(The following is the introduction to the book HEAR THE  CRADLE SONG by O. T. Gunnarsson. It may be purchased for $12 ppd., #0430, from Noontide Press, POB 2719, Newport Beach, CA 92659)


The Future

The "New World Order" had arrived. Unfortunately it wasn't anything like its promoters and planners ever imagined it would be in their wildest dreams. Throughout the operation there had been two distinct groups advocating the new world order and both were left disappointed and crestfallen by the final results of their project. The first group of promoters was comprised of the Freemasonic and Secret Society crowd. They were aristocratic Europeans and Americans from "old money" families who attended prestigious universities and then habitually drifted into prominent positions in politics, economics, and education. From these positions members of The Scroll and Key, The Owl's Nest, Skull and Bones, Daughters of the Eastern Star, and others worked toward their idea of how the world should be. They had absolutely no doubt that they could reorder the world according to the esoteric concepts found in Masonic Illuminism and they believed that once they had achieved their idea of reordering mankind, a utopia would transpire, a "World of Light" would shine forth where all would be equal – all would live, act, think, and look the same. There would be no borders in this "world of light", no distinct cultures, no religions except Illuminism, no ownership of property, no family ties, no distinct gene pools because the different races would be integrated and propagandized into mating across blood lines, just a global village in which everyone followed the concept of "one world – one way."

This was an agenda that had been pursued for hundreds of years in Europe, first in the form of the religion of Christianity, and later in its offshoot forms which were Masonic Dogma and Marxism/Socialism. The thrust toward a world "super state" by the first group of promoters had gone on so long in one form or another due to this first group being overly ambitious, power-mad, and gullible. They saw themselves, generation after generation, as being world rulers, benefactors, and knowledgeable enough to circumvent the eternal laws of nature.

Even though the people who comprised the first group were highly visible and occupied prominent positions throughout European and American society, the real movers and shakers and the real directors behind the various attempts at establishing all the New World Order utopias were the people who comprised the second group. These members of the second group were not Europeans. They were followers of the Talmud and the esoteric mumbo jumbo known as Cabalistic Lore. These people saw the New World Order schemes as stepping-stones to be used for realizing their ancient dream of becoming absolute masters of the world, masters who could then use the mongrelized populations of slaves under their control to handle the labor and production needed to keep them living like kings. All of the peoples which comprised all of the races of the world were considered as creatures without souls, non-humans, things that were an the earth as servants for this "chosen people " and nothing more.

With scheme after scheme for "social ordering", the financing of major wars, the financing of political candidates and manipulation of political policies through the centuries, the members of the second group guided and cajoled the members of the first group to use and abuse the peoples of the world. The thrust was always toward world socialism under the guises of either Capitalism and Democracy, Marxism, Illuminism, or Christianity and the last great push began after World War II. It was to bring about a utopia that would throw the west into a hell of economic degeneration, social breakdown, violence and blood shed – a nightmare world of insanity.

Things really came together for both groups of planners and promoters of New World Orders. With the world "safe for democracy" and half of Europe handed over to communist cutthroats, a massive drive for third world immigration into white nations got started in earnest. Under campaigns with slogans like "Help the Underprivileged", "Assist the Emerging Peoples", "Universal Brotherhood", "Equality for All", and countless others, waves of negro, asian, oriental and breed-Indian immigrants began pouring into America, Canada, the "free" European countries, and other areas of the world where white nations existed. While this unarmed invasion of the white areas of the world was taking place, the planners and promoters began another series of maneuvers designed to sink nationalism, racial and cultural awareness and pride, and sense of community. These entailed the forced integration of schools and with this came the lowering of educational standards so that the third world types could fit in and not get left behind in grades. There was a shift in school curriculums away from white history and white accomplishments and toward alien cultures and ideas. School children studied about Chairman Mao, Jomo Kenyata, ancient Egypt, and the USSR instead of about the Vikings, the ancient Greeks, and Imperial Rome. Education deteriorated to the point where high school graduates could not read, write, or understand and think as well as sixth graders could before the second world war.

The second group of utopia promoters and planners who totally controlled the T.V., radio, and publishing media in every invaded white country, pushed distorted information on all aspects of normal life in the past and present while constantly portraying white historical figures as corrupt and ruthless fiends, or degenerate imbeciles. They relentlessly instilled a feeling of guilt in white people, guilt because white people were the supposed oppressors and repressors of all other races who were themselves portrayed as noble, righteous and innocent by the media masters. White people were to feel ashamed because everything that was wrong on earth was, according to those in the media, due to the white race.

