by Brander C. Kitchin, M.D.

There is much talk of dividing the earth up into ethnic enclaves. Some think that White man can save himself and his civilization in this manner. Some, in the United States see three or four States in the northwest as a survivable refuge for the White population of this once-upon-a-time nation. This is sure death.

Earth is our homeland. Not a square centimeter of the lands occupied and developed by the Aryan, true Homo sapiens, can be relinquished to the hybrid muds. To retreat into isolated, individually non-survivable enclaves is not only running off "with our tails between our legs", it is marching into oblivion. At best, it could be seen only as a temporary expedient in order that leadership can come together to gather force and plan unity of action. Even this has profound dangers. Even if such a White enclave should survive at all, such a rejection of the rest of the world guarantees the imminent destruction of the biosphere. Most of the earth would remain in the hands of creatures with no abilities or perceptions other than unbridled consumption and reproduction who vastly outnumber us and out-breed us better than ten to one. Granted, left on their own, they will soon die out but, before that wondrous day, they will have consumed every living thing on earth and, what they have not been able to eat, they will poison with their own filth.

It should be obvious by now that the only thing Third World populations can accomplish on their own is the production of surplus images of themselves. Compassion – or even a minimal concern for other living things – is not part of their makeup. They do not even seem able to understand that it is only the compassion of White man that has preserved them and, to his discredit, aided the increase in their numbers out of earth's capacity to support them. It is only White Homo sapiens who seems capable of compassion for other living things without the expectation of direct profit to himself. It is, however, one of the great tragedies of nature that White man is unable to see beyond their superficial resemblance to himself to the profound differences between them.

The hybrids are incongruous in the biosphere and exist only because miscegenation between Homo sapiens and one of Nature's unnatural artifacts, the Black, long, long ago got out of hand. One particularly twisted offshoot of this genetic calamity has sequestered itself while it hones and nurtures a small facet of its otherwise incapable brain to establish itself as a near-perfect parasite. Throughout its history, in the self-created belief that it is the "chosen" creature of God, it has rejected every attempt of symbiosis by any dominant nation it parasitized. Unfortunately, the rest of the Jewish brain is insufficiently developed to understand that all true parasites die shortly after they have killed their host.

We're close to the point of extinction now. Perhaps, even, we already have passed the point of no return. Species race into oblivion every moment leaving empty a niche that itself had a purpose in the scheme of Nature that life on earth might survive.

Homo sapiens, alone among the hairless primates, may be able to exist in harmony with Nature and take his rightful place as Nature's partner rather than its destructive enemy. Unadulterated, he must survive as long as the biosphere will have him. Soon such identification may be possible and then, perhaps, only he should reproduce. But all who appear to be and believe themselves to be White Indo-European stock and bearers of Western Civilization must identify themselves to each other in order that they may unite and, together – one way or another (this we must work on) – survive the onslaught that is surely coming.

We must not, I think, turn tail and try to hide because there is no place on earth that we can hide. We have only one way to go. Unite and fight – or pass into history! Aryan clustering is dangerous to the clustered – probably fatally dangerous. Unless human/quasi-human society falls into a chaotic loss of organization and control world-wide, clustering would be like walking into concentration camps. Exit could be easily blocked such that all we voluntary inmates could be eliminated at once by the simple application to our area of refuge of one or another agents of biochemical or biological warfare. Or worse, let loose the muds in their billions slaughter unpleasantly our sequestered few. Unable to understand that it is because of productive White man that they live, they have absorbed the hate of us they have been taught. The result would be very unpleasant. We're even being taught to hate ourselves!

We must unite as a force based upon our nature from wherever we may happen to reside now. Certain things, some unpleasant, of long-established convictions imposed upon us we must face objectively. The race of those of us who are perceived by others (and perceive ourselves to be) White Indo-European or Aryan creators and legitimate inheritors of Western Civilization, whether we be genetically pristine pure or not (presently indeterminable), is our unimpeachable common denominator.

