15 July 2002 – by Rienzi
Nazism or National-Socialism?

We are bombarded day and night by an endless series of articles, series, mini-series, maxi-series, films, pseudo-documentaries, books and any other form of audio-visual propaganda. The purpose of this almost unbearable onslaught is to make very clear that all the problems of this world are the responsibility of a sect of evil, bloodthirsty White men known as Nazis. This sect flourished in Germany between the years 1933 and 1939. We are told that, by some strange satanic twist, they managed to “brainwashed a civilized, cultured people, who embraced their horrendous ideas wholeheartedly”. I know it sounds a bit simplistic but, the more simplistic the better! Only sick people devoid of any “rational” political ideas can support “the most evil regime in the history of mankind”! Otherwise how can we explain or understand that this people ( the evil Germans!) not only fought virtually alone against the most powerful military alliance history has ever known (and they almost won!), but they also spent the last three years of the war under the most horrendous campaign of massive, unrestricted aerial bombing (another name for ethnic cleansing) without turning against its leader? Isn't this enough evidence that this people had been brainwashed by their satanic rulers? Otherwise, how can we explain that, in the middle of the most awful misery and desolation, this people kept working with more determination and energy than ever producing, in 1944, more planes and tanks than in 1940? How is it possible that, in their main cities, reduced to rubble, one could see large signs that proudly said: “Our walls had crumbled but not our hearts!” Of course! (we are told) Those signs were written and placed by the staff of the Ministry of Propaganda! Funny thing is: Nobody seems to note the strong correlation between the signs and the behaviour and spirit of the people. Such a behaviour cannot be enforced by government regulations.

Anyway. This “empire of evil” was destroyed in 1945, and the German people with it. The so-called Germans of today are a bunch of self-hating race-traitors worth their weight in shit. Nobody is more “anti-Nazi” than the “good” Germans! Pity, nobody told them that for all their crawling and crying at the feet of their jewish masters, they will never be forgiven. Their masters have a good memory! They know that, left to themselves, without the terrorist laws of the jewish-bolshevik regime of Berlin, the slaves will found new leaders, people who had not forgotten what really happened in Germany between 1918 and 1945, and then they will awake from their nightmare as their ancestors did with the battle cry “Deutschland Erwache!” (Germany Awakes!)

Now it's time to go back to basics. What does the word “Nazi” means? It was a short, and insulting name, coined by the Communists and the jewish media of the Weimar republic to describe the young revolutionary movement created by an ex-corporal of the Royal Bavarian Army named Adolf Hitler. For him, and his followers, they never were anything else than “National-Socialists.” It was not a coincidence either than when the new movement (Hitler always referred to it as such during the years of struggle; it was essentially a Bewegung not a Partei.) was to be organized and registered as a political party it was called “National-Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei” (N.S.D.A.P) “The German Workersí National-Socialist Party“. As Eric, Robert and Maguire have said it a hundred times: Hitler was a real revolutionary and a real working-class leader! And this takes me to the issue of an article posted in VNN (www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com ) its title: “Conservatives Misunderstand Nazism”. Letís see if we get it clear once for all!

(A) The Conservatives, in any country, are no more than wealthy White-trash who prefer the society of Jews instead that of their own kind who are not rich. For them there is nothing more off-putting than poverty, and nothing more embarrassing than the society of working class people. The German Conservatives feared and, most of them, hated Hitler and his Movement from the very beginning. They never saw (how could they!) the greatness and nobility of the idea that proclaimed a new Germany where there will be no class distinctions and only one aristocracy: the aristocracy of the workers (that is: the real producers of wealth)! They supported Hitler because they were even more scared of the Communists, but when the moment to abandon the ship came (in 1944) they really showed their true colours with their coward and pathetic attempt to assassinate the Führer. Looking back to those days I regretted many times the fact that the Communists did not came power in Germany in 1933. In that case, those treacherous bastards, the corrupted “aristocracy” and his wealthy friends, would have received the well-deserved treatment that Hitler failed to administrate. Those who have been shown mercy are seldom grateful for it. They will buy their time and then, when the magnanimous sovereign has fallen from his horse they will stab him. The case of Mussolini is even more telling. In his late political writings of 1944, after his rescue by the commandos of the Waffen-SS under Otto Skorzeny, the Italian leader said: “The Fascism had paid with its downfall the unforgivable sin of not carrying out to its limits a true revolutionary and totalitarian policy after achieving the control of the Italian state.” Not only he did not strike down the corrupt, Masonic, pro-jewish and Anglophile, Italian royal family; but he allowed them a share in the government. In the victorious “March over Rome” of 1922 were already the seeds of the downfall in 1943. His great countryman Niccolo Machiavelli had said: “Donít put your trust in princes” he may as well have added: “or in conservatives”. The Conservatives do not misunderstood or misunderstand the National-Socialism. They hated it! And they always will; because they have chosen to share the boat with the Jews who allowed them to keep their luxurious mansions and servants (preferably non-White; they are cheaper!) in exchange for political power.

