Afflict me no more with your hypocrisy. If you insist on worshiping your executioner, then depart from me, for it is treason against the White race, against nature, against civilization, and against the Gods.

I have come under attack for articles I have written entitled The Right Wing, Cowards, Liars, Screwballs and David Lane on Religion. Also for naming one of the pro-american, anti-communists who profess to care about the continued existence of the White race. I come now to apologize for naming the specific individual and to admit my error. I will now indict them all.

You tell me you are anti-communist and you care about your White kinfolk? Well it was America who turned several million White men over to the Soviets to be outright murdered or die a slow death in slave camps in 1945. But you love America; is it delusion, cowardice, or race treason?

You tell me you are anti-communist and you care about the survival of the White race? Well, the Germans would have destroyed Communism and provided a secure base for the existence of our race in our European homeland fifty years ago if America hadn't intervened to save the Soviet Union and destroy our racial saviors. But you love America; is it delusion, cowardice, or race treason?

You tell me you are anti-communist and you care about your fellow White kinfolk? The Soviet enslavement of two hundred million White people would have ended decades ago except for the financial support of America. But you love America; is it delusion, cowardice, or race treason?

You tell me you hate Communism for what it does to White people in the Soviet Union. But Federal judges destroy and terrorize millions of little White children with their forced busing and integration plans, untold thousands of White women are raped by Negroes every year, the White race is now overrun and mixed probably beyond the point of no return, as a policy of the American government, and you love America. Is it delusion, cowardice, or race treason?

You tell me you hate Communism for what it did or what it does to the White people of Rhodesia and South Africa. Well, it was American political and economic pressure that destroyed White Rhodesia and now destroys White South Africa. And you love America; is it delusion, cowardice, or race treason?

It's a lot safer to talk about those mean, nasty old Communists over there, than to tangle with the head of the snake, the seat of jewish world power, the real murderer of the White race, isn't it? You could end up dead like Robert Mathews, or in prison forever like the Brüder Schweigen. But then I guess we all choose our own priorities. For some its political, economic or religious systems, and for some it's the biological existence of the White race, do or die. Get one thing straight all you double thinkers, self deluders, deceivers and dabblers: America is the murderer of the White race, and if we are to have any chance of resurrecting our race while there is still a gene pool to work with then we are going to face reality, discard our delusions, speak of and act on, the single greatest issue of all time, racial survival.

Oh no you say, it isn't America that's the head of the snake, the murderer of our race, it's just that some bad guys grabbed the reins of "our" government a few years or decades ago. I showed you the real history of "your" government, and America's dominant religion and you ignored me. As always happens when dogma is contradicted by fact, the believers react in the same ways. A few investigate the allegations and accept reality. Others pretend the unpleasant facts don't exist, and still others fly into a rage directed at those with the effrontery to check belief with reason. Or perhaps you just believe that "ancient history" is of no importance or effect. So let's discuss present day America.

You are quite correct that the entirety of the entity called America is not necessarily synonymous with the government in power. America is comprised of many interrelated parts and we will consider the most important components that make the whole: (1) Military power; (2) Police power; (3) Economic tenets; (4) Political tenets; (5) Religion; (6) News media; (7) Entertainment media; (8) Sports; (9) Demographics.

When I am through if you are still able to say the words "White American" then leave the company of sane men, for you can no more be both White and American than you can stop the motion of the planets. If you are not an implacable enemy of America, and all it has been and all it is, you are a traitor to the existence of our race. And if you support the aims or continued existence of the political entity known as America then your treason cannot be calculated in the words of mortals.

I claim no special knowledge or abilities. I'm sure I make as many or more mistakes than anyone, especially considering the extent of my goal, and the limits of my circumstances. But I swear by Odin's beard that if this single very ordinary individual accomplishes one thing in his life it will be to demand that some capable people who might save our race, learn to face reality.


Let's begin with World War II. The war was fought to destroy the Germanic people who have been the defenders of our race for thousands of years. The Germanic tribes were instrumental in stopping the Asiatic invaders under Attila the Hun, circa 441 to 450 C.E. In the 8th century a Germanic tribe called the Franks stopped the invasion of the Moors from North Africa. Again in the 13th century, the Germanic tribes stopped the advance of the Mongols of Ghengis Khan and his sons.

For those World War II veterans who still think they were heroes for destroying our Germanic saviors, I would point out that the Germans were outnumbered 10 to 1 by the allies. In land area the USSR, British, French, and American empires were over 140 times larger than Germany, and Germany was outnumbered in natural resources, thousands to one. What a "heroic" victory for America, and what a tragic defeat for the White race. America then compounded its foul degeneracy by mass-murdering one million POW's after the war was over, to say nothing of 45 years of slander, hatred, and holy-hoax propaganda.

The next legacy of the American military was to set up racially-integrated military bases within White communities all over Europe and America. Bear in mind that the inevitable result of racial integration is racial intermarriage. So integration is simply a euphemism for genocide. This was the real reason for the 40 year so-called "cold war", i.e., to use America's racially-integrated military to mongrelize the White race worldwide. The cold war was not against the Soviet empire, as the same jews such as Armand Hammer have always controlled both the Soviet and American empires. And as can be seen by recent events, the jews were able to dissolve the "Communist menace" any time they wanted.

