Wed, 10 Jan 2001

by Maguire

A few months ago Maguire mentioned in passing that the U.S.A is exporting electricity into the Mexican power grid. Southern California has now revealed itself as being an integral part of that Mexican power import market. The two utility companies threatened with bankruptcy, Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas & Electric, are servicing the largest areas of Mexican settlement in California.

The elements of this problem are so simple even ZOG high school dropouts can understand it.

1. Southern California is using more electricity than it's generating.

2. For over a decade the California political system has refused permission to the utilities to build more local generating capacity.

3. The utilities have therefore been purchasing electricity from other producers outside California in Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. To spell this out plainly, minority white California with a power shortage has been buying electricity from majority white states with electricity surpluses.

4. The California political system has refused to allow the two utilities to even charge their costs of purchasing this imported electricity, let alone make a profit.

5. As a result of 3 & 4 these utilities are now days away from bankruptcy and being unable to pay for the imports (as well as their bank loans and bonds). At that point the external exporters will stop exporting, just like OPEC would if they didn't get paid.

Now here's a simple fact to understand, although many people including most journalists have difficulty comprehending it:. THIS CRISIS IS NOT A SHORTAGE OF ENERGY. Power plants do not create energy. They simply transform kinetic energy into electricity by passing it through a turbine and spinning a generator connected to the turbine. Power plants can spin turbines with steam. This steam can be created by boiling water with heat generated from uranium or plutonium fission, or by burning coal, natural gas, or oil. If the local geography is favorable you can build a dam and run falling water through turbines and spin them that way. Hydro-electric potentials (falling water) are pretty well tapped out in the U.S.A. But there is no shortage of coal, natural gas, uranium/plutonium or even oil really. The coal industry in the USA is still contracting. Mines are closed each month and miners laid off each week.

This crisis is solely the result of a failure to manage supply (electric generating capacity) and demand (the number of electrical users). What failed was planning foresight and executive action willpower. There is nothing going on in this 'crisis' that wasn't foreseen years ago by the utility executives, the engineers and even the utility commission bureaucrats in California. They have been giving these messages weekly to the political leaders. The political leaders failed to take proactive measures to avert what they were repetitively warned would happen.

Who are these leaders at this point? They're negroids like Willie Brown, the long time legislative speaker of California. They're Mexicans and they're Gore-style 'white men' fronting for a mob of muds and they're feminists of any color. They've been getting the message but didn't understand the implications, didn't care or wanted this result.

This 'crisis' is not even the threatened rolling blackout crisis. Southern California's power grid has been on the verge of rolling blackouts for nearly a year. So what is the current hub-bub about? It was triggered by two Wall Street bond rating agencies, Moody's and Standard & Poor's. These firms assign quality ratings to the bonds and preferred stocks of many concerns, including utility companies and political jurisdictions. They announced they would soon categorize the bonds of PG&E and SoCal Edison as 'junk'. That's a fair enough description for businesses on the verge of bankruptcy. This action would warn away banks and other large investors, such as pension funds (see note at the end, White Feminists). This would essentially end these two utilities' ability to borrow money to buy electricity to sell at a loss to immigrants.

But Maguire!, you will say: "They'll surely learn now after coming to the brink of chaos." Rat turds. Rolling electrical blackouts and brown-outs are a normal part of life in the Turd World. Eric and Maguire lived there for years and years. In Mexico, in Latin America, in China, in southeast and southwest Asia it's all the same. The power goes out for 2-5 hours at a time and then comes back on. What's happening is the utility engineers are rationing a shortage of capacity with rolling blackouts. You also see the same phenomenon in Turd World water supply systems, too. Pressure disappears and then returns after some period of hours. Everyone 'adapts' and learns to live with it. It becomes a part of life like the sun rising in the east. So be ready. You will soon see a 'water crisis' seemingly strike like a bolt out of the blue. Turd World water systems are also known for their rich diversity of microbial aquatic life, such as E-coli and many varieties of coliform bacteria. That means sewage in the drinking water, ZOGlings

Maguire learned that in every Turd World city there is one district where the electricity and water always flows. Once when looking for a short term lease in such a city Maguire was advised to go to the 'Jewish Quarter'. That was the informal local nickname. It's not that there were so many Jews, although all the local ones did live there. It was mostly mid & senior level bureaucrats and small business owners who were 'rich' relative to the rest of the economy. Du-uh! Why do you suppose their lights never went out?

To say that the mud puddle that is now California will 'learn' is an oxymoron. If that genetic cauldron was capable of learning then Africa, Mexico, China, India and South America would not look like they do. To be brutally fair the Mexicans and the Chinese in California are the least surprised or upset by this. It was a normal part of life in their old slums. Many are a bit disappointed to see it starting up in their new dreamland. But they will remain as mystified about the ultimate causes now as they were in the home slum.