(B) In the same article its author says that socialism is a leftist concept, and that Hitler used the word to win over the German workers. That's again, traditional ignorance born out of a typical “conservative” viewpoint. There is nothing wrong with socialism as a system that guarantees and preserves the rights and dignity of the workers. The socialism of Adolf Hitler is the true socialism. The jewish concoction known as Marxism is a false road that leads to nowhere but hunger, misery and, finally, to death. Within his limitations as a member of the academical establishment of the late XIX century, that is a conservative at heart, Oswald Spengler hit the nail in the head when he said that the so-glorified “socialism” of the liberal and Marxist clubs was a fake based upon intellectual fantasies of wealthy middle class do-gooders. The real socialism, as he said, was already in existence for centuries. In the medieval military orders and guilds where the welfare of the community/order was above that of individuals. He even went on to analyze its peculiar character within the German nation in his pamphlet “Prussian Socialism” There he exposes the theory that the peculiar and organic form of socialism developed through centuries by the German people receives its definitive form in the Prussian State, where “the King is nothing but the first servant of the State” and “the first duty of every citizen is to serve the State” as Frederick the Great wrote. This typically Prussian ideal of selfless and unquestioning service to the State=Nation=People=Community is the cornerstone of an ethical principle that Hitler will revive and put in practice with all the power and efficiency of a modern, totalitarian, state. In fact, Hitler is the restorer of an old order based in the supremacy of the community over the individual. A liberal German “historian” said that “the National-Socialism had deep roots in the ancestral memory of the German people, therefore its glorification of the old, classless German society, of the Middle Ages. One of the most clear and noble expressions of the new, genuine, socialism of the Third Reich, was its movement called “Kraft durch Freude” (Strength through Joy) where for the very first, and last, time in European history a government built a fleet of elegant cruisers for the enjoyment of its workers. Instead of the obnoxious and humiliating Anglo-American class-system, the German liners of the Third Reich were “classless.” That very revealing detail, together with some beautiful images showing the restrained elegance of their rooms, was mentioned in an episode of the miniseries “The Great Liners” shown here in Australia on the ABC channel. That was Aryan Socialism! There is no need to be ashamed of the word Socialism, neither to make excuses for its use. With Adolf Hitler Germany recovered a sense of social justice and harmony forgotten a long time ago. National-Socialism means real social justice based on the performance of the individual within the community and his attitude towards the community. With justifiable pride Adolf Hitler would point out at the superb performance of the German youth in the Olympic Games of 1936 as a consequence of his social policy. “The English reserved all the privileges and facilities of their educational system to a minority and their performance in the Olympics showed it. In their sporting fields only the upper classes are allowed, here the whole people has a chance to show their skill and strength” (“Hitlerís Table Talk” by Heim and Picker)

As Maguire and Robert rightly observed, National-Socialism is a point of departure. Unfortunately many people still believe that is possible, or even mandatory, to recreate the Third Reich. Get real! The most important things for a viable future political activity is to get some basic points very clear. We are not “Nazis.” We are National-Socialists; that means that we give priority to an idea of the State/Nation based on the principles of racial purity, national=racial awareness based in a common culture and traditions and, finally, a system of social justice where the dignity and rights of the workers are protected and there is no room for the capitalist parasites who put individual gains above and ahead of those of the community. The greatest crime that the White man could have ever committed was to forget its racial identity and the importance of it. The second act of treason against Himself was to worship the God of the Jews (Money), that led to His destruction as a healthy, homogeneous, social entity; the principle of “class distinction” took deep roots and divided brothers and sisters. What happened in Germany during those few glorious years was a brief pause in a long struggle. We cannot go back, but we can, and we must, learn from the past. There is no future if we hang to the past in a romantic, idealized way. The SS and the SA were the manifestation of a unique moment in the history of the German people; a moment that cannot be repeated. Its all right to get emotional listening to their beautiful songs, but lets get real and practical. We are the White men of the XXI century, we have to earn a place for us and our children and we are in a very hostile environment; there is no room for flags, standards and beautiful uniforms. As von Moltke “the Elder” said: “Is very important for a soldier to have a cool head as well as a warm heart.” Lest we forget!