February 1989

Whether or not the average taxpayer in the bounteous commonwealth in which live by the skin of our teeth knows it, every American is today working overtime to support, feed, clothe and doctor six non-American, non-taxpaying, hostile, fawning, cadging, treacherous, and worthless people in some foreign country to which American funds are sluiced in an unabated torrent by Washington politicos, who are also living pretty high on the hog at the expense of the rest us.

Because of the inequity in our tax structure, the able, thrifty and hardworking American taxpayer is supporting anywhere up to a regiment of foreign mendicants, and our own shiftless element is probably supporting far less than the average six alien dependents, but it figures out that each of us, in addition to his own domestic obligations, is paying the freight for half a dozen ineffectuals in foreign lands, many of them in the hands of governments overtly and explicitly hostile to the United States and the Free World.

The statistic is simply a component of the fact that, through the agency of foreign aid, the American Government is keeping alive six times the population of the United State itself.

Just what we get in return for this limitless handout of our national resources and personal possessions, nobody has ever yet been able to demonstrate. The universal feedbag has been supported now by the United States taxpayer, often with the greatest reluctance on his part, but with unbridled enthusiasm in Washington, since the closing years of the 1941 war. Scores of our best minds, applying themselves 24 hours a day to the problem of wasting American resources, have asserted until the rest of us are blue in the face that these miserable "underdeveloped" countries are America's bounden responsibility, a sort of continuum of the White Man's burden in the Kipling Poem.

The only person who ought to be consulted in the matter, and has never yet been asked to voice an opinion, is the America taxpayer who foots the bill for blackmail which a posse of unmitigated spendthrifts and scoundrels in the public employ in Washington says it is necessary to our national survival.

For all the hundreds of billions of dollars that should have been sequestered during the past 15 years within the United States and earmarked fore the improvement of our own lot or for defense against aggression, America has never received a singled muttered syllable of thanks, been the recipient of a single breath of civility, or purchased a discernible trace of friendship, loyalty or devotion.

Quite the reverse; the countries on whom we have showered such largesse as is unimaginable in their own wretched economy, have one and all, and without exception, shoveled most of their take into the hands of Russia or spent it on propaganda of hatred against the United States. Wherever American money has been lavished in an attempt to better the fortunes of foreign peoples, the very presence of our charity has been used by demagogues to incite a worthless rabble of American beneficiaries to hatred of America and to finance closer ties with the Soviet government.

What kind of saps are the American people to put up with this shoving around and continuous, profitless and outrageous pillage?

Why is any Senator or Representative who has ever voted a dime for Foreign Aid permitted to come to his home state or town without fear of physical violence to himself and his family?

In the Nineteenth Century when American had some idea of the value of their national face and their national dollar, a Senator who ventured on such a course of treason to his constituents would have found his house burned over his head and a pot of tar waiting for his person.

Who has conned the American sucker into this obscene fix by whose terms he is paying ceaseless blackmail to the enemy through the agency of professional fixers and middlemen to the Senate Office Building in Washington?

As in any shabby deal involving criminal activities, the whole business of Foreign Aid is engineered and manipulated in Washington by corrupt and faithless lackeys, who are only a slight cut above the black-mailers in other lands, who are living abundantly off the American taxpayers. The money couldn't be expedited on its wasteful way without the connivance of totally irresponsible elements in the American Government.

If every penny that has been poured down the rat hole of Foreign Aid in the past decade and a half and every foreseeable penny which the present psychopaths, in high office plan to waste in the same way were diverted to the national armament and defense, the United States wouldn't have to give a moment's thought to whether it was liked and admired in the Congo. The answer is we are hated and despised anyway and there is no use in paying a premium price for unpopularity.

The happiest day that might be foreseen for the American taxpayer is that on which his miserable representatives in Government begin to live in physical fear for their lives and persons and give some consideration to the constituency for whom their contempt is commensurate with their availability to looting. An American Congressman fleeing from a mob of taxpayers while his house burned would be the heartening sight of a lifetime. An election every four years isn't as effectual as would be the assassination of a legislator every four minutes, because the enemy isn't only in Moscow. He is much nearer at home.