03 March 2002
Unlike many other people I don't immediately dismiss all scholarship from the 'other side'.  This is especially true of the many semi-coherent articles now being pushed by Jewish-Holocaustian sources concerning early 20th Century cooperation between wealthy white American ruling class interests and German Conservatives such as Fritz Thyssen.  For instance, there are the recent spate of warmed over articles detailing previous generations of the Bush Family and their connections with the Thyssens and Germany. I think there is a great deal of evidence favoring such activities having gone on.  (Don't celebrate too much at this 'admission' Judeo-Marxists.  There's even more evidence for the proposition of Jewry being the most bloodthirsty pack of hate-filled murderers and criminals known to recorded history).  Given the theocratic nature of Judeo-Marxist 'history' these activities are 'evil'.  It is simultaneously deemed 'xenophobia' to even mention other aspects of this struggle, such as the vast subversive effort levied by non-citizen Jewish immigrants.

Plain common sense also favors such behind the scenes activities having taken place.  To say otherwise implies the now defeated white ruling classes of America had no conception of their own interests vis a vis ZOG.   To believe this is to take the 'idiot view' of history and of men who otherwise demonstrated themselves as highly capable businessmen. 
The real history of the 20th Century has yet to be written.  When it is written I think that, except for names and places, it will read  very similarly to the ancient histories relating the end of the Roman Republic.  Almost all university scholars now agree the old Roman Republic was destroyed by political warfare between rival factions of conspiratorial elites.  After agreeing with the ancient historians who documented this these same scholars will also agree with ZOG's corporate media that no such activities are going on in the modern era.  The reality is our politically and semitically correct scholars are brain-bombed hacks who agree with whatever they are told to parrot by external authority.

I've commented before on the series on assassinations and political intrigues carried out by ZOG in the U.S.A. in the late 19th and early 20th Century.  These started with the assassination of President McKinley and his replacement by retrospectively obvious Agent of ZOG Theodore Roosevelt.  Roosevelt greatly helped ZOG in its war against the white run Empire of the Czars by assisting Japan.  It was Roosevelt who led the first build-up of the U.S. Navy as a modern fleet.  This fleet was intended for service as a Brit-ZOG auxiliary.  It was Roosevelt who also split the Republican vote in 1912 and betrayed his successor Taft, thus allowing Woodrow Wilson to sneak in with a minority of the votes.  The privatization of American money in the hands of the privately owned Federal Reserve 'System' immediately followed.  Teddy was also a great supporter of American participation in the First War To Kill White People.

As even the White House website ( http://www.whitehouse.gov/history/presidents/ww28.html ) informs us, "In the three-way election he received only 42 percent of the popular vote but an overwhelming electoral vote."  Wilson's campaign theme was "New Freedom".  Such was the 'popular' clamor for ZOG's subsequent measures designed to destroy American industry and reduce the American people to wage and debt slaves.  These key measures were:

"Wilson maneuvered through Congress three major pieces of legislation. The first was a lower tariff, the Underwood Act; attached to the measure was a graduated Federal income tax. The passage of the Federal Reserve Act provided the Nation with the more elastic money supply it badly needed."

Wilson also, after campaigning for reelection in 1916 on the slogan "he kept us out of the war" promptly entered the First War To Kill White People.

These revolutionary changes in American policy at the start of the 20th Century did not go unresisted by the American nation.  The American nation rebelled at what had been done in its name by a series of tricks, lies and intrigues.   At the first available opportunity, November 1918, it replaced the 'Democratic' House of Representatives with a 'Republican' House and also strengthened 'Republican' control of the Senate.   The Senate subsequently refused to ratify the so-called Versailles Peace Treaty with its many unjust clauses and denial of German self-determination.   In 1920 the American nation removed the 'Democratic' Party from the White House.

There was more.  As the real purposes of World War I revealed themselves (Judeo-Bolshevik conquest of Russia and Jewish led attempts to establish occupation governments in Eastern Europe and Germany) real American leaders went further.  Non-white immigration was banned.  A reincarnated version of the Ku Klux Klan bloomed and found strong roots and political support in formerly 'Yankee' parts of America such as Indiana.  Protective tariffs were raised to new highs.  This led to the vast domestic industrial boom of the 1920s while simultaneously strangling Brit-ZOG's export industries.

American foreign policy in the 1920s was not isolationist.   Modern ZOGist historians, taking their cue from master story-teller Winston Churchill, now like to pretend this.  On the contrary, America was more highly engaged in Europe than ever before in its history.  It was the form of the engagement that Churchill and other ZOGists later found politic to call 'isolationist'.  That is, they found it useful later to pretend American policy of the 1920s had never existed and that its various elements were merely aspects of either 'appeasement' or just ill-considered.

American policy in the 1920s and early 1930s was uniformly pro-German and pro-white.    Two Americans, Dawes and Young, led the efforts to reduce and then eliminate the 'war reparations' strapped on Germany by the Versailles Treaty.  While this was going on the United States Government also mercilessly squeezed its ZOG controlled former 'allies' of Britain and France for full repayment of all FWATKWP war loans.  And to top off that sundae, vast American loans were issued to Germany.

These rapid foreign policy changes were also accompanied by a matching military policy.  The Republican Congress decided in early 1919 to obtain full naval supremacy over Brit-ZOG.  True to his role as an Agent of ZOG, Teddy Roosevelt, nowadays lauded as the modern father of the US Navy, opposed this policy.  American industrial power and a still sound federal finance easily allowed this.  This led to the curious spectacle of the instant post FWATKWP naval arms race between the USA and the British Empire.   In our times, given our mutilated and deracinated histories, this instant naval buildup appears senseless to the conventional naval historian and generalist historians of the 1920s.  It was not.  Political elites build up military forces to support specific policies.  The directors of American policy in the 1920s knew precisely what they were doing.  They knew they were essentially at war and they also knew the ultimate identity of their enemy.

There are many other evidences of a very highly organized American opposition to ZOG's international plans.  Most are familiar with Henry Ford's strenuous efforts at public political education concerning the new realities facing the American nation.  On another front are fragmentary reports from David Irving that prior to 1933 most of the Sturm Abteilungen was armed with American pistols and machine-guns.  AJP Taylor subsequently reported in his "Origins of the Second World War" that American academics and institutions took the lead in quickly writing and propagating a 'Revisionist' view of the First War to Kill White People.

What then happened to derail this burgeoning American-led covert war against International Zionism and Communism?  There were I think several key mistakes.  The biggest one was leaving the Federal Reserve System in existence and in private hands.  Here was the source of the stock market crash of 1929 and the subsequent depression.  Even 'conventional' economic historians assign a primary role to the privately owned Federal Reserve System for these events.  Their specific criticism is that 'The Fed' expanded the money supply (credit) too easily in 1928 and then contracted it too abruptly in 1929.  They also hasten to add this also was done out 'ignorance' to satisfy the requirement for the Idiot Theory of 20th Century history.

Understanding this aspect of 20th Century political history from this 'Revisionist' viewpoint is I think important.  Of course our elite boys 'lost'.  Why then are they still in proximity to power at all?  They're there for the same reason that arrested Communists sought and received 'trusty' positions in Stalin's Destructive Labor Camps.  They themselves are now acting as 'trusties' in a vast prisoner of war camp.  Whatever the Bush Family's former connections in bygone eras, can anyone (besides an insatiable Jew) look at the vast numbers of Zionist personnel in the Bush Administration and pretend that here is a secret Nazi regime?  Only a raving delusional Jewish mind believe it.


"And furthermore, the Republican Party must be destroyed."