Our race has produced the culture that we value. It fits us because it is a product of our genotype. Several years ago, despite his position on the staff of Harvard Jewniversity, Edward O. Wilson, an entomologist, outraged liberal society by proclaiming that a society or culture is the product of the genotype of its population (Sociobiology: The New Synthesis, 1975, ISBN 0-674-81621-8). "Right off the bat", this says very clearly one thing we seem to have forgotten: any true culture and its child, civilization, must be mono-ethnic. Further, I think that any creatures that happen to live as a group, more or less coherent, as the Ik in Africa, have not necessarily established a "culture" and, certainly not, a civilization. Since culture and civilization are mono-ethnic, there can be no such thing as "multiculturalism". The word is a classic of "newspeak". It is an oxymoron. It follows that no "multicultural" society can be civilized. This is proved by an objective glance at the society that defines our once-upon-a-time Nation today. "Multicultural society" defies the definition "nation". It does, however, define chaos.

It is neither the environment nor luck, good or bad, that creates a culture or a civilization. It is the genotype of the gene pool of the population that creates and lives by its standards. It also says that any race that has never in its history invented a culture will never be able to absorb and adapt to a real culture nor has it earned the right to be racist. It is not worth saving. In this world, perishing from over-population, it must be considered expendable. And that is why the preservation of a gene pool that, over millennia, has persisted and built something of value is so vital.

The society defined by Western Civilization and built by our genotype, is still recognizable and preservable despite the holes that have been shot in it. But this makes us racist, doesn't it? And what, being drummed into us, is more evil than racism! Think about this!

Organized Jewry, a hybrid genotype, is totally "racist" and always has been. Ever since Abraham and his family wandered out of the Arabian desert, they have used every element of their mighty mind-warping and destroying armamentarium to demonize the very characteristic in others that is most characteristic of themselves. Why is this? Why do we not recognize it for what it is? Why should we fail to recognize in a population that, over the millennia has been a parasitic destroyer of civilizations, the tool that most clearly characterizes them?

The answer? Race is the real, the natural, the irrefutable and immutable rallying standard for any genotype that distinguishes and identifies any human or animal population. After all, ask yourself, what is racism? Is it not merely honoring one's parents and their's? Is it not simply having pride in the accomplishments of one's genotype-related antecedents who created a civilization and social system that all other genotypes on earth envy but are unable to even effectively copy? Is pride not justified in the creators of enclaves to which the muds flock in order to parasitize it, as have the Jews throughout their history, or soak up its benefits as have the rest? Are these not the only people on earth who have earned the right to be racist? Because they wish to preserve their unique Western Civilization and show pride in the genotype that made it, are they evil? If they had no pride, they would be betrayers of God's reason for the separateness of species that He created. Racism was His idea in the first place! There is on earth or in the universe no such thing as mutual equivalence – even at the quantum level. Equality is an evil myth. Belief in the concept is a terrible weapon.

Turn race and pride in its unity into a thing of opprobrium and our definable existence and all that we are and what our antecedents have created, is gone. Is it not strangely significant, perhaps, that only White pride in his antecedents and what they have created is defined as "evil racism" while the Jews praise, not only their own intransigent racism over the millennia, but Black pride (vitriolic racism) in their antecedents who have created nothing of value? The second best rallying standard is an organized belief system that, one way or another, may have been imposed upon a population. The old so-called Pagan religions supported a racist unity that was able to create Grecian/Athenian and Roman Civilizations, among others that, in many respects, we have yet to equal. It would seem that God understood – and understands!

Then came Christianity which may have been developed by the Jews as an introduction to Judaism for new converts. With the connivance of Constantine and the abandonment of the early circumcision requirement, Judaeo-Christianity, as it is now known, soon weaned the White man from the "Paganism" that had seen the birth and early maturity of Western Civilization. This "not really new" dogma failed to credit "paganism" for a large part of its content and Zoroastrianism for most of the rest. However, it just "happened" to benefit greatly, with some clever additions, its Jewish creator race of hybrids. Now, having completed its mission by removing pride and his fierce determination to fight for what he is from the mind of White man, Judaeo-Christianity has completed its creator's purpose. But it has become a potential hazard to the final accomplishment of that purpose: the extermination of the White genotype.

