World War III  by Hans Schmidt

George W. Bush has declared war, not just on Afghanistan, but the entire world. He demands the unconditional surrender of every nation on earth.  Specifically, he asserts the right of the U.S. to send commando squads into any nation and arrest – or more to the point – summarily execute, whomever it wants, whenever it wants.

Initially, at least, this power will be used to eliminate those who are alleged to have conducted terrorist attacks. Then, of course, it will be extended to those who are planning terrorism or even thinking about it.  Finally, it will be used against anybody who even dares to criticize the U.S., its policies, or actions.  The Bill of Rights does not protect the unfortunate citizens of countries conquered by the U .S., as older Germans and Japanese can attest.

The ultimate question is when the U.S. will start doing this within its own borders.  Some preliminary missions have already been launched, such as the assault on the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, TX.  It also is worth noting that in most nations in the European Union, people currently do not enjoy freedom of speech.  There can be tittle doubt that the Bill of Rights, and whatever else may be left of the U.S. Constitution, will not survive Bush's supposed war on terrorism, if it is successful.

We are sad to report that the American people have totally lost control of their fate.  However, there is no purpose in publishing a newsletter unless it tells you things that the mass media don't know, ignore, or hide. Consequently, it often is necessary to tell people what they do not wish to hear. An intellectually honest history of the U.S. would be unrecognizable to most Americans, especially the frauds in Academe. The right-wing samizdat is biased by a naive belief that the Constitution ever did work or even could work, as well as a ferocious and primitive religiosity.

The fate of the American people no longer depends on anything they might do, if, indeed. it ever did.  What matters is how the rest of the world responds to the Bush ultimatum.  If they do not unite against Bush and his "New World Order" (NWO), as his daddy called it, they will be picked off one by one.  Without a Soviet Union to supply aide and weapons, even the most fanatical guerrilla warriors will be ground into the dirt by superior U.S. weaponry.

Two nations, in particular, are holding razors at Uncle Sam's jugular vein: Saudi Arabia and China.  If either one, or both, refuses to sell more goods or resources to the U.S. for worthless Federal Reserve dollars, the domestic economy and the Pentagon's war machine would both collapse like houses of cards.  In other words, the NWO can achieve global hegemony, but only if the slightly reformed communists in Beijing and the unrepentant absolute monarchy in Riyadh both allow it.

All "W" knows is that he has to conquer the world in less than four years.  The Democrats are willing enough to support the NWO goals, but they are too flaky.  All that Bill Clinton really wanted to do was bed women and Al Gore wants to hug trees.  Being corrupt and unscrupulous is not enough; a good politician also has to be focused.

Even if Bush gets most of the world to capitulate and then purges the Democrats for whatever convenient reason, the NWO will not last long.  The U.S. and the rest of the Western world is spiraling down into the Third World, and global conquest will only hasten the process.  The leadership of China certainly realizes this, but they should not become too smug.  When the U.S. (or the NWO) finally collapses into total chaos, like the unlamented Soviet Union, it may well try to take the rest of the world, including China, with it.