Sources of Political Power
Maguire – 12 May 2001

"Popular support is the first element which is necessary for the creation of authority. But an authority resting on that foundation alone is still quite frail, uncertain and vacillating. Hence everyone who finds himself vested with an authority that is based only on popular support must take measures to improve and consolidate the foundations of that authority by the creation of force. Accordingly we must look upon power, that is to say, the capacity to use force, as the second foundation on which all  authority is based. This foundation is more stable and secure, but not always stronger, than the first. If popular support and power are united together and can endure for a certain time, then an authority may arise which is based on a still stronger foundation, namely,  he authority of tradition. And, finally, if popular support, power, and tradition are united together, then the authority based on them may be looked upon as invincible."  – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Volume II, Chapter IX.

    Our lack of the vital first element of popular white support (as opposed to passive acceptance) for  organized white nationhood is demonstrated by the absence of any organized openly pro-white political movement.  At the same time white living patterns and individual white 'lebensraum flight' shows mass white rejection of ZOG's school and living space racial integration.

    We at F.A.E.M. have drawn a conclusion from observing this duality.  The overwhelming majority of whites do not reject the theoretical idea of a White People's State.  What they are currently rejecting is most of the self-appointed leadership of white racialism.  Some of this rejection is attributable to ZOG media propaganda and white race traitors like the Freemasons of the national Republican Party.  Such enemy action is beyond our control and constitutes environmental battlefield conditions we will have to triumph over.   It's part of the revolutionary process of legitimizing alternate political leadership and delegitimizing existing political leaders.

    What we are doing now is examining those factors for mass white popular rejection which are under our control and therefore constitute self-inflicted sabotage.  Reverting again to Mein Kampf, Vol II, Chapter IX:

"Every national body is made up of three main classes. At one extreme we have the best of the people, taking the word ‘best’ here to indicate those who are highly endowed with the civic virtues and are noted for their courage and their readiness to sacrifice their private interests. At the other extreme are the worst dregs of humanity, in whom vice and egotistic interests prevail. Between these two extremes stands the third class, which is made up of the broad middle stratum, who do not represent  radiant heroism or vulgar vice."

    It is common ground between all white patriots that people like the Clintons and their canaille constitute the 'worst dregs of humanity'.   It is a tragic fact that we ourselves have far too many self-announced white leaders and some followers who also belong to the 'worst dregs of humanity, in whom VICE AND EGOTISTIC INTERESTS PREVAIL.'  Until we recognize this fact and take decisive action to overcome it we will never progress further.

    Some of these so-called leaders' vices are an egotism so severe they dare to say "I am the cause" (Zündel).  Or they exhibit a propensity for casino gambling with funds donated in good faith for white causes.  Under old white law such malfeasance was called 'fraud' and 'conversion'.  Others of these leaders are afflicted by the vice of alcoholism or they succumb to the temptation of coveting other comrade's wives.  Do not imagine it is we who are ultimately accusing them.  It is Adolf Hitler, whom those 'worst dregs' claim to admire and whose legacy they now claim to carry, who accuses them.

    What is the current condition?  ZOG's power is based on Hitler's second and third foundations of authority.  Those are the force of government power and the habit of tradition.  While the force is no longer sufficient for most non-US military contingencies, it is more than adequate crushing attempts at violent action against it.  It's necessary to add the 'force' of mass media and economic power to the force of open police and military power.

  ZOG has no true popular support and particularly among whites.  Even ZOG's remaining government power is based on the efforts of whites.  ZOG's authority of tradition is based on the political lethargy of whites rather than any true love for their current state of affairs.  Negroid self-rule in the city of Washington (since revoked by the U.S. Congress) shows the results of trying to base government power on negro personnel and populations.

    The two so-called political parties of Democrats and Republicans together (they are not true parties) command the allegiance of less than 50% of possible white voters.  Even there that allegiance is not deeper than spending two hours of time every two years to go down to mark gamed ballots.  That is not an allegiance ZOG could ever use to oppose a disciplined and committed white revolutionary vanguard of merely 10% of North American whites.  ZOG has no real popular support among whites.

    Considering what the vast majority of whites do with their real estate money, their choice of schools for their children and how they vote with their feet, we OUGHT to have mass white popular support.  We do not have it.  Why do we not?  No one of importance still truly believes 'wez all equals' or that negroes and Mestizos will ever act like white men.  Even the Marxist dregs following the Zionists no longer believe it (the Zionist Jewish leadership cadres never believed it).  Why do you think they now promote multi-lingualism and multi-culturalism in addition to biological integration?

    We lack a mass following not because whites don't yearn for a better social order.  We lack a mass following simply because North American whites currently believe the non-Movement's leadership would make things worse, not better.   ZOG has done and continues to do everything it can to foster that belief.  This was all covered in WLA #1 under "Delegitimation as a Mutual and Reciprocal Process."

    I am sure many were confused by Professor Kaplan's thesis of Mutual Delegitimation.   How can any government undermine its own legitimacy in the eyes of its subjects?  Adolf Hitler's explanation of the three sources of political power hopefully explains how ZOG can tolerate undermining its own popular support in the process of defeating its mortal political enemies.  ZOG has two other foundations, those of force and tradition (or habit and lethargy).

    ZOG currently has superior force.  If you don't believe me, a career ZOG Mercenary (or US Army soldier as you prefer) then ask the Branch Davidians, Randy Weaver, the Montana Freemen or Timothy McVeigh.  They'll explain it to you.  The passage of a generation combined with the Orwellian rewriting of US history has cloaked ZOG-USA in the mantle of apparent tradition.

    Historical revisionism has made some progress towards undermining ZOG's third foundation of tradition.  This is the second reason why historical revisionism is important and the revisionists have been so strongly attacked by ZOG.  Within the multi-volume book of history, Holocaust Revisionism is worthy of one chapter at best though.

    The only other foundation of political power we can hope to seize is a mass popular following.  Before we can obtain a mass following we have to have legitimized leadership.  Please check the definitions of 'mass'.   It is not a complete synonym for majority.  It also means a 'large part'.   It should be obvious to everyone we will never obtain a majority of the total population of the U.S.A. as now constituted.  We can however obtain a majority following among the whites of North America and a 'large part' of the total population.