01 October 2001

I have enjoyed the benefits of the Internet as a source of very interesting, and sometimes uninteresting, information for over a year. Besides my "hobbies": European art and architecture plus Military History, I have always been very keen on politically incorrect theories or ideas. In fact, being a convinced National Socialist I took a great deal of interest (and time) in surveying (I hate that stupid expression "surfing") the Net in search of interesting, meaningful and articulate websites that share my principles or beliefs. I'm sorry to say  most of the websites visited were not up to scratch. Many of them consisted of what my father would call "a mixed bunch of cats"; in their case: Christian Fundamentalists (religious loonies), White Supremacists (uneducated thugs, too fond of liquor and tattoos) Conservatives (people who are more concerned with their careers and/or social standing than with the actual state of their country; a kind of "part-time patriots") and Traditionalists (people very similar to the Conservatives but with a "mystical" twist. They love to read and discuss boring books about secret societies and/or cults of the past, in a search for links that would legitimize their "traditionalist" ideals. A friend of mine described their practices very nicely when he said: "...their political activism is a continuous intellectual masturbation")

Leaving these sorry characters behind I focused my attention in the so-called "True Nosiness". Again, the results were quite sad. Most of these groups are no more than a handful of imbeciles who confuse political action with violence; giving to the enemy the best possible Public Relations material. Some of them are quite right regarding their ideological position but they usually end up ruining everything with their brainless policies. Let's make clear right now that many of these groups are created, organized and funded by the enemy. Their existence serves to a dual purpose: (A) To present a ridiculous/hateful image that would render their ideological tenets unacceptable for any reasonable person who may have certain sympathies for them. (B) To attract, identify and nullify any and every healthy young man who, foolishly, join them; leading him to a dead end road through brutalization, alcoholism and drug abuse.

On top of the list (or I should say "top-of-the-pops") are the so-called "Skinheads". People who prove their intelligence making themselves conspicuously evident  by shaving their heads, covering themselves with tattoos of Nordic or Celtic inspiration, getting drunk (preferably in public places), swearing endlessly and, last but not least, beating the hell out of some poor Latino or African who made the mistake of looking at them. If this is not sheer stupidity or politically suicidal behaviour, can you tell me what is it? Well yes, it could both; if you a take a moron with a tendency to violence and you get him drunk; that kind of behaviour would be quite logic. On the other hand that behaviour  would be  perfectly normal for someone who is acting as an agent provocateur with the clear purpose of creating an obnoxious image of its enemy.

One of the most poignant  ironies is that these Braindead (sorry, Skinheads) misuse and abuse the ancient Nordic symbols known as runes, which were an essential part of the Third Reich's symbolism, particularly within the Waffen-SS where the runes, painted on vehicles, served as tactical symbols identifying the different divisions on the battlefield. These pathetic alcoholics covered in tattoos have the cheek to claim they are heirs to the Waffen-SS, identifying themselves with the most noble soldiers the White race has ever produced! Let me tell you something; none of these critters is worth the old boots of a veteran SS-soldier. You have to look at only one picture depicting German soldiers of the Third Reich, members of the Hitlerjugend or European volunteers serving in the Waffen-SS to appreciate that those men belonged to a different world.

If further evidence about the sick nature of this people was needed, I shall let these "kameraden" speak by themselves. The following excerpts are taken from the "racial directory" of . I clicked in a Skinhead organization called "Blood & Honor" and then selected a branch at random (in this case Australia). The subtitle under the banner of "Blood & Honor" reads The Independent Voice of Rock Against Communism! "We are up to a good start" I said to myself trying not to laugh; then I read the following statement: Anyone who has stood in a room full of Skinheads, all with their voices raised in one voice to sing (scream, I would say) a song (?) of glory and honour, must have felt the power, unity and strength (of their smell). At this stage I decided I had enough and clicked in "Interviews" with some interesting results.

The first one was a member of an American group called PURE RAMPAGE (nice name!) When asked about a particularly interesting "gig" he mentioned one in Texas, but "we were so wasted... that it wasn't one of our best performances" (doesn't sound very much in the spirit of the SS doesn't it?)

Later was the turn of Warren, member of the group AGGRAVATED ASSAULT. When asked about the rest of the band he said "The band members are mostly in jail...." No kidding! Warren was later asked which were his favorite songs, his reply was: "HMO, that's another hard (question) one, let me grab a beer". When asked about the kind of audience they attract he said: "I think (!) we apply (he meant appeal) to the criminally minded drunken Skinhead crowd; but that's fine because at least I'm not the only drunk jerk out there" (very true!). Finally he was asked his opinion about the future of the United States (of Israel): "Lots of riots, murders and random acts of violence. Things always get worse before they get better (?) and fortunately I'll be all f...up and dead by then, so: good luck USA!" I have to say that a even a nitwit like Louis XV managed to put it more nicely by saying "Apres moi, le deluge!" (After me, the Deluge! or: After me, who cares?)

Full of confidence in the sound ideological and ethical foundations of these groups I went on to review the third and last one: CODE OF VIOLENCE. Please, read carefully both, the question and the answer: "Have you played at any jewish funerals?" "We've done only one and they loved us (?!), but we have done quite a few Bar Mitzvahs". I rest my case your Honour.

If you are a regular visitor to this website I assume you are an articulate, well educated, National Socialist who is beyond the risk of getting infected by this trash; if you are not, or if you know somebody foolish enough to consider joining these people; talk to him, make him look at their websites and then discuss their message. Make him understand that "With friends like these who needs enemies?"