20 May 2001
Dear Reader,

    Thank you for the kind words.  You bring up an interesting subject with your comments about qualified labor shortages.  The point is a practical law of economics, too.  No white society ever suffers from 'shortages', whether of skilled people or of resources.  The only exception to this is during war time blockades, such as during Brit-ZOG's First War to Kill White  people  naval genocide blockade designed to starve German women and children.

    The whites in North America have plenty of aircraft mechanics, truck drivers, nurses and teachers.   When we look at the precise locations of these so-called labor shortages we always see them occurring either in non-white areas (the 'ghetto') or in industries supporting non-whites. Teachers, nurses, aircraft mechanics, programmers, engineers and doctors are always in chronic deficit in these areas.   The causes are two-fold.  Whites naturally prefer not to work in savage areas.  The second problem is the exodus of those smaller numbers of non-whites capable of functioning at minimal levels in such skilled professions.  They naturally prefer better working conditions and pay.  The correct solution is separation of the races.  This would leave the  non-whites their higher IQ members to fill such positions.

    I'll take a personal example from the last summer to illustrate my point.  We had an unscheduled layover in Cleveland for about 12 hours due to a nasty storm system moving through the midwest.   We were grounded from about 10 am until 10pm.  The change in passenger demographics during that time was startling.  Based on the races of the passengers during the day, one would suppose America had already become 70% Third World.  Starting about 5pm the look of the passengers changed completely.  Now the concourses were teeming with white people hurrying to the boarding gates.  What I saw were floods of non-whites during the off-peak daytime hours.  During the peak after business travel hours the situation changed completely.  It was all an excellent micro-economic example of which race is generating economic resources and which races are consuming them..

    White North America similarly does not suffer from any so-called energy shortage.  We have abundant resources of coal, natural gas, oil, oil-bearing shale, hydro-electric and uranium/plutonium.  The starting point for 'Feeding Time At The Zoo' was a state by state analysis of Department of Energy figures for the generation of electricity.  Those figures show it is precisely those states with the largest non-white components that are generating the lowest amounts of electricity per person.  It is the non-whites in America who are short of electricity and petroleum.  If the non-whites were removed from the white living space you would rapidly see 'America' return to a position of being an energy surplus producer and exporter.  This transformation would occur in less than 10 years.

    Contrarily Canada, despite being a current energy surplus producer, will also decline into deficit (an 'energy crisis) should the ZOG-Canuckistan sponsored immigration invasion continue.  Just look at Mexico.  Despite having absolutely larger oil reserves than ZOG-USA and proportionately comparable coal resources, Mexico has failed to translate these into industrially usable energy product on the USA scale.  Mexico even has to import electricity.  That's an incredibly uneconomic proceeding requiring huge investments in transmission lines.  The better alternative is to build power plants next to local coal mines and oil fields.

    There are a number of reasons non-white populations cause such dysfunctions in white economies.  The first reason is their far lower average I.Q. and C.Q. (civic quotient).  The second reason, at least in nominal democracies, is the votes and political power these groups provide to biologically dysfunctional white leaders (virtually all are sex degenerates and hence biological degenerates) and Jews.  Non-whites not only don't pull their own weight in white economies but they also make possible the adoption of dysfunctional economic and social policies that cripple the productivity of whites.

    The next reason is aggregate behavioral differences between whites and non-whites.  Non-whites display far higher 'crime' rates under white law than under their own laws.  As sufficient densities of non-whites appear this problem will largely disappear, at least for non-whites.  That's because white law will also disappear.   We are presently seeing the conclusion of this process in Rhodesia.  The intrinsic difference between whites and negroids is resulting in the final destruction of all the white infrastructure whites built in Rhodesia.  This infrastructure is what enabled the abnormal increase in the negroid population to start with. Economic productivity and technologies are declining in all categories. These will lead to immense die-offs in the overbred negroid population. The Apocalyptic four horsemen of disease, famine, tribal warfare and individual violence are already doing the rest.

    South Africa too has visibly and measurably started that landslide. In a situation where over 25% of the negroid child bearing age population has AIDS, there is one actuarial certainty.  South Africa's population is going to undergo a vast contraction during the current generation.    In this case the best strategy for the white population in South Africa is to form defensible enclaves.  The natural inclinations of negroids under negroid rule, Nature and Nature's God will do the rest.  The whites merely have to outlive their enemies.

    Strength and Honor