RICE CRISPIES        Sat, 16 Dec 2000

Now is a good time to start a continuing review of the marionettes Dubya is setting place on the ZOG stage. Despite today's dramatic headlines about Colin Powell and renewed genocide against Iraq, we'll first preview Condoleezza Rice, Dubya's incoming National Security Advisor.  This will help people understand the real nature of Dubya's Bush II Administration (sorry Great White Hopers, the Lodge has screwed ya again).
This bio link gives the official puff overview of Condie:
These stories are the first of many Rice Puffs that will be inflicted on us for the next couple of years.   Here's the first Rice Puff:  "In 1987, she became an adviser to the Joint Chiefs of Staff on strategic nuclear policy."  Um hmm, yeah-sure-right.  Yup, at the age of 32 Condie was right in there with her music, ballet and French lessons reading Law to the Director of the Joint Staff on the SIOP (Single Integrated Operational Plan) for nuclear forces.
For a real education on things nuclear Maguire recommends this online book:


Needless to say, it was written by two white men and an anti-Communist Jew.  It's the best unclassified nuclear strategy material you'll ever see.  The growing crowd of Condies at the bridge does explain how the technological stagnation described in Strategy of Technology came to exist and grow.  As more grit accumulates in the machine, the gears grind themselves down faster and faster.
But giving nuclear policy to the Joint Chiefs at age 32 with no prior military or scientific experience of any nature is not the least of Condie's dazzling achievements.  She also says she knew so much about the inner workings of the Kremlin that, "There was a time in my life when I knew the general staff of the Soviet Union better than it knew itself.''
Once Maguire stopped laughing and got up off the floor he did notice a couple of genuine pieces of hard news buried in the fine print.  The most significant one was this:

Her interest in the Kremlin started with a course in international politics at the University of Denver. Her professor was Josef Korbel, immigrant father of Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. 

And as Madeleine Albright is so fond of remembering, her Jew father Korbel was Multinational Czechoslovakia's ambassador to Belgrade before the Second War to Kill White People.  We also know the Jew Korbel as a major international art, antique and jewel thief.  He was the Berezovsky of post-war Czechoslovakia.   The foundation of his fortunes in the U.S.A. were art and antiques plundered from Sudeten Germans during the 'Communist' period .   Amazing how little really changed after all the thunder and fury in Florida, isn't it?
We also notice that Condie was an intern at the Council on Foreign Relations, that bugbear of Birchers worldwide.  In reality the CFR is where ZOG trains its mid-level clerks and go-fers.  Her period at the Joint Chiefs of Staff was as a CFR intern, not as someone of competence.  She was there to learn and observe, not advise.  Condie was subsequently vacuumed up into the National Security Council staff apparat during Colin Powell's tenure as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.  Condie is just ZOG Theatre in blackface and a dress.  Her imminent appointment as 'National Security Advisor'  illustrates the tendencies of ever greater numbers of Washington positions towards becoming more openly ceremonial rather than substantive.  Blackrod in
Parliament went the same way as the City of London's power grew.  In reality Condie is just another one of the Bush Family plantation niggers and always has been.  She works directly for Overseer Powell.
'An Ole Massa Bush, he jes' smile and smile.'