U.S. Race In The Under 5 Age Group
Maguire has recently been taking a look into U.S. demographics by state and county level.  To do this he created a database of the annual county level population estimates published by the U.S. Bureau of the Census for the years 1990-1999.  These estimates are at county level of detail, use the census' definitions of race and are graded in 5 year age increments by race and sex from 0 to over 85.  Anyone who wants to create a database like this for themselves can go to this ftp directory to obtain the same data:
 Download and read the "casrh_rl.txt" first.  Then you can download the 53 state level files.  The resulting database will contain 377,000 records of 23 fields each.  You'll also need to obtain a FIPS code file to translate the 5 digit FIPS State-County code into English.  And no, Maguire is not going to give email lessons in database programming, data structure or statistical analysis.   This database reflects the Census Bureau's definition for 'non-Hispanic White', which definition Robert Frenz and Maguire dispute since it includes Jews, Arabs and Central Asians.  But as a tool for determining the geographic pigment of America's counties, this database is very useful.  That's because racial miscategorization can be assumed to be fairly equally distributed.
 Here's the 1999 result of totalling the all important age 0-4 age group category across the Jew Ess Ah!:
WHITE:            11,870,823
NON-WHITE:     7,071,319

The white group thus should receive a downward adjustment of 10-15% with a corresponding increase in non-white totals.  Current discussions about 'whites' outbreeding 'non-whites' are purely theoretical.  That's because 'whites' aren't even reproducing at replacement level, which is 2.2 per woman, while non-whites in aggregate are slightly above replacement level.
 Here's the breakdown by race-sex sub category in the 0-4 age group:
WHITE MALE:          6,086,098
WHITE FEMALE:     5,784,725
HISPANIC MALE:     1,618,971
BLACK MALE:          1,418,765
BLACK FEMALE:      1,376,845
INDIAN MALE:                102,197
INDIAN FEMALE:             99,921
ASIAN MALE:                  456,644
ASIAN FEMALE:             445,084
If you thought you noticed that your kids' kindergarten is a lot darker than yours was, it's because it is.
In these numbers we see an explaination for present trends in current politics.  The most prominent is the Bush-Horowitz emphasis on "going Hispanic".  The Hispanic 0-4 age group already outnumbers blacks.   With the rise of a second large minority group in America, the Bushites in the GOP concluded it was imperative to recruit it for their wing of ZOG.  Leaving aside for the moment questions of racial quality and racial treason, on a straight statistical trend analysis they are absolutely correct.
 Although grossly correct this analysis ignored important qualitative factors.  The first was the true genetic structure of the typical 'Hispanic'.  It's probable they were misled by the nature of the Cuban exile community, which was the whitest part of Cuba, plus Mexican 'contacts' that consisted of the upper Latin elites of the Southwest, Mexico and South America.
 The racial distribution becomes progressively more white the higher up the age bracket we climb.
 At the present time there is only one other possible demographic configuration that could lead to electoral success given the current demographics.  That would be a political union of the white working and middle classes.   The last political party with such a demographic foundation was the NSDAP of Germany.
 Preventing a union of these two groups is the reason for what otherwise appears to be very schizophrenic platforms in the two major ZOG political parties.  White middle class economic issues such as anti-NAFTA, anti-GATT, reduced health care costs, and lower middle class tax cuts are all positioned in the Democratic Party.  The so-called social issues such as pro-life, anti-sodomy, effective education and strengthened marriage laws, which are all important biological survival issues for white middle and working class families, are only found in the Republican Party.   The two most important white working and middle class issues of all, ending anti-white racial discrimination and the non-white immigration flood, do not exist in either party.
 It is this division of white middle and working class issues that has led to the Soccer Mom phenomenon.  Faced with a schizophrenic division of political issues, the typical white soccer mommie falls back on her emotions as a guide to each individual election.  This enables ZOG to control the electoral outcomes by slightly adjusting the issue mix and pre-selecting candidates for positive and negative sex appeal designed to simultaneously repulse and attract Soccer Mommy in the desired direction.   When necessary a split-the-vote third party candidacy is added to the mix.  Thus in 1980 Ronald Reagan attracted numerous blue collar Reagan Democrats while at the same moment John Anderson siphoned off Democratic votes from the left.  In 1992 Soccer Mom and Dad were seduced and distracted by Clinton and Perot.  The 1996 combination of the
catatonic Robert Dole, the male issue attractive female image repulsive Perot and the 'sex appeal' of Clinton-Gore made the outcome foreordained.
Black Population Decline.
From 1995 to 1999 the black population in the under 5 age group declined by almost 10%.  Here's the comparative figures:
1995 Age 0-4
Black Males:     1,534,768
Black Females:  1,498,928
1999 Age 0-4
Black Males:      1,418, 765
Black Females:   1,376,845
AIDS and welfare reform are indeed returning results in this group.  The decline in the negroid population, combined with the rise in the Hispanics, are the basis for the Bush strategy in the 21st Century.