09 December 2000

Here's some more installments in the anti-Russian media campaign I predicted would follow Putin's suppression of Berezovsky and Gusinsky. On December 4 Russia has issued an international warrant for Gusinsky's arrest on charges of fraud. http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/ap/20001204/wl/russia_media_mogul_1.html

A quick result was another spate of articles trashing Interpol. The next day on December 5 a Reuters article accused Interpol for its alleged 'Holocaust' complicity in the 1930s.


Then there's this bit of cold war-mongering from an organization calling itself the Center for Security Policy. Clearly their only security concern is Jewish security. http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2000/12/8/194020.shtml

It's clear that Putin is indeed cracking down on low level Jewish crime in Russia. Thus we are treated to agit-prop articles like that one on Newsmax. Hopefully white people with just average intelligence are asking themselves why the movement of a few 'nuclear bombers' are such a big deal. It's a good question when we remember Putin can always launch land based ICBMs or submarine based missiles from Typhoon class subs. So what's the big deal about about a few Backfires and antique TU-95 BEARS in Siberia? They're not a big deal except as a way of instigating the desired emotional knee-jerk response among the goy. Those with world maps can quickly see the Chinese should be equally alarmed if not more so about that movement.

The article is a useful reminder about how white Americans no longer have a Department of Defense. In a blast from the past another former SecDef's name came up: Donald Rumsfeld. Add him to Schlessinger, Deutsch, Cohen, Kissinger, Tenet at the CIA rumors of Paul Wolfowitz as Dubya's next secretary. Were the Pentagon rebuilt today it would be converted into the Hexagon.