by Brander C. Kitchin, M.D.


The magic of modern molecular biologic techniques allow scientists to peer into the very meaning of living things. Not only are individual chromosomes of body cells identified, but they are teased apart for inspection and characterization of one or another of the thousands upon thousands of individual genes lined up in each. These almost miraculous techniques have enabled a discovery of overwhelming importance to the continued existence of Caucasian White Man, true Homo sapiens. The integrity of his unique genome is dangerously near extinction. His genes are what makes him what he is. It is this genome that created Western Civilization. The survival of earth's biosphere may depend upon the preservation of this unique genome free of miscegenated taint.

Unquestionably, this discovery is the most important return on the billions of dollars and thousands upon thousands of hours spent on AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) research. If acted upon by an awakened White population, this discovery may justify the existence of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), whether naturally-occurring or man-made, and the terrible disease it causes. But this is not as most would see it and certainly not as the establishment portrays it – or could accept.. This may sound strange, but it involves the choices open to this seemingly invincible virus, a minuscule particle of organic material, a tiny 'creature' that is depopulating the Third World. Already, it looks beyond such confinement.

Viruses do not have a life of their own. Millions of viruses, banging against one another, cannot reproduce. A virus is merely a complex organized structure containing genetic material that lies dormant until it comes in contact with something that is actually alive. At that point, if an appropriate receptor or "docking site" is present at the surface of a living cell, the virus particle sticks to the cell. Often it is engulfed actively by a cell, such as the macrophage (one of the cells of the lymphocytic system involved in the immune response of the body), with no effort on its part because it is recognized as "not belonging". Once inside the cell's outer membrane, the "dance of death" begins. The virus material wakens from its "not dead but not alive"sleep – and here the HIV has a specially deadly advantage. It is a retro virus. Its genome is RNA and, before it can insert its own genetic material into the chromosome of the cell, it must convert its RNA into DNA, the form in which genetic material must exist in the cell's genome. To do this, it uses an enzyme called reverse transcriptase which transforms RNA into double-strand DNA and back again. Once it has interposed itself into the genetic structure of the invaded cell, such as a macrophage, it takes over the metabolism of the cell to its own purpose. Its whole purpose in the life it now has, though not really its own, is to reproduce itself. In order to make more viruses, it forces the invaded cell to copy the segment of viral DNA ensconced in one of the cell's chromosomes back into viral RNA using reverse transcriptase. It does this over and over again, releasing thousands upon thousands of new HIV's, destroying the cell in the process. It is this transition step back and forth from HIV DNA to HIV RNA, using reverse transcriptase, that gives HIV such a profound advantage over the body's defenses.

The process of conversion of RNA to DNA and back again is highly error-prone. The reverse transcriptase tends not to transcribe accurately. It is estimated that each time RNA is transcribed into DNA or the reverse, the new DNA will differ from the previous HIV in one site. This means that while the body's immune system is at work identifying the previous generation as an enemy and making antibodies to it, the enemy has altered its appearance, must be re-identified and a different immune body manufactured. Thus, a retrovirus has a built-in means of mutating continuously. Sooner or later, this never-ending strain on the ability of the invaded cell to try to keep up with the viral activity, simply wears it out. And with it goes the immune system of the victim. It is this almost unique ability of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus to change its biologic appearance endlessly that makes it unlikely that a cure or vaccine will ever be found.

Without a functioning immune system, the body has become defenseless prey to the innumerable disease organisms that had been held at bay. Death may be postponed a little, but infection by HIV inevitably leads to the death of its host. HIV, in essence, uses the life force of its host to destroy him. The entire process from infection to death of the host requires enough time for the host to seed HIV far and wide before he dies. This is another enormous advantage possessed by the HIV. Unlike the virus of Ebola or the bacterium of pulmonary anthrax which kill too rapidly for the disease agents to acquire many new hosts, the HIV has the entire world population to choose from!

HIV is, in many respects, the ideal disease agent for extinction of mankind. It is transmissible from one host to another by any exchange of body fluids from tears to mother's milk to blood and semen or vaginal mucous. Exchange of body fluids is one of mankind's apparently uncontrollable imperatives. He seeks the opportunity in many ways, with or without the other's consent, and is under enormous compulsion to do so. Once infected by HIV, the victim may not even know it for several years and it will take him a few more to die. In the meantime, he is under his own compulsion to follow the "life" wishes of the virus and distribute it to as many of his kind as he is able.

