22 September 2001
America's Worldwide Vietnam Update

A.  Pakistan.

Don't be fooled by the reports of "60%" of Pakistanis opposing cooperation with the U.S. against the Taliban.  This is insignificant.  The other 40% supporting this alliance includes the ruling class, the army and the security services.

1.  Pakistan has already obtained all the advantages mentioned before of an end to nuclear test economic sanctions.

2.  Pakistan's army, which is the most advanced institution in the country and the effective ruler, has every incentive to reduce Afghanistan to obedience again.

3.  Meanwhile New Delhi, India is waving its hand saying "Ah Sahib, hello!  Real friends over here with good honest multi-cultural India.  Don't trust those stinking Moslems.  They already did you dirty once."  India and Pakistan have been in hot and cold war ever since the end of the British Empire.  This provides further incentive for Pakistan to stay loyal.

4.  The world's only announced Islamic nuclear power cannot be seen to side with Islamic terrorists.  This would not strengthen Bin Laden or Islam.  It simply risk a joint nuclear strike by the US, Britain, India, China and Russia.

B.  Afghanistan.

It is true the terrain is difficult.  But the Afghan guerrilla's sanctuaries have all been closed against him.  He no longer has friendly territory anywhere to escape into or friendly external suppliers and satellite intelligence.  This is not like the previous war against the USSR in the 1980s.  Multiple Afghan successor governments are already appearing.  Even the deposed king has been wheeled out of his museum in Rome.   The Northern Alliance's external backers of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are backing the US to the maximum extent possible.

C. Goals of the Afghan Campaign.

   A lot of people are falling into their own intellectual traps by trying to directly compare the coming Afghan Campaign with the previous Soviet Afghan War or Vietnam.  The situations are as different as night and day.  The USA in Vietnam and the USSR in Afghanistan were engaged in nation building wars.  They not only wanted to destroy opposition but to erect a regime meeting certain ideological specifications.  ZOG is uninterested in the fine details of the future successor regime in Afghanistan.  Like Mark Antony at Caesar's funeral, ZOG is not coming to praise any particular Afghan government.  It is coming to bury one. This campaign is not an exercise in nation building and it is not an exercise in extending political-economic control.  The only goal is eliminating Bin Laden's assets, eliminating the Taliban regime and demonstrating nihilistic destruction on a massive scale.  Terror is being met with counter-terror.  These very different objectives and the changes in the regional gameboard invalidate all direct comparisons between this campaign with previous regional wars.

   I prefer my previous comparison of the coming Afghan Campaign with the Ia Drang Valley campaign in Vietnam in the fall of 1965.Carrying this analogy further, the attack on the WTC and Pentagon is equivalent to the early 1965 Viet Cong attack on the U.S. advisors' compound at Pleiku.  This event, plus the deteriorating condition of Saigon's counterinsurgency war, triggered Johnson's deployment of U.S. ground combat forces. Thus the WTC attack combined with the deteriorating condition of the Zionist enterprise in Palestine is what has now triggered direct U.S. involvement.

   Bush is not negotiating with the Taliban.  He means to fight.  The Taliban's 50% counter-offer was merely greeted by increasing the campaign goals to include removing the entire regime, perhaps place the country under a UN satrap and possibly partition it.  Various successor candidates, recognizing what's about to happen, are now maneuvering for political position for the post-strike struggle for succession.  The only remaining diplomacy is aimed at increasing the weight of force that will finally be brought to bear against the Taliban, Bin Laden and his local Afghan assets.

D.  Bombs Away.

   This event is still quite some time away.  Afghanistan is even more remote than the Persian Gulf and it will take time to move forces into place.  In the interim the diplomats will frolic and the media cavort as they did during the Desert Shield deployment phase of the Iraqi war.  The current apparent lull is merely the prelude of military logistics.  When Presidents make direct threats like Bush has been making they either make good on them or resign.

E.  The Future War.

   The 'terror network' is rapidly emerging as far more widespread than Bin Laden or his Al Qaida.  This now nameless enemy will long remain unnamed since ZOG is ultimately at war with Allah-God and Islam.  One never announces such facts to the general public.  To repeat what I said before, an initial victorious counter-strike like the Ia Drang is shaping up.  Following this the contenders will shift to other battlefields leaving the field to the locals.  This also is what happened in the Ia Drang.  After the action the NVA retreated and the First U.S. Cavalry Division choppered away to regroup for further campaigns, leaving the battlefield deserted except for the dead.

   It's 'Vietnam' once more with the entire world as the operational theatre.  In a very real sense World War III has already begun.  I prefer Third War To Kill White People simply to keep our own war goals firmly in view


U.S. Army Vietnam infantry veteran Eric Margolis' September 16 commentary on 911-TTT is here.   As usual, Mr. Margolis reveals unpopular facts suppressed elsewhere by ZOG's media.  According to Mr. Margolis at least 5 of the attackers were almost certainly U.S. military veterans.  So much for melting pot immigration theories and multi-culti wez all 'Mericans' delusions.    This provides more confirmation of The Enemy Within thesis and additional incentives for the regime to carry the war to the other side of the world.  At all costs Boobus Americani has to be distracted from the fact that his own government's policies were the principle generator of the September 11 events.

External war has long been the politician's best friend when faced with internal political chaos.