This is an appropriate moment for a short personal digression. Maguire's grandfather, the son of a German immigrant, sat for many years on the Board of Works of the local government where Maguire grew up. This board was responsible for local power, gas, water, sewage and sanitation issues. Grandpa sat there not because he was an engineer or rich or highly 'educated'. He sat there because was a local union leader with a hell of a lot of votes in his back pocket. He only had an 8th Grade education, although the 8th Grade education 19th Century Lutheran Gymnasiums gave was about equal to a B.A. judging by his diaries and letters. After some years on the Board the other members, who were politicians, industrialists and businessmen, elected Maguire's grandpa chairman for the remainder of his days on that committee. That was in recognition of his leadership ability and intelligence.

In the early 1970s it was necessary for that jurisdiction to build another sewage processing plant. The entire process went off without a hitch. Why? Because in the early 1950s Grandpa had foreseen the eventual need, started a small sinking fund in the water & sewer authority accounts, bought a tract of land and coordinated with the zoning commission for appropriate land use planning (Gramps well understood no one would ever want a sewer plant in their backyard). They had to issue bonds for about 35% of the cost. The other 65% was paid for by cashing in U.S. Treasury securities. This kind of foresight and advance planning is a white trait. Now Grandpa Maguire could not have done anything in California even 10 years ago. Grandpa Maguire did his work in a community that was 93% white where thinking was not based on ZOG-think.

Nothing is happening now in California electrical supply and demand that wasn't predicted 5 or even 10 years ago. What failed was appropriate action by the political leadership. Instead of responding like white men they responded like Mexicans ('mañana') or like Negroids ('That's honky bullshit!'), or like Jews (salivating until drooling on the floor at the chance to be the middleman brokering another shortage) or like white feminists ('we must not be confined by the Eurocentric thinking of dead white men').

The Politics of Shortage.

The biggest result of the current crisis will be an increase in California state and federal political power. All communist regimes, and ZOG is a communist regime, draw strength from rationing shortages. Where no shortage exists, the regime will create one on purpose. Do you not believe me? What do you think HillaryCare was all about in 1993? The first thing the Clintons tried to do was socialize 15% of the national economy. HillaryCare was about creating a shortage of medical care and then rationing it out. In planned economies those with control of the ration coupon books become another form of banker able to print money at will.

In California Governor Davis is calling for an expanded state authority to build and operate power plants. Governor Davis is also taking the lead in stopping any effective relief for PG&E and SoCalEd. He's just keeping them on life support, knowing they have no alternative but to cooperate. If they don't play along then Moody's and S&P will trash them completely. In typical Communist fashion Davis responds to this crisis by proposing solutions that empower politicians while disempowering anyone with real subject matter expertise, such as the electric utilities hamstrung by the politicians to start with.

In Washington the Clinton regime has entered the fray by 'ordering' adjacent majority white states' utilities into the California market. As usual, these Clintonisms conceal rather than explain. It has never been necessary for any government to 'order' private businesses into profitable markets. What Clinton-ZOG is doing is ordering them to sell power to a politically preferred customer at below market rates. The squeeze on PG&E and SoCalEd is being expanded to embrace other utilities, if not so tightly yet, in states with the foresight and providence (those Eurocentric Dead White Man qualities) to have built surplus capacity. How do these out of state utilities explain the higher wholesale prices? They point to rising costs of natural gas (ZOG preference).

Other political actors are acting true to form, with one 'exception that proves the rule'. The Bolshevik non-white Nader openly calls for pushing PG&E and SoCalEd into bankruptcy and replacing them with a socialist collective. Well, why not? These utiliities' stocks and bonds are overwhelmingly owned by white people. Screw-em. Those Negroids who can read notice that the bond markets and Wall Street seem to be integral parts of this 'crisis' and suspect a honky trick to enslave negroid money. 'The lights work fine, what's the problem?' Local Jewish 'consumer leaders' are foremost in opposing rate hikes for the two utilities ('stop greedy corporate profiteering') while simultaneously backing communist action to increase taxes and government power of all kinds ('power to the people'). True enough so long as one understands that Jews only regard themselves as people. Juan Valdez thinks this is just like home and wonders what all the uproar is about.

The one exception is the New York Times, which is quite capable of speaking common sense when it serves Jewish interests. In this instance it says the solution is build more power plants. That does help solve the supply side of the economic supply/demand curve. They advocate this step because any demand side solutions (i.e. stabilizing or reducing the consumer demand for electricity) will inevitably put 'immigration' at the top of the political agenda. This is not something BigZOG wants right now. Big ZOG wants the Immigration Invasion to continue full speed, so all the environmentalist themes are on hold for the moment.

