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On Masonry
Mudslide Invasion & Malaria.
The Fall 2002 Elections.
Ann Landers: ZOG's Big Sister.
World War IV Warning!
A Response to the letter 'A Ventilation'
The Scam of the 20th Century
Reflections on the Pathology of Leftism
Ike, the Swedish Jew.
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Martial Arts
The Winds of War: Target Iran?
German Synthetic Fuel History
Maguire answers a Judeo-Marxist
Anti-Zionist Negro McKinney Defeated.
Elite American Political Leadership.
Money donations to FAEM?
Infiltrating Remnant White Elites?

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06 December 2000
15 December 2000
A comment for Eric.
An Interesting World Tribune Article.
Death of US Army Excellence
Life in ZOG's Insane Asylum
Who Are the Real Revisionists?
Analysis: The WTC Twin Towers.
Monday Morning Quarterbacking.
The Semites' War.
A Fistful of Comments.
Sam Francis' Two Questions.
ZOG, Military Manpower & a Draft?
09 December 2000
Rice Crispies.
The Die Off
Pearl Harbor
Fallacious Assumption
05 May 01 Dear Reader.
The Fallacy of the Negro Conservative.
ZOG Cannot Stop Further Attacks.
America's Worldwide Vietnam Update.
Third War to Kill White People.
The Attack on the WTC towers.
Enron Control    27 JAN 02
Waiting for the Fall of Singapore II
14 December 2000
The Racial Basis of Politics.
US Races – under age 5 group.
Feeding Time at the Zoo.
Sources of Political Power
David Irving Loss – Lessons Learned
America's New Worldwide Vietnam.
China's Icebreaker?
The Policy Behind the Bamboo Screen
03 March 2002
A Tale of Two Idiocies.