06 December 2000
    People who think Eric (Thomson) is just rambling must go to two modern websites.  They will be able to confirm the basic
truths of what he says.  These websites are produced by the very entities Eric describes (America's Egregious Elite). They are therefore testimony by the enemy about themselves.   Straight from the horses' mouths, one might say.

    The first is:  http://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/  I recommend everyone troll this one in depth.  They will discover details of history, including the facts that both the Ashkenazim and Sephardic Synagogues in the City of London were established in 1656.  They will discover that the City of London's modern police force is separate and not integrated with the Metropolitan London police.  Such autonomous police forces are also seen in the Federal District in Washington, the UN Complex in New York, at Vatican City in Rome, and in the Kremlin in Moscow.  Attentive readers will discover that "The City" has its own citizenship known as "The Freedom of the City of London".  They will also note that local elections in the "The City" are conducted on a 'non-partisan' basis and that Great Britian's political parties do not operate in The City.    Ever hear the phrase 'tradesmens' entrance in the rear'?

    Then there's the quaint custom of the Queen requiring the Lord Mayor's permission and escort to enter.  As part of this 'custom' the Queen and her party may only wear 'Service Dress' while the Lord Mayor leads the way in all his regalia.  If this were all we could write it off along with Blackrod in the Parliament as another British eccentricity.  But when we combine these quaint customs with all the modern attributes of political independence The City displays in Y2K, we are forced to a conclusion:  The City of London is an independent Sovereign Power displaying itself.  The display is subtle and veiled under a little lingerie, but those count can understand it.

    In addition to its mammoth financial activities (study its webpages) the City of London is also the location of 'Fleet Street' and its vast concentration of media power.

    Now in my and other people's opinions the subversion first began under Queen Elizabeth and her spymaster John Dees (who signed his letters  to her as '007').  It was Dees who first struck an alliance with Rabbi Judah Ben Lowe of Prague.  And by some miraculous coincidence we discover the Corporation of London engaged in some charitable architectural preservation outside its limits.  That precious preserved structure is Queen Elizabeth's hunting lodge in Kent.  One wonders what meetings went on out there out sight of the Court, Nobles, and Commoners at a time when Jews were legally barred from entering England.

    Then there's this last titillating factoid:  Tower Bridge in the City of London was the central aim point for every 'V-1' and 'V-2' Hitler launched at London in 1944.

    The second website is the main page of the United Grand Lodge of England, which is the top lodge of world Freemasonry: http://www.grand-lodge.org/  The Coat of Arms of the United Grand Lodge is displayed on this first page.  Take a real close look at the box on top of the shield, boyz and girlz.  For those not familiar with their Bibles, that box with the two little cherubim on top and the poles on the sides is the ARK OF THE COVENANT described in the Old Testament in Exodus 25:10-22.