The emerging political consensus amuses me without surprising me. The mud consensus in California is to blame the problem on white men and penalize them for it. They're squeezing PG&E and SoCalEd harder, and they're extending the squeeze to surrounding majority white states and their utilities. And that's fair, too, in the big scheme. "What Maguire? How can you say that? Are you a closet Jew or nigger lover now?"

No. I'm a realist. Electricity as it's used today is a White invention and achievement. It's the invention of people like Edison and more importantly Nicola Tesla, who developed the basic concepts still used today in house wiring and generation plants. These were further refined by generations of white male engineers at Westinghouse and General Electric. The plants and the grids were built by white men with components designed and made by white men. The power systems are operated by white men. This is not something negroids, mestizos or yellow men can originally make for themselves. One hundred twenty years ago (when Maguire's gramps was a teenager) the negroids of Africa still weren't using wheels. The Mestizos of Mexico, after 400 years of Spanish rule, had then finally learned to use wheels. The yellow men of the orient were in Confucian stasis from the late Middle Ages. They were using wheels sometimes but more commonly coolie labor as beasts of burden.

Many white patriots now refer to America as a 'zoo'. There's more in that analogy than insult. Think about how a zoo operates for a moment. Every day the animals wake up hungry and expect the zoo keeper to feed them. Out of long custom they've learned to not attack the zoo keeper during feeding 95% of the time. But when they're not fed they quickly become increasingly aggressive. What's happening is they are reverting to older survival instincts predating the zoo days.

What's happening in California is the multi-racial zoo is seeing famine on the horizons. The white zoo keeper's feed wagon is running low. The animals therefore are starting to growl. Collectively it's all they know to do to keep getting fed. It is vain for the zoo keeper to try reason with the animals: "The gate this year was low and we're running out of money to buy feed. You guys will have to help me farm now to get us through the season." The animals are incapable of it. But they have older survival instincts to fall back on. Some of them can even use the zoo keeper for food. Others will attack the zoo keeper as a way of obtaining freedom to act on their older survival instincts. But none of them will help the zoo keeper farm. They will simply become more aggressive until they're either fed or they break free of the zoo keeper's control to feed themselves in the way they understand.

White man, you sure can't keep adding more animals to your zoo. You've got too many already. And you also got weak, listened to your soft-hearted wife ('animals have feelings too') and let many of the pens overbreed. The humane thing to do is start returning them to their native environments to live freely as God made them. If you don't do this the day is going to come when they're hungry, starving, out of control and all blaming you. At that time your choice will be much less humane. That's because the choice will be the animals or the zoo keeper, his wife and family.

You can go back to ZOG-ball now, white man. Except for the white feminists.


Pension fund managers invest their monies (actually your monies) in a range of investments to reduce overall risk exposure. Historically investments are classified on a sliding scale from most risky (common stocks) to risk-free (U.S. Treasury bonds and notes since ZOG has both a money printing press and an army to collect taxes). The typical prudently managed pension fund has about 5% in special growth stock funds, another 15-20% in the blue chips of the S&P500 and the remainder in loans collateralized by real estate and previously 'safe' interest paying bonds, including utility bonds. Hopefully this explains the current uproar in California and why Wall Street is so involved. Utility bonds that were previously counted in the safer 50% of pension fund portfolios have now been exposed as another form of Mexican peso. So for those of you 'intelligent' harpies who discounted Maguire's stock market warnings knowing that most of the funds were in 'safer' investments like bonds, surprise surprise surprise as Gomer Pyle would say. You'll be getting a continuing stream of surprises like these when local government authorities suddenly default on bonds without warning, real estate projects go tits up for no apparent reason (or the building collapses halfway through construction) or pension fund managers disappear with the fund.

Just keep the batteries for your vibrator charged up and your abortionist's knife sharp, sweet pea. I guarantee you are going to need them.

FINAL ADVICE TO INVESTORS: Maguire never misses a chance not to give investment advice but he'll break this rule one time. Present concepts of risk management are increasingly shown to be obsolete in today's economy. That's because they were developed by observing an older economy that was 75-80% white and operated under white law by white brains. Classical risk management theories therefore take no account of racial differences in economic behavior. We are now in a different situation and all theories of risk measurement will have to be adjusted accordingly. Classify all investments in heavily non-white areas the same way you would any other 'foreign' investment in the Turd World NO MATTER WHAT THE NOMINAL LEGAL FORM IS. This includes those juicy tax-free state and municipal bonds as well as stocks and bonds of private concerns operating in such areas as southern California, southern Florida, New York, Chicago, New Mexico, southwestern Texas, etc. If in doubt, check the census tract results for that area.