wallonie because many of the young volunteers came from from strongly Catholic French and Belgian peasant stock. It was just common sense. But let's not get the wrong idea. The SS, especially the German units and those formed by Nordic/Scandinavian volunteers were pagans to the core. Maybe not conciously, but they rejected the Christian mumbo-jumbo and embrace wholeheartedly the cult of the Blood and Soil. Instead of the traditional "Gott mit uns" (God is with Us) that the Germany soldiers carried in their belt buckles, the members of the SS carried "Meine Ehre heisst Treue" (My Honour is called Loyalty). Most of the tactial signs that decorated the vehicles of the Waffen-SS regiments and divisions were taken from the all Germanic folklore. So the 2nd SS Panzer Division "Das Reich"  carried the Wolf's Rune, the SS Pz.Div "Wiking" the Sun Wheel, the SS Mountain Div. "Prinz Eugen" the Odal Rune, and so on...

There is only one way, they way of our Aryan ancestors, the way of the SS. Christianism is a mortal Jewish virus in the Aryan bloodstream. We cannot build a house using crap as foundations, we need hard soil, rocks, not Judeo-Christian slime. Remenber this when some lemming wishes you "Merry Christmas"