The "generation gap" was also concocted, and school bussing, which was a scheme designed to separate children from their home and parents for longer periods of time, was another blow to the society. Free love, brotherhood, peace, race mixing and inter-racial marriage, drug trips, hate of "the system", rebellion against elders, and the hippie/flower-child movement came into being as the family unit weakened and the endless waves of immigrants continued.

With social deterioration came economic erosion. Giant national corporations began to set up manufacturing plants in foreign lands and became multi-national entities. Workers lost jobs as plants closed in white countries and were set up in the orient and Central or South America in order to "equalize" living standards around the world according to the agenda of the latest utopia. This meant that whites would have a lower standard of living while the third world would enjoy a higher one. Products made in white countries could not compete with those from the third world where laborers and factory staff were paid a mere fraction of the wages of white workers. The result was that more and more businesses and industries in white countries were squeezed thanks to consumers purchasing foreign goods for lower prices. Soon many began to close down. Another reason for industrial collapse in white countries was the lack of quality in the manufactured goods of local companies thanks to the integration of semi-competent and lazy workers from the third world into the work place, while in homogeneous societies like China and Japan quality was kept at a high standard and their finished goods were in demand by white consumers who turned away from more expensive and poorly made local merchandise. And in the midst of all of this, the flood of non-white immigrants, legal and illegal, continued.

As time wore on, the rise of the degenerate elements reached its maturity in the various white societies. Rabid lesbian feminists crawled out of the woodwork and their leaders felt that it was the purpose of their "movement" to destroy the family unit, push the split between the sexes into a war between the sexes, and destroy the white birthrate by convincing healthy women that a lesbian relationship was a means to "higher love". And as time passed they became more and more active. The homosexuals also organized and began forcing their wishes on the crumbling societies as well. Since they helped weaken the family, destroy morals, slander white culture, and push "universalism" and "brotherly love", the queers and dykes were allowed full reign and were helped by politicians and bureaucrats as well as the media masters.

The queer agenda was added to school curriculums and the concepts of the "alternative lifestyles" were preached to young, impressionable children. Terrible social diseases followed and were on the increase through large segments of populations. Some were the result of biological warfare experiments released to stem population explosions while others were newer strains of those original viruses that had mutated into different forms and still others occurred within human populations naturally as a result of overcrowding, filth, and a degenerate living habits.

With all of this came the fall and destruction of the great cities. In the United States the demise of the great population centers took place rather quickly once all the eroding components were in place and playing their parts at their full potential. The large cities in the U.S.A. were teeming with third world peoples who were basically uneducable even though the curriculums had been readjusted to the point where a simpleton could comprehend them. These peoples comprised the greatest part of the population of drug users, vandals, murderers, rapists, prostitutes, thieves, muggers, and above all – welfare recipients. Thanks to the socialist "social programs" which were in place at the time, the third world masses, who had always lived according to a feed-and-breed pattern, exploded in numbers.

Plenty of food, government provided housing, and medical care meant better health for hispanic, asian, and black populations and they hit the breeding act with all they were worth. The result was so-called "minority families" of six to ten children, skyrocketing teenage pregnancy, more welfare money needed, more housing needed, more medical care needed, more violent crime, more vandalism, more gang fights, and more degeneracy – all at the expense of the taxpayers who, for the most part, were white. The need for larger police forces soon arose, as did the need for more prisons. Both of which were funded by tax money.

Along with the strain on the economic picture caused by third world elements came the problems of a steep decline in the white birthrate. While the couples and unwed mothers of the third world peoples were generating offspring as fast as they possibly could, white people were either not marrying or not having more than one or two children if they did. Thanks to the destruction of the family unit and family values accomplished by the feminists, the insane concepts of the hippie/flower-child movements, and the relentless programming by the controlled media, white women chose meaningless careers involving shuffling papers, punching buttons, and running errands over having and rearing children. The hippie/flower child movement and the lesbian/feminist movement had pushed for a distortion of male and female roles and the result was confusion between men and women as to how they should act and react to one another. This affected the stability of marriages and reduced the number of marriages taking place within the white population. There was an abundance of D.I.N.K.'s (Dual Income, No Kids couples), multiply divorced individuals, adults chasing consumer goods and keeping pets instead of raising children, and a few confused and troubled offspring from broken homes who were being brought up with no values or morals whatsoever. And, just as among the third world peoples, there was drug and alcohol use within the confused white populace.

