Regarding Elizabeth Bennett and "Critic Y"

Yes, your college degree can get you a "better job" – one in a huge corporation or in some heavily regulated and regimented (by jews) industry. There, you'll be an automaton and your mind and soul will slowly atrophy. So will your real world survival skills. You'll also be "atomized" and isolated among coworkers who don't share your beliefs, who don't value your dream for a viable White future. If that sounds like a "better job" to you, you probably should attend college.

Most college grads I've met readily agree that little (often nothing) they learned at school is relevant in their post university life, but all understand that their sacrifice of time, money, and spirit was necessary to land a "better job" in the ZOG system, which now incorporates not only government, media, and education, but literally all large ("better") corporations and work places. Completing the College Challenge is not unlike military "boot camp," in that it tears down your psyche and turns out a new being – a New You – upon whom the powers-that-be know they can rely to complete any task, no matter how seemingly stupid, any assignment, no matter how detrimental to your heritage, nation, and Race.

If the "better job" route sounds like a version of Talmudic hell, then by all means do without it. But take Bennett's advice and spend the time (and money) building your own business and future.

And, while the business you set up really can be just about anything, why not make it something that will help in the establishment of a strong, free and self-reliant White population base, from which a strong White Nation may emerge. Just don't get too lost in the independent and self-reliant part of it. Those are very important aspects of living free, but they're only important among fellow Whites, most possess those characteristics by nature. What you need to learn now is how to cooperate and work together, for common goals.

Money talks! Set up a business that will allow you to attract good talent, your workers will listen to you, since you'll be paying them (just don't make a pompous ass of yourself). As the lady says, you may also attract a high-quality White woman, who can be your sales force, and eventually maybe, your partner.

Doing web work for $20,000 a crack is good work if you can get it; if you can get it you might want to take it, but that's probably not the sort of business that will accomplish the racial strategies mentioned above. So try to branch out into areas in where you can interact with and influence large numbers of your fellow Whites.

What about your education? Education and schooling are not the same thing. You'll discover that the very act of setting up and running your business will be a real education – one that the college education only emulates in a shadowy and insubstantial way. However, there is more to life than running a business, and more to education than acquiring and developing business skills, writing talent, and the ability to plan and carry out goals. If you want to become a fully developed (well rounded) human being, be sure to "educate" every facet of yourself, and don't neglect the various physical sides. In fact, the physical should be blended with the mental. You need to be able to master all of the following very different types of "work." Don't be fooled, all are important to You, and the clever man or woman finds ways to combine many of them.

1.) Heavy motor skills: such as cutting a field of weeds with a scythe; demolishing a garage; digging garden beds by hand; carrying construction materials to supply skilled tradesmen. These are all jobs that tend to be undervalued by the "educated" folk of today, but those who can do such work, not as animals, but as a men and women, have established a firm foundation upon which everything else may be based. Civilization begins on the level of the peasant. Learn to use your body well in accomplishing strenuous, repetitive work. Think of that old-time farmer who cut his grain all day by hand, but who was also able to build his own house, care for his animals, and who kept a well-penned and very readable journal. You'll also develop something known as humility. This is often lacking in otherwise "highly educated" jews, for obvious reasons.

2.) Finer motor skills where intellect is also needed: Again, the tasks are often repetitive hand work, but you sweat less and constant planning and thought is needed during the corse of the work. Examples are masonry, carpentry, roof installation, auto mechanics; welding. These might be known as "the Trades." Things must be done "just so," yet nothing need be overly fancy. Marksmanship belongs in this group.

3.) Very fine motor skills that need even more thought and planning, as well as greater care and finesse. Examples: Cloisonne enamel; silver work (jewelry); basket weaving; hand forging a blade, etc. These are things that are known as "Crafts." Sharp shooting belongs in this group.