While not as virulent as the Ebola virus, for example, HIV is transmissible more easily than often realized. Early reports indicated that the HIV virus could remain viable up to two weeks on a laboratory bench-top, that it could penetrate intact vaginal mucosa, that domestic non-sexual transmission occurred and even that biting blood-sucking insects like mosquitoes could transmit the virus. This sort of information is no longer publicized by government agencies, perhaps on the excuse that it might cause panic. But on the other hand, years ago standard epidemiologic and public health procedures that are tried and true, might have limited the pandemic and allowed it to be brought under control and even eliminated.

With rare exception, such as a contaminated transfusion, infection by HIV is still largely voluntary. The virus does not jump across space from one to another through the air or infect from contaminated articles like salad in a salad bar as can the tuberculosis bacterium. It usually requires intimate contact, usually repetitive, with exchange of body fluids. So, if a person sticks to the behavior professed and promulgated by Western Civilization for thousands of years and chooses his close contacts from his own kind, he could be reasonably certain that he would never become infected by HIV.

But this was a rapidly-disappearing past. The disease is leaking more and more into conventional, middle and upper class White Caucasian populations. Transmission is occurring from people who had no idea that they could have been infected, or how, to a partner or other person who may not have known for years that he or she was infected. But, all during this "incubation phase" of the disease, the carrier can transmit the virus to another. Recall also, that transmission by insect is reported and reasonable and, considering the previously reported survivability of the virus, domestic (or workplace?) transmission by foment appears to be possible. There is also the excellent possibility that the virus will enhance its virulence. For example, droplet transmission by coughing could become significant. At this point, it would seem probable that HIV could, in time, eliminate mankind from earth.

The ability to "mutate" virtually with each viral generation admittedly makes it unlikely that any effective vaccine or therapeutic agent will ever be found. HIV is an ideal disease agent; secretive, intrusive, omnipotent and eternal. It is an invincible weapon in the war against over-population and it was highly-selective in those it attacked. It goes after those who breed most rapidly and whose behavior is promiscuous and deviant. But that phase is rapidly disappearing.

As the pandemic grew, it was noticed that a rare AIDS patient refused to die within the usual three to five years of the initial infection. Some were still going strong with normal laboratory tests even after ten or more years. As observations accumulated, it was found that some people living a high-risk-for-AIDS life-style, never became infected at all! They seemed to be naturally immune to the HIV. This was remarkable!

The early '90's ushered in the political bombshell. The people who seem to be immune to HIV infection and never get AIDS, no matter how rotten their abnormally-adopted lifestyle, are White! They are all Caucasians! Blacks, Hispanics and other "minorities" make up 75% to 90% or more of clinical infection but not one of the "minority" high-risk group was found to be "immune" as were a few White Caucasians. It seems that Nature has deserted the "minorities" in favor of him who today's world has been taught to hate. The evil White man once again is favored over the "downtrodden, persecuted minorities". Something had to be done about this. It is politically unacceptable that something so devastating to the favored "minorities", no matter how depraved their behavior, could not be "just the way things are". Something had to have happened somewhere, sometime. There had to have been some sort of an "event".

Only a minority of Whites had total "immunity" and another group seemed to display partial "immunity" because they took so long to die. Obviously, something had to be different about some Caucasians that created this embarrassing, "unfair" situation. But what? Since no non-Caucasians had been found with this HIV-resistant trait and there were obviously genetic differences between Caucasians and other so-called "races", perhaps the answer might be found in genetics.

That this amazing phenomenon, indeed, has a genetic basis was well-established in 1995 and 1996. It was found that susceptibility to HIV infection was not simply a matter of functioning or non-functioning of the immune system. So-called "HLA antigen" (human lymphocyte antigen) genes which are active in the production of "immune globulins" do influence progression of the disease and even susceptibility to infection in rare instances in an incompletely understood manner. However, this "immune" mechanism is not the significant means by which HIV is denied admission to the cells of some Caucasian individuals and prolongs the course of the disease in others.

