Anti-Zionist Negro Cynthia McKinney Defeated.

 The Cynthia McKinney defeat in her Georgia primary highlights the futility of trying to work "inside the system" of ZOG-USA's single political party with two faces. Those interested in opposing the Zionist imperium must step completely outside the current system.

Current reports show Democrat female negro challenger Majette with 68,612 votes (58%) and Democrat female negro McKinney with 49,058 (42%).


1.  US Congressional districts currently have a total population size of 700,000 and an average voter base of about 550,000.  Total Democratic primary participation was 117,670.   McKinney's district was additionally complicated by a near 50/50 racial divide between blacks and non-blacks.

2.  McKinney is rightfully blaming cross-over registered Republican voters for her defeat.  The concurrent district GOP primary had such poor participation a GOP run-off election is now required between the top two GOP candidates.  There were less than 6,000 voters in the GOP 4th District primary.  Georgia now has the results posted here:

The perverse results in the two parties' primaries prove McKinney is correct.  In addition to mobilizing an internal Democratic opponent the Zionist Neo-Conmen Jews also mobilized large numbers of brainbombed Republican pseudo-patriots.  McKinney's own vote was on the high side of her career average mid-40k primary vote.  Large amounts of external Zionist money were showered on Majette, as well as the total support of Zionist controlled mass media.  We saw once again how there are no discrete entities such as 'Republican' Jews and 'Democratic' Jews.  There were simply Zionist Jews all working in concert towards a common political goal.

3.  McKinney was also hurt by the usual extreme difficulty of mobilizing black voters.  Her white Republican opponents can only enjoy their pyrrhic victory of defeating this 'liberal' until November.  At that time the blacks will revert to racial bloc voting for Negress Majette.  This bloc habit partly offsets the black predisposition to not voting.  After November Majette will return to extracting maximum economic resource for blacks from whites in any way she can.  And whether it's called 'reparations', 'welfare' or anything else the basis of typical black politics is a search for federal dollars extracted from whites by taxation.

4.  Except for the nearly equally divided mixed race character of McKinney's district the Zionist Jews would not have been able to find handles to manipulate this result.  If the district were entirely black McKinney would undoubtedly have been reelected.  From the pro-white viewpoint this is precisely why the Zionists have worked so hard at race-mixing and integration (for all except themselves).  It enables them to play one racial group off against another.

5.  McKinney ultimately lost because the mechanisms that previously elected her either collapsed or actively turned against her.  Meanwhile new ones appeared to oppose her.  She lost the backing of the feeble local Democratic Party apparat, the local externally controlled media and was not able to build a replacement grass roots organization fast enough.

To pro-white people McKinney's result is another classic example of the futility of trying to construct broad-based anti-Zionist coalitions across racial lines.  There is an insufficient basis for cooperation given the permanent competition for white resources.  Had an upstart anti-Zionist white incumbent politician appeared we can however easily conceive the external Zionist 'swing vote' (outside money, externally controlled media) swinging the other way.

Despite the apparent strength of the ZOG we can also see the continuing weakness of ZOG's bi-polar disorder political system.  This 'hotly contested' race drew a total participation of 27% from both parties at the best.  This result tracks perfectly with analytical results we've found in many other districts.  The two Zionist parties, Republicans and Democrats, have both lost their footing in the masses.

A classic example occurs in Rankin County, Mississippi.  The county is 83% white and 17% black.  The population is 118,000, the 18+ voting population is 85,000 and there are 64,000 registered voters.  Analysis of the county's by name voter database (a public record) show approximately 18,500 are registered Republicans and 6,300 are Democrats.  Te remaining 39,200 are independents.

This "Independent" Party, an unorganized entity, outnumbers by almost 2:1 both official parties combined.   It's 62% vs. 38% of Demicans and Republocrats,  Now look back again at DeKalb Georgia's maximum turnout of 27% in this primary election and adjust for the known lower average black participation rate.  Another significant finding in Rankin Mississippi is that party affiliation is a function of age.  Both 'Republicans' and 'Democrats' are largely ageing baby boomers and older.  Party affiliation drops off rapidly with decreasing age.

McKinney's result has demonstrated again the ephemeral nature of the political franchising operations called "Democrat" and "Republican".  These entities are not real political parties.  At this time they provide little other than a place on the ballot.  Their ostensible organizations are weak, almost non-existent, on the ground.  Candidates running under their franchise labels are compelled to seek vast amounts of external money.  A glance at FEC reports shows this money is used to buy media advertising, hire mercenaries as campaign managers, pollsters, media consultants and even day laborers to put out signs.  They are compelled to seek the favorable editorial benedictions of the externally controlled local media, despite its ever-diminishing influence on the local electorate.  They must solicit the endorsement of other, more tightly organized, groups such as the Jewish Party, the NRA, the AFL-CIO, etc.

This entire imperialist process itself drives ever greater numbers of local voters out of the electoral forum.  The vast majority perceive a rigged show in process of being periodically staged by outsiders for the benefit of outsiders.  But it is in this process that we perceive the opportunities for destroying the Zionist entity.  The problem to solve is reach the detached masses that we know now exist.  Ipso facto ZOG is not rooted in the population as proved by the votes of the feet (staying away).

The masses are there.  What is not there are disciplined political 'parties' to provide focus and alternate leadership.  I mean this in the sense of a real political party/movement, such as the Continental Congress, Lenin's Bolsheviks or the National Socialists.  These real political parties, like the Zionists, aimed at the permanent political destruction of their opponents and at no lower goal.  Such a disciplined movement must be centered around larger group goals, of which anti-Zionism is one part (albeit a key part).  It has to be far more 'movement' rather than 'party'.  Nor can its campaigns be centered on the politics of individual personality.