05 November 2002 – The Scam of the Century.

I have read this Israeli document again.


1.  The 1997 number of 834,000 – 960,000 living 'Holocaust Survivors' includes:

a.  Survivors of 33,000 + 124,000 Jews arriving in the USA from Europe during 1933-1941.  Therefore the USA Jewish population to be excluded is the 1941 population minus 157,000.  This remainder of USA Jews are NOT 'Holocaust Survivors', even by Israeli definitions.

2.  To be a 'Survivor' in 1997 one had to have a minimum age of 53 in order to have been born by May 8, 1945 in a European country and thus to have 'experienced' Nazi 'oppression'.  1997 – 1945 = 53 years.

 3.  157,000 refugees are attested for the USA alone in 1941.    Of interest is the implied claim that no Jewish immigration to the U.S.A. occurred between 1941 and 1945.  Non-Jewish sources dispute this and some state a large Jewish immigration using returning troopship space.

Other fragmentary 'refugee' numbers have crept out over time, such as the 25,000 Jews discovered in the International Settlement in Shanghai in 1945.  What were the totals for the British Empire?  Turkey?  North Africa?  Palestine received an enourmous accession of Jews from 1933-1945, on the order of 300,000 – 500,000.

In another statement the Jewish authors said "an annual mortality rate of 3%-5% was deducted"  (i.e. from 1945 onwards) to obtain the 1997 population of 'Survivors'.

This looks like a fascinating problem for an actuary.  I'll start out simply.  I'll use the Jews' lower mortality 3% rate and their lower 834,000 estimate  for 1997 'Survivors' because I don't want to embarrass our Jewish readers too badly.  The master Shylocks already know what's coming anyway.  And remember, all Jews in the USA in 1941 are excluded except for the 157,000, as are all British Empire Jews, Jews in French colonies, Turkey, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, the Levant, Iraq, Iran (large Sephardic emigrations after SWATKWP) other International Settlements in China such as Tientsin, the Dutch East Indies, Mexico, South America...  Also apparently excluded (according to the Israeli document) are 41.5% of USSR Jews who didn't live in areas overtaken by German soldiers.  So this applies only to Jews who were in Europe at some point from 1933-1945 and might have seen a swastika pass by one day.

1997 -   834,000
1996 -   859,000
1995 -   886,000
1994 -   913,000
1993 -   941,000
1992 -   970,000
1991 – 1,000,790
1990 – 1,031,000
1989 – 1,063,000
1988 – 1,096,000
1987 – 1,130,000
1986 – 1,165,000
1985 – 1,201,000
1984 – 1,238,000
1983 – 1,276,000
1982 – 1,316,000
1981 – 1,357,000
1980 – 1,399,000
1979 – 1,442,000
1978 – 1,487,000
1977 – 1,533,000
1976 – 1,580,000
1975 – 1,628,000

Using the lower annual mortality rate of 3% and the Jews' own lower number for 1997 'Survivors' (834,000) we obtained a doubling rate of 22 years when backing out annual deaths.  This would give us 3.2 million European Jew 'Survivors' in 1953 on the conservative approach.  Moving back another eight years (1945) brings the number up to Four Million European 'Survivor' Jews alive on May 8, 1945.

Now of these Four Million 'Survivors' a generous maximum of perhaps 500,000 are accounted for as intercontinental refugees to the USA, Palestine, Shanghai and elsewhere (unless we've been lied to about immigration during 1941-1945).  This means that 3.5 million European Jews either (a) managed to escape into the USSR when Soviet military forces were incapable of retreating fast enough (a couple million soldiers were captured or killed during the German advance in 1941) or (b) spent 1-4 years under Nazi rule and lived.

Again, this is derived solely from the Jews' own more conservative figures. If we were to use the Jews' own higher 1997 number of 960,000 and/or their higher mortality rates of up to 5%, then numbers vastly exceeding ALL European Jews in 1939 are quickly reached when extrapolating backwards, even after including unoccupied European areas of the USSR.

Now it's possible to obtain many other numbers by juggling the starting figures.  I have confined myself to a conservative approach using the minimalist numbers in the Israeli Hebrew language source document.

Bottom line:  No Six Million.  No gas chambers ever existed.  This is why they can't be found, why pictures can't be found, why all the 'witness' testimony constantly contradicts other 'witnesses' and why argument rages on over missing holes in the Krema II roof and other obscurantist minutiae.  There was no extermination program.  This is why no Hitler order for one has ever been found.  This is also why Auschwitz' own 'Death Books' (released by the Russians in the 1990s) report only 74,000 total deaths from all causes.  No Holocaust even using the Jews' own numbers!  HolyHoax.  HolyCo$t.  One vast goddamn stinking Judeo-Communist scam.  That's all it is and ever was.