Microbiologic genetic studies of the genome of individuals who had followed a high-risk lifestyle for HIV infection without ever have been infected by the virus found that their chromosome number 3 was a different allele from the allele of those who were infected. The variant allele of those who had resisted infection by HIV lacked a chemokine receptor, a proteinaceous molecule which lies at the surface of a cell and acts as a "docking point" and "door" to the cell's interior. In this instance, it is designated delta32 and is part of the CCR5 gene which is carried by the chromosome designated as "chromosome #3". The CCR5 gene of these uninfected White individuals was designated as "CCR5-delta32" (this means, CCR5 minus delta32) as opposed to those with the so-called "normal" allele, "CCR5+delta32" which means that it possesses the delta32 chemokine. Absence of the delta32 chemokine from the CCR5 gene virtually prevents infection by HIV.

Subsequent studies of thousands of high-risk persons has confirmed that those who are homozygous for the absence of the delta32 chemokine receptor (CCR5-delta32 status on each of chromosome #3, one inherited from each parent) are virtually impossible for HIV to infect. Those who are heterozygous (one of their chromosome #3 CCR5 genes lacks the delta32 chemokine and the other does not. This means that one or both parents were not homozygous for absence of the trait) for the trait are capable of being infected by HIV, but tend to have a prolonged course before inevitably succumbing to AIDS.

Since the initial discovery of this genetic resistance to infection by the HIV, a very rare individual who is homozygous for CCR5-delta32 has been found, nonetheless, to be infected. Some few existing viral infections could serve the HIV, which is dual-tropic, as a co-receptor enabling it to ride into a cell, by-passing its preferred entry point that is denied it because of its homozygous CCR5-delta32 status.

As more and more individuals living the high-risk lifestyle were found to be uninfected, it was confirmed that they were White Caucasians. Further detailed investigation of this disturbing ethnic/racial-based finding was undertaken and reported in the American Journal of Human Genetics at the end of March, 1998, by Stephen J. O'Brien, et al. This study of the genotype of 4166 at-risk individuals across Eurasia, Africa, United States and Mexico, found that the delta32 chemokine receptor was absent from the CCR5 allele (CCR5-delta32) in a maximum of about 15% of the Swedish people tested. The CCR5-delta32 allele phenotype steadily diminished in frequency in Caucasians in a southerly and easterly geographic cline across Eurasia. The CCR5-delta32 allele is absent among African Blacks, some western American Indian tribes tested and Korean and Chinese ethnic groups (see Table I). There was no immunologic pathology among those individuals homozygous for CCR5-delta32. In other words, possession of the CCR5-delta32 gene, in either heterozygous or homozygous fashion, did not compromise the immune response against other infections of such Caucasians.

Now it gets interesting! The injunction of what is considered politically and ethnically correct appears to have stuck its ugly nose into just another of the tents of science. According to the "politically correct" paradigm of today, these few White Caucasians genetically resistant to HIV infection, could not possibly have anything "right" in their genetic history. Therefore, this CCR5 gene that did not bear the delta32 chemokine receptor had to be an abnormal gene. Based on the "African Eve" hypothesis, all mankind originated in Africa and are just one big not-too-happy family. Therefore, any deviation from the Black African genotype has to be a "mutant". That is, it has to have been changed by something from the "normal" African genotype. While the myth of the "African Eve" is disputed and disproved by my article, "The Descension of Man" (see and click "Verity"), it continues to be the favorite of the alien establishment for obviously political reasons.

Thus began a circuitous process involving numerous assumptions, presumptions and estimations subjected to obtuse mathematical and statistical manipulations in an attempt to arrive at a date this "mutation-deletion" might have begun and how it managed to persist and increase in frequency among some populations. First and perhaps the most egregious of the assumptions upon which all the others depend was acceptance of the "African Eve" hypothesis. Since all Black Africans and most, if not all, off-white quasi-humans bipeds have the CCR5+delta32 phenotype then, as the myth proclaims, White Caucasians must have the same evolutionary origin. Therefore, any person with the CCR5-delta32 genotype must be an abnormal variant somehow "mutated" into this deplorable and "unfair condition of "immunity" to the AIDS virus. Something had to have come along and deleted the delta32 chemokine receptor from the "normal" gene. Apparently, as will be shown, this ridiculous hypothesis has been accepted without a word of dissent from anywhere that I have found!

