06 September 2002
Inevitable Happens:  Mudslide Immigration Returns Malaria to Late Great Jewess Ah!


"WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Virginia health officials said on Thursday they were investigating two reported cases of malaria in Loudoun County involving two teens who contracted the disease without traveling overseas."

Just add it to the rapidly spreading West Nile virus, HIV/AIDS ("Out of Africa" courtesy of queers, drug addicts and negroes), anti-biotic resistant strains of tuberculosis...  This is just the latest "autochthonous" outbreak according to the Centers for Disease Control:   http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/eid/vol2no1/zuckerei.htm
"Three recent outbreaks of locally acquired malaria in densely populated areas of the United States demonstrate the continued risk for mosquito borne transmission of this disease. Increased global travel, immigration, and the presence of competent anopheline vectors throughout the continental United States contribute to the ongoing threat of malaria transmission.
Malaria was endemic throughout much of the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries..."
"Anopheline species (mosquitoes) capable of transmitting malaria are found in all 48 states of the contiguous United States. The most important vectors are An. quadrimaculatus and An. freeborni, found east and west of the Rocky Mountains, respectively. However, other anopheline species have been implicated in local transmission, for example, An. hermsi in California.
Humans are the intermediate host and reservoir of the parasite, and the mosquito is the definitive host and vector. Female anophelines become infected only if they take a blood meal from a person whose blood contains mature male and female stages (gametocytes) of the parasite."
Malaria is not just a contagious disease.  In the Turd World it is a chronic disease and way of life for hundreds of millions.  As shown above the disease is transmitted by a mosquito first biting an infected person and soon after biting an uninfected person.  The mosquito is merely the vector.  Humanoid populations are the hosts.  Malaria was defeated in the Late Great Jewess Ah! by the following factors:
1.  Restriction of the native populations of primitives to small reservations.
2.  Their replacement by white populations who drained the swamps, ditches and otherwise engaged in mosquito control.
3.  Improved public health resulting from the spread of white civilization.  These included rigourous public health controls at the borders, screenings and border rejections up to 3% and wide-ranging vaccinations and examinations of native born foreign travelers.
Judeo-Marxism, a bio-political disease better termed Semitically Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (SAIDS), resulted in the lowering or destruction of all these biological defenses as a natural consequence of the Jewish hooey of  'wez all ekwals', 'melting pot' and the ever expanding non-white immigration intended as a result of the Jew sponsored 1965 Immigration Act.
White civilization is now retreating before the Mudslide Immigration Invasion.  It is unsurprising the black and brown people are bringing their ways of life, including poor sanitation, female circumcision, child concubinage and chronic diseases, with them.  Do not be deceived by the illusions of hi-tech purveyed by televitz.  In the real world 'technology' is undergoing a rapid decay. This includes the technologies of public health discipline and the political authority necessary to control epidemics.
The bio-defenders themselves are stricken by SAIDS, which causes institutional mental confusion, paralysis of the will and neutralization of all decisive quarantine measures that carry any racial or group implications.  For instance, millions of health care professionals constantly repeat the lie that HIV/AIDS probably entered the human populations because of someone "eating infected monkey meat" and thus acquiring Simian HIV.  Bull crapola.  Cooked food and the digestive tract have not been otherwise implicated even once as vectors for HIV/AIDS.  The HIV virus is highly anaerobic, meaning it can't tolerate exposure to atmosphere.  It is transmitted from living humanoid to living humanoid by direct exchange of blood or blood based (i.e. semen) fluids.  This virus entered the humanoid populations because of African negroes screwing infected monkeys and then traveling widely with the aid of the white man's machines.
Scientific Prediction:  In the near future we will see outbreaks of typhoid that will be tracked to infected food handlers, just as in the old days of Typhoid Mary.  This will result from poor restaurant sanitation combined with immigrant mud doctors simply filling in blank food handler examinations in bulk.  Want to know what other 'exotics' to expect in the near future?  Just run down the INS listing of which countries have contributed significantly to the Immigration Invasion and then check up on their domestic public health problems.  These same problems will reappear here as the pools of vectors from those countries reach the necessary critical mass.