Dear Mister Jörg Haider,

Please allow me to present you this little compliment, not from my part but from the entire leftists movement here in Europe. In the name of every "Brown Plague Worshipper", I wish to thank you for your brutal apparition on the international scene and having seized the power in Austria. This, maybe, will seem strange enough to you, as a nationalist, one would expect any congratulation from me to be quite personal. But this isn't the case, as I shall try to explain.

I do not know whether people in the United States have been subjected to the same media Blitzkrieg about your political platform and your supposed "neo-Nazism." But in my country, Switzerland, as much as in France, Germany and other European countries, our kosher propagandists have done and are still doing a magnificent job to make you appear as a Zyklon B schlocker and potential jewish children abuser. I shall not talk longer about these events, as you must be fed up with them, but come to the point of this message.

I did read a lot about you, but quite a few quotes, always taken out of their context, of course. What I can say is that all this mess did not impress me ; you appear to be a reasonable man, who likes power and knows how to gain it, and as every one among your colleagues in politics, willing to protect your personal interests rather than those of your fellow-citizen. I hope you won't take this as an ad hominem attack: it is your role as a ruler to lie to them, steal their money and get away with any crime a human being can commit, including mass murder, as it was shown in France in the contaminated blood scandal. This is the sequel of the principle of representation, which allows your kind to rob us of our power in the name of our liberty – people praise this political suicide under the name of Democracy. This is why I can't trust you, whatever your reputation can be: I am convinced that you wouldn't be in such a position of de facto ruler of your state if you had any real fascist ideals, or the will to make them come true. You are no "danger for democracy" because no "official" politician will never be, unless he is prepared to fight with illegal means. Therefore, I feel nothing for you than some sympathy, as a victim of an international organized slander because you have spoken outright, even if hiding a total lack of belief in what you say. You may be a symptom of some beginning disgust for the same old jewish atrocity propaganda among European Gentiles, but certainly of no interest for we Happy Few who think that something called "nation" has more value than the faith in some Human Rights. Nor is your party, the FPÖ, which has already been part of the Austrian government some years ago, when its leader was Bruno Kreiski, who happened to be a Jew and is therefore not likely to gather pogrom-craving Hitlerians within its ranks.

On the contrary, you are a benediction for our declared opponents, from the ganja-addicted punks to the organized Jewry of the West. You must understand that all those people vomiting daily their brand "anti-Haiderism" on your head are not hating you in any way: to my ears, those screams and squeals sound like those that consenting adults emit when enjoying some horizontal fun. Dear Mister Haider, these are millions of love tokens, sent to you by billions of silly and fragile existences, to which you just gave at last some sense.

You must remember that a leftist is usually some sick individual, suffering from a mental hernia resulting from the inner opposition of two different forces: what his poisoned mind leads him to believe, and what his instincts show him clearly on the nature of his beliefs. The first deafen him with lies about racial equality, free citizenship, individual rights, social contracts, effectiveness of voting, etc. The latter speaks in a totally different language underlines the frailty of such a faith in non-existent concepts and reveals that the tendencies he wishes to fight in those of us who "hate" according to him, are hiding deep under the surface of his conscience, ready to come out of the dark if he releases his paranoid grip on his mind. Speak with some of them who are still capable of introspection, and they will confirm what I assume, as an individual did with me some month ago: he had to recognize we all are naturally racists, only he thought it was bad and ought to be fought.

Torn between his head and his heart, the inner disorder of the average leftist increases in incoherence with time and for most of them, come out in the form of a mental disease called anti-racism, anti-fascism or anti-nazism. This neurosis leads him to see an heavily armed SS under his bed and in his closets. The poor guy has to live through a never-ending nightmare, under the threat of an omnipresent and invisible Brown Plague, which exists only in his sick brain because National Socialism is altogether hated by most of our contemporaries, outlawed by our rulers, fought by our medias, denied any validity by the residents of the brothel called "University" and dispersed among powerless groups or isolated individuals who would die with joy to gain the tenth of influence they are said to have. The average leftist is left alone in a world filled with ghosts he sees wherever his eyes wander, and against which he is totally unarmed.

Then think of the downright orgasm this scum feels when he finds a way to make his nightmare come true, in this case the "Veraiderung" of Austria: at last, his horrific visions become tangible! At last his isolation ends and entire nations (as we are asked to believe) are joining his litany of "memory" and "vigilance"! At last, his chronic anguish finds an outlet! This "Phantom Fascist Menace" he was warning the Free World of, is finally recognized as true and he becomes the new Messiah of Democratic Virtue. And it's you, Mister Haider, who have shown all these lost lambs the Path of the Truth they were searching for in the night. You have given Europe this unity she will never realize without inventing new Public Enemies, because she denies all the values who gave our forefathers the strength to fight for and keep their independence. This redemption of such a mass of useless thinkers and slogan shouters should be rewarded by your official canonization: Saint Jörg! Lord of the failures! Savior of parasites! Shepherd of political imbeciles!

All this can be partly explained, besides obvious mental deficiencies, by this obstinate cult of World War Two, which "we" are still winning over and over sixty years after its end. It seems our leaders can not overcome their sorrow to be born too late to live and contribute to this Great Crusade of the Democracies against Evil Incarnate and that, in order to compensate, they make for themselves an absurd reality where thousand reincarnations of Adolf Hitler are lurking at their threshold. A titanic role-play in which every player wants to be the Résistant, just like kids fighting for the role of the Hero and forcing the weaker to play the villain.

Nietzsche defined once, in Jenseits von Gut und Böse, the maturity of the man as the ability to find back the seriousness he showed in his childish games. I would never have thought we were governed by such fervent adepts of this great thinker.