A complex hypothesis was evolved which attempts to support the occurrence of a unique mutational event that deleted the "normal" delta32 chemokine from the CCR5 gene in a single Caucasian around 650 years ago. In the milieu of the Black Plague, rife with fleas laden with plague bacilli, the "mutation-deletion" could have conferred an enormous advantage in surviving the disease if it denied Yersinia pestis, the plague bacillus, admission into cells. Its possessors would survive, increasing the proportion of the "mutation-deletion" in the population. But this is an impossible scenario for at least two definitive reasons.

A single individual born at around the time the Black Plague was about to strike would have been about 6 years old when it ended. With the ending of the Black Plague, the selective advantage rendered by CCR5-delta32 against this epidemic disease would have become sporadic at best. At this time, the carrier of the trait would have been about six years old, well before the age at which a White Caucasian can reproduce. So, how could the Black Plague have contributed the necessary pressure on the population to increase the frequency of the trait at all?

Since the existing percentage incidence of this so-called "mutation-deletion" in Caucasians is one of the determinants for the selection of the date of the plague 650 years ago as the date of its occurrence, placing the date of the "mutation-deletion" much earlier in order to allow time for the potential carrier to reach reproductive maturity, would render this hypothesis inconsistent with itself.

Additionally, the proposed scenario defies reason because of the assumption that White Caucasians are ultimately derived from the same stock as Black Africans and, ipso facto, must normally bear the same genetic components. As pointed out earlier, this is not so.

Obviously, the Caucasian gene that does not provide the delta32 chemokine receptor, CCR5+delta32, for the human immunodeficiency virus to hop aboard and ride into his cells, is the normal gene for pure Caucasian stock. The failure of the politically-correct paradigm to produce an acceptable scenario for the derivation of the CCR5-delta32 allele, demonstrably supports the conclusions of my article, "The Descension of Man". African Blacks and White Homo sapiens Caucasians do not have the same origin and, in fact, are different species that, tragically, are able to inter-breed. "African Eve" may be the mother of all Blacks but she bears no ancestral relationship to Homo sapiens.

Thus, the normal chromosome #3 of Black Africans contains the delta32 chemokine while the normal chromosome #3 of White Homo sapiens does not. If this is so, it appears that the majority of what are apparently White Caucasian Homo sapiens today bear the abnormal-for-them Black genotype in increasing frequency as one moves in a geographic cline from northern Europe to the south and east (see Table I). Using Occam's Razor, the transparent reason for this finding is miscegenation, from probably thousands of years ago to the present, between White Caucasian Homo sapiens and "colored" minority hybrids. This also explains the geographic cline. It is an index of the extent of genetic pollution – the insertion of non-White genes into the White Caucasian genome. The frequency of the CCR5+delta32 allele increases in apparently White Caucasians in an essentially linear fashion as geographic areas with heavier Black and "minority" populations are approached.

Of the 38 ethnic groups tested (see Table I), the delta32 chemokine is present in all African Blacks, Asia-derived American Indians (Pueblo and Pima), Cheyenne Indians (northern plains Indians who may not have Asian ancestors but who were, among other American Indian tribes, heavily infiltrated by Blacks by the U.S. government as part of their extermination attempt), Korean, Chinese, Mexican and the middle-eastern populations involved in the project. This preliminary screening is a limited sample of predominantly high-risk individuals as far as is known. Additional testing of larger numbers probably would change the percentages somewhat but is unlikely to alter the geographic ethnic cline. Where the figures reported are believed to represent predominantly high-risk individuals, the percentage of individuals who lack the delta32 chemokine receptor may be larger if the study reaches further into the general population.

A few U.S. Blacks have been found who are heterozygous for CCR5-delta32. This is because many U.S. Blacks (world-wide, for that matter) have a White in their ancestry. They have inherited a "White gene" from somewhere in their past. A product of conception receives a set of chromosomes and their contained genes from each parent. If one of the parents is pure black, he will be homozygous for the CCR5+delta32 chemokine receptor gene. In order for the offspring of a Black to be heterozygous for the delta32 chemokine receptor gene (CCR5-delta32/CCR5+32) configuration, the other parent must be at least heterozygous for the trait. About 25% of the offspring of such a union will be heterozygous for the trait. Other percentages and hetero- or homozygous configurations are possible, depending upon the status of the parents and whether or not the trait is recessive or dominant. So far, a rare miscegenated "Black" has been found who is heterozygous for the trait. It is entirely possible that a rare Black will be found who is sufficiently miscegenated in his ancestry to be homozygous and thus genetically resistant to HIV infection.