4.) Art. Real art, as opposed to smearing, blends fine motor skills with higher intellectual abilities, develops intuition, and feeds the spirit. The difference between Trade, Craft, and Art is the difference between laying a terrezo floor for a new shopping mall; executing a nice geometric mosaic (maybe a coffee table), and the design and assembly of a mosaic portrait. Hand forging a find blade of Damascas-type steel would certainly qualify as Art.

5.) Lower intellectual skills, such as looking up law cites, working out mathematical problems, typing up a reports on a damaged building; working up business proposals, estimates, contracts, and so on. Filling out a 1040 form goes here, but filling in the deductions belongs in the next category!

5.) Higher intellectual skills, such as creating a winning strategy to take your case through the small-claims court (or any court); designing a really livable house; writing a short story, a poem, or plotting and writing a novel; crafting a really nifty computer program (no fair calling bugs "features!"). Creative photography, darkroom work, and image processing should also be included here, so should be very best kind of cooking.

6.) Interpersonal skills. Salesmanship and, yes, courting go here. Also leadership skills.

There may be other ways to define and outline the necessities, but I think the version above is a good start. Again, all are needed for a well rounded individual, and each may be combined with one or more of the others, in any given project. Science Fiction author Bob Heinlein summed this up in a short paragraph, which many readers have probably read. Specialization is for insects!

Now, what kind of business venture would fit into the Pro-White strategy?

Something that impacted upon most of your fellow Whites would be best. All modern people need three basic things: shelter, food, and transportation. Countless opportunities are available in these three fields.

Imagine a business in which you bought houses and buildings that needed repair, hired young Whites and taught them how to fix the structures. You could use older, skilled tradesmen as instructors, and you could earn additional funds by sending your "sales force" around to canvass homeowners and pass out flyers for a large and growing home improvement and repair division. The houses you acquired could be retained and rented to the people in your organization; the buildings you renovated could be used for White-based businesses, including a co-op garage. Used and refurbished tools, furnishings and clothing could be sold in a resale shop, and someone could run a lunch wagon, making and selling tasty meals at the various job sites. As people in your program learned and excelled, they should be encouraged to split off on their own, but you should plan things so that some activities and tasks could be conducted by cooperative effort. In any given region, the founder of such an organization should see himself a more of a shepard than as a capitalist industrialist, because only if he is able to build up a viable White community in his location will he ultimately have any future. Once a "Nucleus" of interdependent White people and businesses is established, it won't be very difficult to attract Pro-White physicians, dentists, and so forth to the region. Younger Whites, who now think they have nothing to live for will benefit from a wide range of older, White mentors. Some will want to be auto mechanics, othes will aspire to be dentists. At some time, you'll be able to charter real colleges to replace the jew-dazed septic ulcers that now pass as higher education. But none of this will ever come about unless you create it. Better get moving!

Bottom line: Some will be inspired by the words above. Some of you will be saddened, as this is not what you want to do and you don't believe you can accomplish such seemingly difficult chores. Even such luminaries as Eric Thomson often dismiss the issue in a few short, disheartening lines:

"In reality, few Whites want to fight the ZOG and its mud-minions, for we live within the ZOG's jurisdiction and partake of its economy. Even criminals work for the jew IOUs known as 'Federal Reserve Notes' or zogbucks. Since most of us choose to work for a living, within the cash economy, most of us must seek jobs. Only a few of us have the inclination to start and run our own businesses, so we must find employers. It took me six months to find a menial job in Eastern Washington, which was not already taken by a Mexican. If I knew of any job available to a White person, I would invite him or her to come right up to the Great Northwest. Sadly, I don't." – Eric Thomson, here:   /eric/2001/et165.htm

Self-reliance seems scary and difficult at first, but as time passes and you build skills and relationships, you'll find yourself amazed that you ever contemplated any different mode of existence! On the other hand, our present "educational" and corporate sheeple system are set up precisely to discourage self-reliance; to make real education impossible; and to make sure that even its most exalted cogs understand that they are only a pay-check or two away from the streets, so they'd better stick to the ZOG game plan.

Regards, Tsun