FALLACIOUS ASSUMPTION              29 April 2001

(This is in response to a 'shorty' which appeared in FAEM.)

    Dear GW,
    >>Dear Eric: I have sent dozens of letters to Zündel, Pierce, Duke, Covington, et al, none of whom seem willing to respond. Only Mr. Frenz takes the time to answer my mail but alas, he has no organization. G.W., Ohio<<
    In two cases this is probably because no financial offerings accompanied your letters.  The non-sequitur buried here is the assumption that Zündel & Covington have organizations.  They do not.  I understand it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking they do have organizations since they provoke such enormous reaction on The Other Side.  That's their entire purpose in the virtual Theatre of ZOG Politics.  More capable leaders are treated as unpersons for fear of building them up.
    Zündel is now a political refugee somewhere in Tennessee.  All of his strategy since 1985 at latest was directed towards discouraging the formation of any enduring organization and driving away the adherents he had.  Eric has documented that in exhaustive detail in his letters.  Zündel's current position is 'Martyr' without the usual physical inconveniences that accompany that status.  In end-stage ZOG civilization 'martyrdom', like every other spiritual concept, has degenerated into mere media spectacle and corporate profit center.
    Harold Covington long ago gave up even the pretense of effort at his latest attempt at organizing a 'Nazi' Party.  So far as I can see his http://www.harold-covington.org website is maintained for the purpose of promoting his novels and collecting tithes.  The on-again off-again and now on-again NSNet listserv is not for the purpose of forming an organization.  It's merely an email circular similar to the ones sent around by B. Dalton Booksellers and Books-A-Million.
    I've read many of Mr. Covington's short essays.  He is clearly an excellent writer.  The objective results of 2.5 decades says that he lacks necessary mix of leadership skills needed to sustain any organization which he heads.
    This seems like a timely moment to air my views of a few other prominent blightwing figures.  David Irving is an excellent British historian and speaker.  I encourage everyone to buy and read his history books.  If he approaches closely on tour, by all means attend a speaking engagement if you are intrigued.    But he is not a North American political leader and can never be one.  Do not look in that direction for any sort of leadership.  Michael Hoffman is also another interesting writer worth reading.  He's a more enigmatic figure but is discernible as a white separatist.  Peter Brimelow, Steve Sailer et. al. of VDARE are pro-white but don't want to lose their polite invitations in New York and Inside The Beltway.  Consequently they don't take the name of ZOG's self-appointed g-d race in vain.  They do write useful polemics and provide an interesting angled view on GOP doings as it expires.
    Tovarisch David Duke, Dr. Pierce, and also Mr. Richard Barrett, Esquire do possess active organizations in the N.O.F.E.A.R., the National Alliance, and The Nationalists groups.

    Mr. Barrett is far more genteel about answering his email.  You might try him.    His organization is primarily but not entirely focused on the Deep South.  Mr. Barrett deems it politic to not to laud or emulate 'dead European dictators' or give offense to American Second War To Kill White People veterans (World War II in ZOGspeak).  He also makes oblique pro-revisionist statements from time to time.  His principle target group is young white males in whom he tries to instill racial pride, fighting skills, self-respect and political street smarts.    His biggest emphasis is developing young leaders of other young white men.  This is why I have a personal liking for what I've seen of him, even though there are inconsequential stylistic differences.

    He's also a licensed attorney who has kept his law shingle hanging outside despite his avowed racial sentiments.  Meanwhile Alex Curtis and Tom Metzger languish under varying degrees of ZOG Court control.  Mr. Barrett's advice is therefore worthy of serious consideration even if one chooses to disregard it.  Mr. Barrett's other political 'positions' are largely designed not to offend conservative small town southern sentiment while he spreads his principle white racialist message.  He is a far more sophisticated political operator than he lets on at first glance.  I personally have no problem with any of that per se.

    Dr. Pierce long ago chose to become a remote Olympian figure in the mountains of West Virginia.  Close Encounters are strictly reserved for his attendant acolytes, proven members of the National Alliance on appointed Feast Days,  working ZOG journalists and other blightwing leaders with some public recognition.
    The National Alliance's internet reach is far more extensive than web tracking stats for the NATVAN site alone indicate.  In addition to the main site, there are dozens of others, some very open like the Vanguard News Network, others in deep cover.  The other pros and cons of the NA were discussed here last week. There's nothing new this week to add to that.
    David Duke, leader of the N.O.F.E.A.R.,  is a still unique figure but is probably the prototype of the North American white racialist politician of the future.  His financial management practices I leave to others to discuss.  Tovarisch Duke hails from the bayous of Louisiana.  Let's consider the implications of this for a moment.  Until the last decade Louisiana was the only American state that did not have a solid white English speaking majority.  The racial-linguistic groups in Louisiana break four ways.  First there's English speaking whites, followed by English (or Ebonic) speaking negroes, followed by French speaking white Cajuns and brought up by French speaking negroids.  There were thus four primary groups, none of whom constituted a majority by themselves.  These older groups have recently been joined by Mexican invaders who are becoming the fifth major racial-linguistic bloc.
    I find it endlessly fascinating that it is there that an openly avowed white racialist politician could prosper in mainstream state politics in the 1990s.  ZOG racialist theory as promoted in the universities and media says that as we approach white majority meltdown everything will settle into one big happy miscegenated family.  All historical experience says otherwise, which is why the teaching of factual history has been suppressed in the ZOG schools.  The most recent laboratory result says precisely the opposite.  Louisiana says that as the USA splinters into a nation of minorities, racial awareness will heighten not only among non-whites but among whites.
    Now Duke was temporarily backstabbed out of Louisiana politics.  The knife was wielded by the nominal white men of the Republican National Committee.  They are the only ones who could have delivered this dastard stroke while maintaining the pretense of color-blind integrated politics.  Attempts at suppressing Duke by other races are merely perceived as racial oppression of whites by non-whites.  The conclusion I draw from this is that as Louisiana racial-linguistic conditions spread over North America, more Dukes will concurrently appear.  A national GOP with the ability to engage in such racial treason will also concurrently disappear.

    It is true we have no cloth uniforms or formal organizational documents here at F.A.E.M.  So if you're looking for someone to tell you where to send money or when to go to the latrine, you'll have to look elsewhere.  Here at F.A.E.M 'our skin is our uniform' and we don't feel a need for more formal uniforms to achieve a sense of belonging.  We seek not followers but other leaders.  It's the non-movement's biggest empty space.  We need leaders of tens, of hundreds, of thousands and of millions.  We need block leaders, neighborhood leaders, community leaders, leaders in professions and trades, military leaders, intellectual leaders...  We literally need leaders in the thousands.
    Where in that list do you fit?