Early in the disintegration process which destroyed the great cities, the white populace was kept in turmoil with concerns over "minority rights", "gay rights", "women's rights", "rights of the mentally disabled", "animal rights", "rights of the third world", "criminal's rights", and "victim's rights". They were bombarded with information concerning the plight of "native Americans", the plight of the whales, the plight of the dolphins, the plight of starving Ethiopians, the plight of third world children, and a legion of other "plights" which the media eventually hit them with in order to keep them from realizing their own plight which was steadily worsening and from thinking about the erosion of their own rights which were dissolving before their eyes.

Years of this madness passed and the number of white people reaching retirement age grew. The lack of white offspring to take their places had a telling effect on society in general and on the cities in particular. Fewer and fewer whites meant fewer and fewer professionals and skilled laborers which in turn meant fewer and fewer large incomes that could be taxed almost dry to support social programs, schools and teacher's salaries, police forces, and the massive welfare underclass. The great deterioration was now fully under way. Businesses and firms were closing down everywhere because they were constantly vandalized and set on fire by discontented mobs or thrill seeking gangs of third world peoples and because their products were not selling in the local market place. There was an even sharper rise in violent crimes of all sorts and the police forces, which were now saturated with third world elements thanks to no white candidates being available for the positions and "affirmative action" programs in the past, cared little about stopping the chaos. The entire edifice known as modern medicine crumbled into total uselessness for the same two reasons responsible for the deterioration of the police forces – lack of white professionals and careless third world employees. What was left in the cities of the white populace, pulled up stakes and headed for the countryside as life turned into a dangerous and dismal ordeal. The U.S. Military, also saturated with third world "brothers", fell apart and then split apart as men from different races simply collected gear, weapons, and ammunition, and then formed their own racial armies. There was no more military police to stop it, no "spit-and-polish" generals to oversee things, just hordes of blacks, browns, and yellows, loyal to their own and hostile to all others. And it was when the military in the U.S. and other white nations collapsed that the ruling elite, big money families, media masters, and other promoters and planners lost all hope of control and achievement of their latest utopia.

Now it was dog-eat-dog. Soon the police forces and national guard followed the example of military personnel and they simply split apart and joined the racial armies. Open slaughter followed in many areas as the different races jostled for territory and the New World Order that did develop turned out to be closer to the Dark Ages than a "World of Light". In the United States, on the west coast, the hispanics and asians formed their own "kingdoms" while the whites either fled to the north or northeast, or stayed bottled up in a few areas within Los Angeles County and Orange County. Certain small pockets also remained in posh areas of northern California, Oregon and Washington. The blacks in these areas had long since relocated to the southeastern states where the Black Panther Militia had set up their territory in an attempt to save their people from the dangers of disease and violence so common in the other parts of the country and especially in the large cities. This left populations of asians, hispanics, and whites on the west coast to "survive" along side of one another. As tension increased and the only remaining military and police forces mutinied, the utopia promoters and their stooges in the federal government made a last ditch and feeble attempt at restoring order and maintaining control by having massive amounts of emergency foodstuffs delivered into the troubled areas around the United States. Their idea was that if they were at least well fed, the hostile racial groups would tone down and perhaps be open to more of the latest utopia's sales pitch. Their maneuver proved too little – too late, and the last loyal troops who delivered the rations were slaughtered by the recipients. The promoters and their henchmen then melted away into the white populations in the countryside or in the posh areas still existing within the large cities and a dark age began in the United States and throughout the western world.

In the region of southern California, the largest territory or "kingdom" as such territories were called, was held by the asians. During the chaos and disintegration of society they had conducted a war among themselves for the control of their parts of the different cities. It was the Chinese that eventually triumphed after they either killed or forced the Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese, Cambodians and others into submission. The leaders of the Chinese were all "lords" in the various Triads back in Hong Kong. These sinister under-world organizations had operated and flourished throughout the Orient before they had pulled up stakes and relocated in North America when the U.S. and Canadian governments kept the immigration gates wide open years earlier. Soon after they arrived they became solidly entrenched in many North American cities, carrying on business as usual in all areas of crime. The Lords or "High Dragons" of the resettled Triads began having their "troops" enlist in law enforcement agencies, the military, and the National Guard. Others in the triad structures took jobs in the government on the local, state, and federal levels. The organization of the triad members was tight, their maneuvers unseen, and their final bid for power during the disintegration and chaos they helped to create, was utterly successful.

