A comment for Eric:

>>Our race we slew for the inner Jew, first in the Civil War, then twice in the 20th century.<<

    Eric forgot the Catholic-Judeo Masonic War of 1898.  A few years ago doing original research in the archives of the Historical Museum of South Florida on another subject, I came across diaries of a Jewish trader based in Miami in the 1890s.  This guy was sending guns and supplies to Cuban rebels as early as 1894.  The so-called Spanish-American war of 1898 was a classic Freemason operation.  First the Lodge backed insurrections in Cuba and the Philippines through their Lodge network.  Check the Freemasons' own propaganda.  They take great credit for bringing 'Freedom' to the Philippines by having started insurrections in their Filipino lodges.  When the timing was right the Freemasons in the U.S.A. (which included McKinley)
whipped up war hysteria which included the provocation of 'Remember the Maine'.   I remember the 'Maine' went down (literally) when one Theodore Roosevelt was the Assistant Secretary of the Navy.  What were the results of this war?

    1.  The U.S. conquered and then promptly granted 'independence' to a Cuban puppet government, thereby allowing 'The City of London' to obtain a chokehold on the world sugar trade, which was then very lucrative.

    2.  The U.S. conquered but did not grant independence to the Philippines.  This was despite the fact that the Filipino partisans were far stronger than the Cubanos.  Instead the U.S. Army waged a years long counter-insurgency war of the kind it was then so expert in.  Then the U.S. started building and fortifying a huge naval base in Manila Bay at Cavite.  What happened next?  'The City', or BRIT-ZOG did two things.  The first thing it did was conclude a 'reinsurance treaty' with its Frankensteinian creation of Japan.  Then BRIT-ZOG withdrew all its battleships from the China Station and returned them back to the North Sea to face the growing German Navy.  This happened in 1905.  It could safely do this since a) It had a treaty with Japan and b) the US Fleet was now drawn into the Philippine and South China Seas.

    These results of the war were secured by one Freemason President Theodore Roosevelt during his first and second terms.  He became vice-president in McKinley's second term starting in 1900.  But President McKinley suffered an untimely demise at the hands of an eastern European immigrant assassin named Leon Czolgosz.  By sheer pure coincidence Leon was a follower of the Jewish anarchist Emma Goldman.

    During his term 'Teddy' also helped Japan secure its victory diplomatically against Russia (read white people).  Yes, he was the intermediary to broker 'peace' following the Russian-Japanese War of 1905-06 (following which came the first abortive Russian Revolution).  You see, ZOG wanted a Communist Russia fighting against Germany in the First War to Kill White People.

    In another pure coincidence following his second term, Theodore Roosevelt received "The Freedom of the City of London" in 1909 while on a European tour.  But Teddy wasn't done yet.  In 1912 Teddy ran a 'split the Republican vote' third party candidacy on the 'Bull Moose' party ticket.  The Bull Moose was just a creation of Wall Street financiers.  As a result of this, Woodrow Wilson and 'Colonel' House walked on in to the White House in 1913 and into the First War to Kill White People in 1917.

    The Jew-Communist traitor Franklin Roosevelt, in another of those odd coincidences, later had another big remembrance naval event called 'Pearl Harbor'.

18 December 00