06 April 2003 — Winds of War II – Maguire
World War IV Warning.  This is not a drill.

The Winds of World War IV:  Mobilization Underway.


Those concerned should pay serious attention to this listing of USA Reserve and National Guard units mobilized for active duty as of March 26, 2003.  This reserve mobilization is far larger than the 1990 Desert Storm call-up.  More ominously, there is a complete  qualitative difference in the types of reserve units being called up.  This difference shows the current effort is merely a preliminary to a far vaster general mobilization on the order of World War II.  "The Roster" shows four broad categories of reserve units that have alredy been mobilized.  The total package is clearly designed as a balanced 'First Wave' of mobilization to prepare for still further mobilization.  And this is precisely how the USA began mobilization in 1940.  Now it's being done again.

Category I.  Round out reserve units for active regular units.  This grouping has some combat units and many more logistics support units.  These are explainable in the context of "Operation Iraqi Freedom".  Thus they are not exceptional if "Gulf War II" is considered in isolation.  It's much less understandable since the overwhelming majority did not go there by Rumsfeld / Wolfowitz / Perle's specific directions.  Almost all are still in the USA with their parent regular units.

Now Bush II had much more time for his Gulf build-up than Bush I did for his.  The first one had from August 1990 to January, 1991.  That's 5 1/2 months.  The second one had from October, 2002 until late March, 2003.  That's around 6 months.  And Bush II has better fast sealift resources than his daddy did.  Acquiring such ships was one of the priority improvments made after Desert Storm.  Consequently CENTCOM's small force size is the result of a fully conscious choice.  It does not arise from mere logistics limitations.

Category II.  Mobilization and garrison support units.  These are US Army Reserve units whose function is to provide stateside base support.  The numbers of Army Reserve administrative, 'Mobilization Support', Finance, Adjutant General and Replacement companies are inexplicable except on the assumption many more bases are going to be filling with still more people.  This means yet more mobilization is anticipated to occur.  Supporting a large wartime mobilization is the only reason these units exist.  The existing peacetime bases already have their own large bureaucracies.

Category III.  US Army Reserve Training Divisions.  These are numbered 'divisions', such as the 85th USAR Division in Illinois / Indiana, the 87th USAR Division in Florida / Georgia and so on.  They're sub-divided into Brigades and Battalions.  Despite their historic combat unit numbers these 'divisions' are not combat units any more.  These are units of drill sergeants and skill trainers organized to serve as the teaching cadre staffs of individual replacement training centers.  These units are only called up when 'They' are planning to do a lot more training of more civilians.  This means training more civilians than the Department of Defense's existing peacetime training establishment can handle.  The mobilization of such units is a critical milestone on the road to mobilizing a far larger combat army.  So has this happened?  Let's check 'The Roster'.  And deah dey iz, Rastus.  Divisions and divisions of reserve drill sergeants and soldier trainers summoned to active duty.

In Category II we saw the support cadres for more base bureaucracies.  Here in Category III we see the trainers needed to teach new trainees.  So where are these ''trainees"?  Can you say draft?  This too is already being talked up by the appropriate authorities, meaning Congress.  It should be clear already that nothing these training units could do would influence "Operation Iraqi Freedom" as planned by Donald Rumsfeld.  This fact was already well known to those responsible for mobilizing them.

Category IV.  Leading edge Army National Guard combat battalions.  This means combat units not attached to existing regular units as 'roundouts'.  Without spreadsheeting The Roster there seem to be about 100 reserve combat battalions mobilized so far.  All the different combat branches (infantry, armor, artillery, air defense) are represented.  So why mobilize so many reserve combat battalions when so many Regular Army and Marine battalions are still in North America and 'unemployed' in "Iraqi Freedom"?  More precisely, why does the Secretary of Defense mobilize them all and then get involved in a public dumbshow posing as McNamara sending Westmoreland too few active combat units?

There are several answers to these questions.  The first answer is to conserve forces for a much larger expected campaign.  The next answer is to bring the reserve combat units up to full training efficiency, and especially their leadership cadres.  See the list again and do some internet spot checking.  Most of these battalions were only summoned in December, 2002, or later.  The plans for "Operation Iraqi Freedom" were already fairly final by then.  Many other National Guard combat battalions remain to be called up.  Back in 1940 National Guard mobilization proceeded in several waves, too.  It didn't happen all at once.  Ultimately many of these units will receive still more troops.

Another thing these units can do if required is to spawn still more combat units.  In this process they subdivide just like bacteria.  One battalion extrudes a cadre of experienced officers and sergeants who are promoted on the job to the next higher level.  Then these form one or two more identical battalionsNewly trained privates for these newly formed combat units stream in from individual replacement training centers.   These centers are operated and can only be operated by the training units discussed in Categories II and III above.

This is how it was done in World War II, also.  Some National Guard divisions (all called up in 1940) were subdivided so many times to form more units that the original unit (with 90% new personnel by then) didn't reach combat until 1944 or 1945.  The 38th Infantry Division is a good example.  It was mobilized in 1940 but didn't reach a Pacific combat area until 1944.  In the interim period it extruded cadre levy after cadre levy for many of the 88 other US Army combat divisions that were created.

The current reserve mobilization has summoned forth precisely the required machinery to begin the above process again.  Many of these units have been "in reserve" for half a century without being called up.  They were preserved to retain an option that is now being exercised.  ZOG is putting very heavy stakes on the table.  And it is doing so in a way that can be understood by most of the world's general staffs and military intelligence agencies.

The extreme statements made by Ariel Sharon, by George Bush and his Jewish-Zionist advisors, by the current and now by a former director of the CIA concerning long-term vast Warre, "clash of civilizations" and "World War IV" are well known.  Now we see specific miitary actions being taken to turn these Words into horrible Reality.  They are taking this seriously.  Self-perceived targets are taking this seriously.

Are you taking it seriously?

World War IV Warning.  This is not a drill.