24 July 2002 – by Rienzi
Yesterday I watched the first of the four episodes of a mini-series called “Their Finest Hour,” a co-production of the BBC and WGHB. I knew from the very beginning that it would be the usual ZOG-trash; but, nevertheless I decided to see what kind of horrors they have to show. The series is built upon the recollections of British men and women who served in the armed forces during 1940-41. As it cannot be otherwise, a former soldier of the Royal Norfolk Regiment told us how the Stukas bombed and strafed the defenseless civilians; and, to back up his words, an awfully edited newsreel that shows very clearly two different scenes was presented as “proof” of the wickedness of the brutal Germans.

But this is not the point. What really shocked me was the typical self-righteousness of these imbeciles who were/are so proud of their “glorious” stand against Hitler. Their country is a sewer, chock-a-block with sub-human elements from every corner of the former British Empire (a Jewish concoction), the crime-rate is extremely high, thanks to the “brothers” from Africa, America and Asia; and still these arrogant morons speak wonders of Winston Churchill, that bag made up of lard and shit. This reminds me of a situation mentioned by a young German officer in his memoirs. As he and thousands of his comrades starved in the US and British run POW’s camps during the terrible year of 1945 one of them said: “Great news, Churchill’s government has fallen! Hurrah for the British Labour party!”. When asked by his comrades why he was so happy he replied: “Don't you see? The British went to war in the name of their great Empire and this is what they got: a Labour government; they destroyed Germany out of pure hatred without realizing that we were fighting for them, now they have a pro-Marxist government, I tell you, very soon their precious Empire will disappear.” Yes, that German soldier was quite right, unfortunately it did not happen as it should, that is: there were not massacres of “noblemen” like in Russia but, in a certain, twisted and evil way, the former Great Britain has died a long, painful and humiliating death. The arrogant Englishmen were kicked out of their former colonies in the most shameful way. There were no heroic defeats, but pathetic “handovers.” The empire formed by and for shop-keepers met its fitting end. And yet, these imbeciles, the useful idiots who saved the Jewish Empire, remember with pride “their finest hour.” They are so happy in their petty, pathetic, and so English, chauvinistic patriotism; that they cannot see the link between their “glorious victory” and the grim, filthy, third-rate country that England had become. There is an expression that sums this up very well: “Poetic justice.”