20 July 2001  by Maguire
David Irving
has lost his bid to appeal the High Court ruling against him in Irving v. Lipstadt et al.


    This comes as no surprise to veteran observers.  To have even admitted the possibility of another side to the capital H 'Holocaust' would undermine far more than the Zionist enterprise in Palestine.  It would undermine the legitimacy of every allied government that fought World War II; it would undermine the legitimacy of the current ZOG of Germany and also undermine the legitimacy of the United Nations.  To have expected any different court outcome flew in the face of all logic, of all political street smarts and of all common sense.  The previous western civilization committed final suicide in 1939-46 when it fought the Second War To Kill White People.  It merely started the funerary rites when it subsequently suspended all its long developed rules of jurisprudence and evidence at the Nuremburg International Military Tribunal.  Now after the accumulation like geological strata of decades of precedent, all citing the same Stalinist show trial outcome of the I.M.T. in 1946,  no British judge in Brit-ZOG Y2K is going to swim against that tide.

    So what comes next?   Next up is most likely bankruptcy for David Irving unless (and I pray one doesn't appear) yet
another sap is found who will bankroll Irving's 2.x million quid court costs owed to Lipstadt and Penguin.   In the course of these proceedings it's conceivable a bankruptcy court will assign Irving's book copyrights to his creditors.  In this instance these are agencies of ZOG.  I therefore strongly urge all with any interest whatever to immediately begin downloading Irving's online PDF book versions here: http://www.fpp.co.uk/books/index.html  It's totally possible that in  few weeks or months they will literally disappear down the memory hole.  If you have an interest in the printed volume ii of his Churchill memoirs don't delay, order today.

    How did all this come about?  In four words: ego, greed, narcissism and respectabilities.  All of them David Irving's.  It began with his massive ego and narcissism that needed constant stroking by way of the klieg lights, the media glare and seeing his image in the newspapers and on the tube weekly.  It continued with greed, Irving's greed for the big dollars that come from publication through the ZOG presses and the jet set Mayfair lifestyle those dollars make possible.  It reached its fullness with a bad case of respectabilities.  Again these lie in David Irving's perverse expectation that an international social system founded on certain premises would ever accord him a respectful hearing when he preached against the foundational assumptions of those premises.

    Along the way David Irving indeed committed a final, lasting 'defaming the memory of the dead'.  It was not against Jews, however.  The author of "Nuremburg: The Final Battle" committed it against over a hundred men judicially lynched by the Nuremburg International Military Tribunal.  These men, whatever else they did or didn't do, had been fighting YOUR (assuming you are a white person) war against Asia.  They weren't tried in the sense of crimes being proven before a jury.  They were merely arraigned, arrayed, reviled, ridiculed and handed foreordained sentences like any of the other Stalinist show trial victims.    They were simply frog marched in front of what the then Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court described as 'a high grade lynching party'.

    Forty-five years later David Irving lost an historic opportunity to finally allow these men to have their day before a British jury.  He, the author of "Nuremburg: The Final Battle", declined to try the case in front of a jury.  Instead David Irving agreed with their and his enemies that the matter was too complicated for a jury of citizens.  For this reason alone I have not one whit of sympathy for him now.  Instead David Irving wanted to again be one of the inside "big boys", a cut above us commoners.  So he continued to perversely play the role of the gallant English gentlemen with opponents that he knows will stop at nothing to get their way.

    David also declined to be a team player and make use of many other resources, such as Germar Rudolf, a trained scientist whose chemical analysis of Auschwitz stands far above the incomplete Leuchter Report.    He declined to make any use at all of specialists such as professional engineers and chemists.  One result of this one man circus was to allow the fraudulently self-styled architect who is not,  Robert Jan Van Pelt, to offer into expert evidence the assertion that it's possible to cremate multiple corpses with as little as 3.5 kilograms (7.7 lbs.) of industrial coke.  But you see, this was David Irving's solo return to the media limelight.  It was not to be shared with other lesser lights even if they possessed greater specialist subject matter expertise.

    Well now it's over.  There are big price tags to be paid, not only by David Irving but by prisoners whose convictions under 'denial' laws are now made to seem more reasonable by Theatre of the Talmudically Absurd, David Irving so obligingly helped stage.  If he ever finds the time to write any further books, there might be something worth looking into.  But until then...

    Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Irving!

 The full text of the Denial of Appeal is now available here:  http://www.fpp.co.uk/Legal/Penguin/Appeal/judgment.html  .  This was not available when I wrote my initial piece on "David Irving Loss" on July 20. A year too late David Irving and his attorneys attempted to enter as fresh evidence the Germar Rudolf Report.  The High Justices blew this submission off in a couple of sentences.  They also continued to rely on the fraudulently self-styled architect-who-is-not Van Pelt's assertion that 3.5 kilograms of industrial coke is sufficient to cremate a corpse.  Any, I repeat any, competent chemist and even most white first year college chemistry students can calculate: a.  The maximum energy output in calories of 3.5 kilograms of industrial coke. b.  A range of assumed efficiency factors for crematoria of 1942 vintage. c. The necessary energy to cremate a human corpse composed of 90% water.     to determine the reasonableness of this Alice-In-Wonderland 3.5 kilograms.     These comments do not mean that I think David would have prevailed had he introduced Germar Rudolf's evidence at the initial trial.  Her Majesty's ZOG Courts would still have found for Lipstadt.  What else did David or anyone else expect them to say at this point in Y2K and 2001?  "Well, ha ha ha, you're right  David.  You finally got us!  Huh huh huh!  The Hoaxaco$t is a lie.  We dispossessed millions of Palestinians on false premises.  We looted and despoiled Germany based on false guilt and hanged hundreds of men at Nuremburg based on kangaroo court proceedings.  And we pissed away the entire British Empire, killed 850,000 white citizens of the British Empire and ten millions of white Germans, firebombed Hamburg and Dresden, turned over half of Europe to Judeo-Communists and all for the benefit of lying racist Jews who secretly despise us.  We also brought a flood of muds into Britain to torment white citizens simply to try to appease insatiable Jewish ravings for race mixing."     If they were to make any announcement approximating this by even 25% the entire British ruling class would all be hanged on trees within the month starting with the Queen.  And they know this.  Gorbachev's USSR government didn't survive 12 months past the announcement that the USSR, not Hitler, had in fact murdered 4,000+ Polish officers at Katyn Wood.  GET REAL AND WAKE UP.  Even if every judge believed every word of David and his attorneys they would still find for Lipstadt because unleashing social consequences like the above is beyond their level of competence and pay grade.     Why then do I think Germar Rudolf and others were important?  It's because their collective expertise entered into evidence would have converted and woken up many more white people than David alone did with his solo act.   The very best course of action though which I, Eric Thomson, Michael Hoffman and a host of others have counseled is to completely ignore their system and rebuild our own society and social mechanisms outside of their rotted out, Talmudic infested structure.  ZOG's news media will never announce we've won.  OUR OWN media will make that announcement.  On that day ZOG media's only announcement (if this much) will be a classified ad announcing a surplus sale of used broadcasting and printing equipment.  And that ad will be placed in our own media and we'll be paid for running it.  That assumes we don't confiscate it all as part of Jewish reparations to the white race for their tens of millions of white murders in the 20th Century.     Have you got the message yet David, or do you need another lesson with Gitta Sereny and The Guardian, Ltd.?  The correct course of action is not to pour  more of our limited resources into this ZOG legal dry hole and subsidize its twisted Talmudic legal system.  True wisdom is found in Thomas Jefferson's counsel.    "Indeed let us withdraw and call the nation to its tents."