The lords welded together a ruthless and sadistic armed force using their Triad troops and the thugs from the street gangs in the China towns of the large cities in North America. Gangs like the Ling Wah, the Flying Ghost Boys, the Chin Li, and countless other chinese mobs who were overseen by Triad members received inside information from their associates in the police forces as well as arms and ammunition from police vehicles that were conveniently stolen. These thugs also acquired a substantial amount of artillery from gun shops that they robbed when their friends in the police forces failed to respond or turned a blind eye to their activities. On top of it all they knew of police deployment tactics during riots and they countered these with dazzling effectiveness as life became dog-eat-dog in all of the west coast cities.

The Chinese force, which was known among their people as "the Tiger's Claws", was led by a flamboyant and cocky Fortyone-year old Triad Lord whose name was Lu Meng. Although he was an underling in the Triad structure at the beginning of the chaos, his success against the other asians caused him to receive the title of "Supreme Lord" and after he was voted into the position of absolute dictator taking over from his old superior, Dave Mah, he became known as "the Golden Dragon" or just "Dragon Lu".

In the midst of the social breakdown, the Golden Dragon secured a very large portion of both Los Angeles and Orange County, as exclusive asian territory, consolidating his people and the other asians in it. Once all those under his sway were settled in the areas of the two counties the Triad leaders proclaimed this massive territory the "Kingdom of New China".

The hispanics, although nowhere near as well organized or disciplined as the Chinese, also "came together". But they did it peacefully. Mexicans, Hondurans, Salvadorians, Nicaraguans, and the rest, all spoke spanish, all were indians or breeds of some degree, and all freely intermingled. During the disintegration they also had easy access to military weapons that were left behind after the base closures which had taken place years earlier and tactics, and they eventually set up a kingdom of their own which they called Aztlan. The hispanic numbers were sparse because of the numerous types of social disease spreading among them and the only bloodshed that went on during the founding of Aztlan was between individual leaders seeking more power and influence over the throngs of less ambitious followers. After the dust settled there was a council of six leaders in place and a Generalissimo who, although not a total dictator, was easily able to keep order and have his plans followed. This state of affairs did not last long however, the Generalissimo schemed and connived and finally destroyed the council of six and placed himself as absolute dictator in charge of Aztlan. His name was Jonathan Olvera, he had been a university professor and was active in government circles when there was still a functioning society, and toward the beginning of the disintegration process in the two southern Californian counties, he also sponsored a variety of widely seen spokesmen for the underprivileged, homeless, and young criminal elements in the cities. After Aztlan was formed, Olvera became its leader due to his popularity with the hispanic masses, his cleverness, and his ruthless style of eliminating competitors.

The kingdom of Aztlan consisted of a core, densely populated area and hundreds of satellite communities within its borders. And the major turmoil of the total collapse of society finally did end.

The Present

Now there is still natural gas and running water throughout the two county area but electricity is only available in some parts. Gasoline is being rationed in both New China and Aztlan as well as in the last white neighborhoods in Orange County and the white occupied area of Beverly Hills and Bel Air in Los Angeles County. Although they are the last concentration of white people to reside in these areas, they have not declared them as "territories" or "kingdoms", and they have not expelled many of the non-whites who reside there with them. The reason why the white people of these two last areas have remained has nothing to do with bravery. It is because their greed has overshadowed their fear and they refuse to leave because of having too much time and money tied up in property and possessions. During the polarization of the racial elements, these white people kept clinging to a forlorn hope that the government or "somebody" would somehow make things as they once were.

Little did they know, but things would never be as they once were and everything had deteriorated past the point of no return. Aside from the assortment of actors, directors, producers, bankers, lawyers, and media Jews in the Los Angeles area, and the wealthy in the Orange County area, the white people in Southern California are very few and far between. Some exist in small groups on the edges of Aztlan and New China while others are captives and slaves within those two "kingdoms". This slavery is as yet unknown to the people in the last two concentrated areas of whites and, up to this point, the asians and hispanics have occupied themselves with problems within their own territories. As our story begins they are just beginning to turn their attention to the white people still around and the areas that these people still hold.