Oh, I'm a Silly American

                  (A synopsis of American History in the Twentieth Century)

                                 By an American soldier

Oh, I'm a silly American
And this is what I do
I go around fighting wars
Fighting for the Jew

I didn't jump into World War I
It wasn't my business, anyhow
Until the Jew boys made a deal
And said: send the goyim now

Oh, I'm a silly American
And this is what I do
I go around fighting wars
Fighting for the Jew

The Jews took over Hollywood
And said: now watch us go
We'll brainwash all the goyim
And the truth they'll never know

With Hollywood in our hands, they said
And pretty soon TV
We'll wrap our chains around the goy
So he will never get free

Oh, I'm a silly American
And this is what I do
I go around fighting wars
Fighting for the Jew

Father Coughlin spoke up
He said a thing or two
But he wasn't heard above the noise
Created by the Jew

Henry Ford was a good man
He tried to warn us too
But one good man, even Henry Ford
Couldn't defeat the Jew

Lindbergh was a great man
Surely from heaven sent
Our world might be so different now
Had he been president

World War II was my big thing
The Jews said: don't you fuss
We're sending you to fight and die
But the victory belongs to us

Oh, I'm a silly American
I assume that you're one too
We go around fighting wars
Fighting for the Jew

The Jews and their boy Franklin said
We must get in this war
If we can get the Japs to start
We'll go thru the back door

A day of infamy, they said
December, forty one
But I suspect they wrote the speech
Before the deed was done

A day of great, great infamy
Nothing could be more true
And the greatest of all lay at the feet
Of Roosevelt and the Jew

This was the day they worked for
They could hold a celebration
For now the Jewish agenda was
The agenda of our nation

I fought my best in Europe
Killing my racial kin
A German asked: why fight us?
Cause only the Jews will win

Oh, we are silly Americans
And this is what we do
We go around fighting wars
Fighting for the Jew

After the war came Nuremberg
And war crimes took the floor
Of course we knew who the criminal was
He's the one who lost the war

Was this a triumph of justice?
Or was it deed most vile?
The real criminals at Nuremberg
Were not the men on trial

We heard about the communists
But there wasn't much to choose
It turned out for the most part
They just happened to be Jews

We heard about the holocaust
Oh did we ever hear
But survivors far outnumbered
The victims, I do fear

Speaking of the holocaust
Here's one not in the news
All the Russians and Ukranians
Killed by Soviet Jews

A friend of mine in the 50's
When asked, (this was not tough)
How many Jews died in the war?
Replied: not nearly enough

Oh, I'm a silly American
And this is what I do
I go around fighting wars
Fighting for the Jew

To Korea, then to Vietnam
And now the Middle East
I really need to stay at home
And fight the Jewish beast

I fought to make the world safe
Safe for dee-mocracy
But to tell the truth – come to think of it
I don't feel very free

I thought I fought for freedom
But look was has happened here
Every word must be politically correct
And people live in fear

Today we listen to Spielberg
The quintessential Jew
If you believe him, my friend
I have a bridge for you

Our country's being invaded now
Mestizos stream across
But to stop this simple invasion
Uncle Schlomo is at a loss

Come on, Jews, send me again
To the Rio Grande this time
Give me my old weapons and
I'll stop them on a dime

But I haven't heard the call yet
And I doubt that they'll call you
Because this real invasion is
Cheered on by the Jew

So why when we're invaded now
Do the Jews say: do not fuss?
Could it be their real agenda is
To destroy our nation – and us?

And sitting in the White House
A pathetic aging boy
Perhaps we could describe him as
A wind up jewish toy

This poor excuse for a leader
Who couldn't shine Lindbergh's shoes
Plays out his role in history
A front man for the Jews

Alongside him another clown
Waiting for his turn
To serve his Jewish masters
My god when will we learn?

We made the world safe, you say?
My friend, lay off the booze
We made the world safe, alright
For traitors and for Jews

When you're fighting for your enemies
Against your kin as well
You win a war like that, my friend
You've won a place in hell

If you go to fight a war then
Be careful how you choose
The Germans weren't our enemies
Our enemies are the Jews

Let me repeat that once again
If you would truly be free
Make sure you fight your wars
Against the real enemy

So, you Americans and British
French and Germans too
Must now learn to cooperate
In your struggle against the Jew

Or the Jew will bring you all down
There will be no salvation
He'll turn each of you proud peoples
Into a mongrel nation

Your racial heritage will be lost
A sad song you will sing
As you replace George Washington
With Martin Luther King

Oh, we are silly Americans
We don't do what is right
We go around fighting wars
For the Jewish parasite

Oh, we are silly Americans
Will we ever catch on – and pause?
And end our role of servitude
To the evil Jewish cause

Will we ever catch on – and serve no more?
The evil Jewish cause

(let me repeat for the benefit of the slow learners)

Will we ever catch on – and free ourselves?
From the Jewish parasite

Oh, I'm a silly American

Warren Peace – July 2000