Simply said, "racism" is a realization that denies dispute which quite simply says Nubians have never been able to maintain a society that exceeded 5,000-or-so individuals. Making it quite clear that most people who are racist and all of humanity is racist. So I don't say that Chaka Zulu may not have been a "Nubian" per-say. No matter the statement just received is a Just Statement, and, even if South Africans should achieve some sort of rational harmony as regarding and especially the robbing, raping, and killing, of "white people". Doing so in such a horrific manner and with an abundance of victims the likes of which nothing ever done by the 'whites' to the 'blacks' in all the history of the time of Apartheid can possibly justify it.

Being used as a low cost source of labor and to benefit only a race of men and women a different color than themselves, and decidedly more able to feed and clothe not to mention increase both the population and the average life-span of the 'black Africans' – need I say more? One could apply this analogy to the Germans during the time of Adolf Hitler and the humanity imprisoned so as to serve the industrial needs of a Germany at war with the world – but mostly at war with COMMUNISM and the Talmudic Jews who were the designer's and organizer's of the Communist (Party).

So such as this, this racial South Africa thing, such as this is well on its way to being – AMERICA. It is not racist to swear NOT ON MY WATCH, and for the "good" of all the people.

It is not racist to not want a people historically, intellectually, unequal, to those who have white skin and non-kinky hair. It is not racist to not want such an inferior race of people controlling to a disastrous point (South Africa for example); it is not racist to not want these people controlling the housing, medical, monetary, etc., needs, of a whole people numbering in the hundreds of thousands, often, hundreds of millions of people (South Africa and America, for examples). It is not racist to not desire to have a 'kind of humanity' breeding with one's kin if that one is the proven better of the one attempting to breed with his or her children.

Same goes for Schooling, the Professions, the Courts, the Government.

Also, and in passing: It is not being homophobic when one swears he wants no contact with a 'kind' of people who perform sex up the asshole and are notoriously known as being carriers of disease. If this people (US) want to control homosexuals, and we should considering AIDS, and, all sorts of other diseases which deform, maim, and kill people. And, from mere casual physical contact most often are these diseases spread – spread to the 'straight' community.

Do with the HIV positive people that which was done with people infected with tuberculosis; these were kept from contacting those who were fortunate so that they did not have the disease. Spreading diseases has nothing to do with 'civil rights' or 'equality'. Such, is a tragedy, and not an act of god nor an intentional act on the part of the person afflicted.

Still, the 'rights of people' (for the time being, The Majority in America) who are strong must not be offended so that the strong must mix with the weaker. Neither should the 'well' be denied their 'right' to be shielded (protected) from the diseased when the disease or in the case of the homosexual's doing butthole sex, disease(s). Any sane man or animal that would have it different must have in their mind an idea of "life after death" or suicidal tendencies.

What is this "god created man" so all men are therefore equal crap, except a way/methodology to separate Intellectual, Healthy, people (US), from their/our "rights" and even their/our lives? What about: THE CHILDREN? Hey, once the "gods" were smart enough to be racist themselves! Then came "Christianity" – Communism. Nothing has really changed though. Get real.

The idea as relating to "race" should be about enhancing the life, the looks, the intellectual, the health, aspects, of that people unequal to the other, unequal to the 'leadership', if the case is this way (South Africa for example). What is this crap that we should (legally) emphasize the weaker, sicker, dumber, mating with the 'better', and, not the other way around!?

How can this be RIGHT? Damn it, what is the value to being smarter, more able to care for masses of people (thereby allowing that the vast majority of us, are alive). What is the value of being healthier, more ambitious, etc., than the other if the other is by Law given priority over you (US) the one who is a member of the 'greater' people? And, that priority is solely dependent on 'them' being in some way inferior, and to such an extent that science, history, and common-sense, scream the differences.. And, the results of mixing...

I, swear to you the big-time "One Worlder's" are creating a great chasm between people, using people, by causing by LAW the mingling and breeding of the whole people together – no matter their color, their gender, their state of mental or physical health. A chasm, between (I am sad to say) US and them. I being one of US, because, I too from birth was not afforded the best society had to offer – Harvard, for example – if anyone is a racist it is not me – if any 'one' here is anymore a victim than am I, then let me hear about it now.

I will speak further on this later, right now, Lisa is getting angry with me.

Mike (18 June 1999)

Comments from Robert

There is an innate desire for all life to seek its own kind. When one finds one kind (Whites) preferring the company of another kind (Blacks), then we have an un-natural situation which always involves mental aberrations often brought about by the use of drugs.

A "racist" must not only acknowledge the existence of the 3 basic types of humans (Black, Yellow and White – whether called races, species, varieties, etc. – what's in a name anyway?) but he declares that to which he belongs, superior. 'Superior' means little unless one defines some field of comparison.

The writer of the above article is certainly no racist since the question of superiority never arises. A difficulty is that any separation of peoples is immediately called 'racism', which it isn't. When people are hired, promoted, given scholarships, and so forth, based entirely upon merit, a racial separation automatically follows. This then allows the excuse makers to yammer their lunacies about racism. Selection based upon merit does involve the question of superiority, but it is implicit and not the will of the selector. Merit is racist, as is all of Nature, but intentional and hollow racism is only the cloak of a small number of people.

Personally, I shun all contact with Black people. I do not like their smell, their noises (music!), their behavior, their appearance and especially, their lack of anything interesting or intelligent to say. These are personal preferences as is my avoidance of spinach and turnips, when it comes to eating something. Alas, there is little use in arguing the point, for I will be labeled a racist by every baboon who hasn't the brains to use a dictionary and reflect upon his favorite pastime – name calling.