The true explanation for the absence of the delta32 chemokine in some Caucasians with its absence in diminishing frequency within Caucasian populations in a geographic cline from a northern European high in a southerly and easterly direction to total absence in African and other ethnic populations, becomes clear. No mutation event occurred. The CCR5+delta32 gene is normal for the ancestral African Black. The CCR5-delta32 gene is normal for the ancestral White Caucasian Homo sapiens. Any relationship between the two is through the terrible crime against Nature called miscegenation. Unfortunately, cross-breeding of White and Black is possible, produces fertile offspring and is being encouraged with increasing frequency. It also assures that the offspring of mixed White and Black parentage will be, depending upon the genetic status of the parents, either heterozygous or homozygous for the CCR5+delta32 chemokine. Miscegenation is the single most certain means of genocide that exists.

So what does the finding of this research that a small percentage of White Caucasians who resist HIV attack mean? Why does this percentage get smaller as one proceeds from northern Europe towards Africa and Asia? It means that these few are the only remaining White people on earth who may retain the purity of their genetic stock. It means that the rest, the majority of apparently White people on earth are genetically-tainted with Black-derived genes from somewhere in the past. The contamination could have occurred millennia ago or recently. The geographic cline is consistent with greater opportunity for miscegenation as the two populations historically have neared each other.

It means that, unless this genocidal taint is recognized for what it is and draconian measures taken to avoid further pollution of this tiny remaining gene pool – and make it grow – White Caucasian Homo sapiens will gradually cease to exist. It means that the contempt and hatred the Jews bear for the rest of mankind will have found its final solution. Their goal is near. HIV alone could finish the job. No means to stop the AIDS pandemic seems probable. But even without AIDS, the competence of White man to preserve his Culture and Western Civilization is diminishing in an ever more rapid decline as miscegenation drowns him in a brown scum.

The terrible consequences of this genetic taint is that those Whites who carry it are still White and display most of the beauty and competence of Homo sapiens sapiens. One might wonder if the ease with which organized Jewry has usurped and partially destroyed White Western Civilization without significant White resistance may be the result of the White majority being already polluted with more than a single gene derived from a Black or other "minority"? Many who carry the alien trait are physically indistinguishable from those who do not. If they, a pure homozygous CCR5-delta32 and an apparently White Caucasian homo- or heterozygous CCR5+delts32, reproduce, 25% to 100% of the offspring will carry the CCR5+delta32 gene. The heterozygous combination (25% of the offspring), does not result in "immunity" to HIV infection. It just takes longer to die. This sort of mating will inevitably increase the frequency of the CCR5+delta32 taint in the remaining pure White Caucasian segment of the population. Without incredible effort, certainly to be fought bitterly by the Jewish-controlled media and schools on all fronts, White man will be wiped off the face of the earth by AIDS as it reaches further into the unsuspecting general populations.

Something must be done to protect and preserve the ancestral White Caucasian genotype. Should the will, the courage and the determination still exist in White Man, there is a way. It is simple in theory, but will be difficult in practice. All persons passing as White Caucasian must be tested for the presence of the CCR5+delta32 allele. Persons who, though they appear physically White but possess the fatal allele, must not reproduce at all if one partner is homozygous for the CCR5+delta32 allele. If one or both partners are heterozygous, reproduction should occur only with the status of the foetus being ascertained by amniocentesis. Corrective measures can occur if the foetus should carry the taint. Only those couples who do not possess the fatal genetic taint MUST reproduce – and they must reproduce to their maximum with desperate haste. For only they may be really human in the sense that they may be able to pass the true and ancient genome of Homo sapiens to their heirs. It is they the Christian Bible admonishes, "Go forth and multiply".

This essay is copyrighted 1998. Permission to make copies is hereby granted provided that all pages are copied on a non-profit basis, in their entirety, that text is unchanged, and the author is credited.