Since the Jews seem to have convinced White man that it is only his racism that is anti-Judaeo-Christian and therefore evil, White man has groveled in regretful submission before that false and unnatural doctrine. In a strange quirk of Nature, Aryan White man has embraced as a rallying standard that which has contributed most to his near-extinction! Although Judaeo-Christianity has been divided into multiple warring factions, separated by what really are inconsequential differences of opinion which have severely weakened its potential, it is the only rallying standard that a significant proportion of the White population have left. That, I think, is why we now see Christianity under attack by organized Jewry. When even it is gone, White man will flounder as individuals and many tiny groups, an easy prey to be picked off at will. So, I think, White man must see his genotype for the wondrous thing it has been and reclaim his posterity. Earth and its biosphere plead that he do this because he is the only dominant creature that extends his compassion and understanding in real terms to other living things. He must, once again, become a passionate "racist"! It is the only indestructible, unassailable rallying standard we have. This we must pursue and mobilize through every channel we can find. Today, the Jews virtually control earth. They have managed this with a total population of fewer than twenty million. Their prime weapon is their ownership of money. With this in hand, they have been able to buy the mind-controlling media government schools and White renegades.

There are about 600 million so-called Whites on earth. From this number, it should be possible to find and unite sufficient numbers, including financial and media experts, to replace the Jews who now dominate those positions. With money, the media and righteous pride in our antecedents in hand, what could stop us? Jews own money. From the days that Joseph got in trouble for corrupting tax-farming in Egypt, Jew tax-farmers in ancient Greece and the tax-farming publicani in Rome – all of which helped edge these civilizations over the cliff to nowhere – the power of the purse has been the Jews most powerful weapon against the hated goyim. Deprived of this control, accumulated over the millennia through the cupidity of some degenerate White men, Jews would be nothing. We would see, I think, desperate attempts to integrate themselves into White culture and society before they disappeared into the pit they have dug for us. This can happen. Certainly there exist White people with the expertise and concern for Western Civilization who are qualified to assume control of the world's financial structure to the advantage of their own kind. Even the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England might be beneficially palatable if they were other than funnels of White wealth and productivity to Zion.

Of course, any such attempted takeover would face massive resistance and retaliation from economic and media resources of organized Jewry. But this might be whittled down to manageable size. Boycott of any and all Jewish business by a program organized by the true producers of the world would do it. First, of course, must be education about the meaning of "race". The idea that "racism" is evil only if it is adjectively White must be shown to be the true evil.

Second, White man must be convinced of his right to be "racist" and why he must in order that he can rally to the standard of his own and unite. Third, all Jew-controlled or owned business, especially banks, financial institutions and all media, must be identified. If there are no gentile-owned banks and financial institutions, they must be created. There are still a few non-Jew media which can be the seeds of an honest information media to replace the Jewish empire. Fourth, the enormous purchasing power of productive White man must be united in support of White industry only.

Fifth, politicians – local, State and National – most of whom are psychopaths nurtured by "democracy", must be turned out in droves and our nation re-conquered as the Constitutional Republic it was meant to be. Sixth: Our weapons must remain in our individual possession. While they are merely ineffective annoyances against the biochemical, biologic and high-technology resources the controlled government can bring against us, we will need them for protection against a lawless uprising of "minority" populations.

Seventh: Boycott! This is seen as a bloodless, worldwide overthrow of an unlawful, genocidal system by lawful means in pursuit of our own survival. There is no freedom more imperative than the right to expend the fruits of one's mind, body, thought and labor according to his own wishes insofar as the exercise of these rights does not impair the same rights of another. There could be difficult times but they would survivable. There is, I think, no alternative.


*This essay is copyrighted 1998. Permission to make copies is hereby granted provided that all pages are copied on a non-profit basis, in their entirety, that text is unchanged, and the author is credited.