Sixty years ago I attended grammar school in New York City for a one year period. Fresh from a New England provincial background I was confused by our Jewish teachers repeated reference to tolerance. We were to have this tolerance in our every day actions she explained. I was not quite sure as to what was meant but I was soon to learn that "I was not to question a persons race color or religion as we were all created equal". Well that sounded good, as my background had not exposed me to any but a White Christian environment and in my innate fairness I could agree. Twenty five years later and after much negative experience I began to doubt my past thinking and was compelled into my current frame of mind by a conversation with a Jew professor of my acquaintance who said to me that "The idea of tolerance was no longer acceptable that now "complete approval was demanded and as a Jew he would except nothing less". Here we jump from subtle conditioning to blatant arrogance. "You can not discriminate" I was told. Why not I thought.

Discrimination, i.e.,( to draw a clear distinction between differences – or to recognize as being different). Why is this word so irrational smothered in it's every utterance? Don't we discriminate in every phase of our life? When we buy a pair of shoes we discriminate against all others on display. When we pick from a restaurant menu we discriminate. When we purchase an auto we use discrimination. What attracts us to another person is a expression of discrimination. In all aspect of life we discriminate.

We have apportion to our racial detractors the right to define terms, now to counter the propaganda, we flounder and are forced into the denial at every turn that we are not anti-Semitic, that we do not hate Blacks and that we are not White supremacists. Half our energy in any verbal exchange is wasted in undignified defense of our position. Our adversaries hold the "high ground" a position that they have gained by the insidious corruption of our language culture and tradition. Because of this constant brain washing Whites have capitulated to the system and have accepted the guilt laid on them by every facet of the media. Our "Great Society" consists of masses of divergent people that are representative of every aspect of depravity, all wish to be tolerated – a tolerance that soon turns to demands of acceptance. The fag sodomite golden shower freak with his allies in the pedophilia groups wants tolerance as do lesbians for their life style. Minorities of all shades wish to be tolerated in their pursuit of rape, murder, and assorted mayhem. Deranged bull dyke women's movement types wish tolerance of their bitching, castrating, penis envy behavior in their quest for a gender free existence. Politicians want tolerance for their traitorous behavior. White collar criminals and inside traders wish for this tolerance. The child molester as well as the molesting child seek this tolerance and not to be forgotten is our president that wants all to tolerate his shenanigans. Tolerance! How much tolerance can we tolerate?

Under the banner of "Cultural Diversity" our Republic has taken on the form of perverse democracy in which one man one vote has a new meaning. Whites have a vote, Blacks have a vote, Chicanos have a vote, and Orientals have a vote. Homosexuals and other perverts can be counted as two or three depending on color. Whites can be out-voted four to one by minorities on the basis of this new math. A Black Puerto Rican lesbian women garners a minimum of four votes on balance when "rights" are weighed. The surrealistic nature of this uneven playing field supplants logic with lunacy.

Prime buzz words in the lexicon of liberals are "freedom" and "liberty" and the word freedom is never used to mean freedom of thought – but always to mean "human rights" and "civil rights". Freedom, a concept that is uniquely Western, most other cultures did not have a word for it in their vocabulary, is used as a license by those that seem to believe that freedom in and of it's self implies the right to transgress others rights without the need of responsible moderation. Freedom as a belief in the corresponding worth of each individual is at the very core of Western beliefs and although explicit by way of shared values also carries the burden of accountability. There is the problem; we do not all report to the same culture.

To be depicted as a WASP, one of the ethnic invectives still allowable in our "Great Society" is to be deemed a bigot and a hate monger. Closer to the truth is that the White Anglo-Saxons vision of freedom and justice was the very force that conceived this nation and brought forth the Constitution. Personal liberty was high on the agenda when the Bill of Rights was drafted and the concept of freedom was given voice. Hate is not an attribute of the Anglo-Saxon who, in must cases, tries to prove his benevolence toward others at the cost of self-effacement and suffers to a great degree the "sin" of modesty. "It's not whether you win or lose but how you play the game" is a concept uniquely Anglo-Saxon, alien to other races, but close to the White soul. The inflexible emotional passion of hate is too strong to be mundanely expressed. No, the White Anglo-Saxon is not a hater but rather one who knows that there is no such thing as "human rights" but only the right to be human.

Liberals say that racism is learned at home. In a greater sense they are absolute correct. Racism, the healthy kind, is learned at home. No class room is a better environment then the home. At home we are surrounded by our family our kind. This then is the best place to absorb the values of a people. There you learned the work ethic where each one was expected to pull their own weight. Where honesty was the norm. Where you learned to be proud of your family no matter the current economic state. You went to school and learned reading, writing and arithmetic. You learned respect for those older then you and you met and mixed with others that were like you and shared the same values. Women were treated with deference and manners were expected by all. No one thought that it was his neighbors duty to support him or that the country owed you a living.

We have lost to "Liberalism" due to many of our people in their inane quest to be fair to other races and losing sight of the truth that fairness is not a synonym for suicide. "Liberalism" is sucked into the void created by the loss of racial pride and ideological value. With the loss of kindness, (in it's base sense equating to kind, clan, tribe or race ) man becomes self-centered, a creature of emotions. Liberalism debases the Aryan soul, sympathy for the under dog and charity for those in need are White values. When you see the emotional appeals on TV portraying the starving children of the world, you can be certain most checks that are received come from Whites. There are not too many minority types whipping out check books to "save the children" even though most of the illustrated waifs are children of color. White people feel pity and guilt when they see starving children thrust at them by the boob tube, and until this is turned around and the emphasis is placed on kindness, the love of ones own race, we will continue on a course of self-destruction.

To behave in a manner that is consistent with the way that I was raised is to the liberal a manifestation of racism. If true then I most assuredly am a racist and proud of it. I am proud of my White Anglo-Saxon Protestant background and the twelve generations of my family that have inhabited this once great land.


1 September 1999