Some of you with honest memories may also remember pictures of the 82nd airborne using bayonets to integrate the universities of Dixie. No, let's cut the bullshit, to murder our race in Dixie. Then there were the meat grinder wars in Asia to kill and maim hundreds of thousands of our finest young men. In recent times America's "heroic" military has distinguished itself by shooting down an Iranian airliner on its scheduled flight plan, killing 290 innocent civilians, and by a massive bombing raid to murder the infant daughter of the President of Libya.

Wear your medals proudly, you "heroic" defenders of the obscene thing called America.

Police Power:

I will never forget the pictures of mounted police clubbing the White mothers of South Boston when they protested the integration and destruction of their neighborhood schools. Again translate, murder of their race. This was under Federal edict, but it goes to further prove "The boys in blue serve the jew". When a Federal judge orders forced integration, i.e., genocide, it is the Federal Marshals and other Federal police who enforce his orders and commit race murder. That's Federal police with the red, white and blue rag that you love so much sewed on their uniforms. The same red, white and blue rag that the 82nd airborne flew when they set out to murder your race in Dixie. It was American police who murdered Kathy Ainsworth, John Singer, Arthur Kirk, Gordon Kahl, Robert Mathews, and who imprison other Whites who protest the murder of their race.

Economic Tenets:

Prattle on about your Capitalism. My own mother was a loyal American wage slave for over 40 years. She even worked in a shipyard building "Liberty ships" during the great war to make the world a jewish pig-sty. Liberty indeed! I'd laugh but it hurts too much. Today she is nearly starving on her social security pittance. The small home she saved money to buy, in a once safe White neighborhood, is gone. She couldn't afford to keep it and she couldn't go outside the door without getting mugged by colored gangs. Your capitalist system used her up, then threw her away. The money she paid to the so-called social security trust fund was used to breed millions of negroes and to enforce integration, i.e., the murder of her race. I could write a book on your Capitalism but then you would just call me a Communist, as if one jew system was better than another. Wave your red, white and blue rag; better yet, manufacture them and sell them for $20 apiece, it's the American way, and the Capitalist way. Another has said as well as I can remember: "I spit upon your stripes and cars, used by swine to sell used cars".

Political Tenets:

Democracy: Never mind that all history declares there is no more vile form of government. Ignore the warnings of all the great men who have warned of its evil. Like the mindless masses that you pretend to serve, you parrot the words of your jewish masters. Long ago you forgot how to think so you choose between the fatal alternatives presented by civilization's executioners.

All nature declares the leadership principle, whether it's wolves, or lions, or Indian chiefs, or the German Fuhrer. In a democracy the noble man is condemned to obscurity, prison, or death, while scum, liars, and degenerates rule. So wallow in the filth of your democratic pig pen. It is a fitting place to bury your red, white and blue fag rag.


Jim and Tammy Baker, Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggart, missionaries to give our treasure to the colored world, defenders of the "chosen people" of Israel, multi-racial churches, inter-racial marriages, queer preachers, amnesty programs to assist illegal aliens, and of course, it's all tax free, if they promote racial integration (racial murder) need I continue? So take a tax break from the red, white and blue and wave the abominable rag.

News Media:

Yes, it is owned and controlled by that damnable racial religious tribe. But fully 40% of the American news media personnel are still Gentiles. By day and night they proclaim the glories of democracy, the benefits of a "pluralistic" society, the wonders of the melting pot called America. Lies, cover-ups, distortion, and political machinations are their purpose and effect. They are vermin.

Entertainment Media:

Ninety-five percent of all females are fair-skinned, beautiful Aryans, paired with swarthy jews, and fanatically promoting race treason. Homosexuality, booze, infidelity, pornography, violence, police-worship, multi-racial culture, historical distortion, holy-hoax propaganda, materialism, and hatred of the White man; that is the American media. So "God Bless America" and the red, white and blue. Nay, may the Gods eternally desecrate the vile rag, I puke at the sight.


As if it isn't bad enough that the number one sex symbol among young White girls in America is Michael Jackson, we can also witness an entire nation of Americans glued to the electronic toilet as the muggers, rapists, dropouts, and assorted ne'er-do-wells of the Negro Basketball Association and the Negro Football League, "do their thing". Every natural law for the preservation of a race or species is violated. It destroys the sense of uniqueness and value necessary to the survival of a race. It is a perversion of the territorial instinct. It makes heroes and role models of other races. It makes sex symbols of aliens. And every event is preceded by playing the "Star-Spangled Banner"; it's the American way. I wouldn't contaminate my toilet with your red, white and blue rag.


Suffice it to say this is not a White country and if something does not change soon, then before long Whites will be a very small minority in America. If Whites want to survive on this continent or anywhere in the world then they must first deal with their executioner.

I repeat, the day is coming when American military forces, and American police powers, under the command of the jews, Negroes, Mexicans, Orientals and vicious race-traitors, will attempt to murder the last true White man and carry the last true White women and girls off for integration and sport. They will be singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" and waving the red, white and blue. And so will you! I'd laugh, but it hurts too much. Treason and the death of the white race are not funny.