From The Populist Observer, December 1993 – by Ruth Coffey.
The 'Peaceful Conquest' of America.

Maybe its already too late for white American citizens to stiffen their backbones and assert pride in their  own country, race, heritage, history, culture and language.

Maybe they feel it is futile to fight a losing cause, for certainly, white Americans or at least most of them, have already lost their self-respect and any other segment of our country's population who cracks the whip of "civil rights", "affirmative action" and all the other "rights" mandated by our government to "protected categories of people" that now say "kneel to your new masters!"

It's sickening to watch by those of us who have deep roots in America, whose fathers, brothers, grandfathers, sons and daughters have fought to preserve the freedoms granted to us in our Constitution but are now left with no legacy to hand down to our progeny but fear. Yes, fear, of offending those whom the government has seen fit to place in those "protected categories" (which translates into: free to usurp the rights of white Americans in every area of our society from the schoolroom to the workplace!)

While people in civilized nations all over the world are infuriated by what they call "ethnic cleansing" in Bosnia, Americans are cheering on anarchists who are doing the same thing in our own country under the guise of "multiculturalism"... Not with bullets but with ballots that place traitors in office... Not with tanks but with word processors used by traitorous members of the media to champion the rights of America's conquerors... Not with nuclear bombs but because of apathy on the part of the conquered citizens.

Amazingly, there are still millions of American citizens who suffer from the "Ostrich Syndrome" and refuse to believe that America has been targeted for conquest, through mass immigration, by Latin American and Asian countries.

Perhaps the following quote from Father Florencio Rigoni's speech to the Mexican Bishops' Council in 1986 will persuade those Americans to have second thoughts. According to Rigoni, the march of Latin Americans to the United States shouldn't be understood as a wave of anger or revolutionary passion but more as a "peaceful conquest".

In other words, if Americans won't fight ethnic cultural rape, just lay back and enjoy it!

I can't speak for the rest of my fellow Americans but I have no intention of being the object of "conquest", peaceful or otherwise, by Latinos, Asians, blacks, Arabs, or any other group or individuals who have claimed my country as the result of "peaceful conquest" and are intent on transforming it into a replica of their own Third World cultures.

In closing, I'd like to paraphrase Everett Hale's famous work, "The Man Without a Country" and ask: Breathe there a man with soul so dead that never to himself has said, "This was, my own native land"?